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  1. 1. Who we are• Recognized world lecture capture market leader• 2000+ Mediasite customers• 750+ higher education customers• ~100 employees• Headquarters: Madison, Wisconsin• Global offices: UK, France, Japan
  2. 2. Most reliable, easiest to use andbest-supported lecture capture andmanagement platform to• Improve learning outcomes• Stay competitive• Empower faculty• Boost outreach
  3. 3. Improve learning outcomes• Boost information retention• Enhance grades• Replicate in-class experience for online students• Support different learning modalities with rich media
  4. 4. Students’ perceived benefits of online lectures100%80%60%40%20% 0% Making up Watching on- Improving Improving Reviewing missed demand for retention of test scores before class convenience materials class UW-Madison, “Insights Regarding Undergraduate Preference for Lecture Capture”, 9/08
  5. 5. • 91% say Mediasite made it easier to learn the presented content Univ of Maryland-Baltimore Dental School, 11/07• 88% agree Mediasite helps them achieve their educational goals Penn State-Hershey College of Medicine, 11/07, 5/08• 71% find they are more engaged when they didn’t have to focus on only note-taking UC-Irvine, Merage School of Business, 5/07
  6. 6. Stay competitive• Quickly deliver cost-effective online programs• Increase enrollment/tuition without new classrooms• Improve retention and matriculation• Attract best and brightest students/faculty
  7. 7. Undergrad preference• 82% prefer courses with lecture capture• 60%+ would pay for lecture capture UW-Madison, 09/08
  8. 8. Grad student preference• 93% say lecture capture would be factor in selecting one MBA over another• 82% would pay more• ~50% willing to pay $2000-$5000 more for 2-year MBA UC-Irvine, Merage School of Business, 5/07
  9. 9. Empower faculty• Teach as usual – no new technology• Increase in-class interactivity• Improve student outcomes• Share knowledge with colleagues
  10. 10. Boost outreach• Bolster recruitment• Capture and preserve campus events• Enhance alumni relations
  11. 11. 1000+ educational institutionstrust Mediasite
  12. 12. Mediasite for• Blended/hybrid learning• Distance learning• Continuing ed• Faculty training• Recruitment and orientation• Special events/guest speakers• Alumni relations and outreach
  13. 13. Approaches to lecture capture & streaming Appliance-based platforms Fully integrated systems designed • Full content management • Leverages in-room AV, VGA with automated purpose-built • Live & on-demand appliances to capture, publish and • No faculty intervention manage rich media content • Wide end-user adoption Software applications Designed to capture and publish • In-room PC integration rich media content; depend on third • On-demand party content management • Varied faculty intervention • Limited scale adoption Desktop tools Laptop-resident tools to capture • Manually published to CMS and publish non-rich media • On-demand only, non-rich • High faculty intervention content; depend on third party • Low adoption content management
  14. 14. Best-designedBest-builtBest-supportedappliance-based lecture capture platform
  15. 15. How Mediasite works
  16. 16. • Captures/synchronizes what you say and show• No slide uploads or post- production• Multiple content sources• Hands-free scheduled recording• Room control integration (Crestron/AMX)• Pause live or on-demand
  17. 17. Mediasite RL Recorder• Conference rooms, training rooms, auditoriums• Integrates with Crestron/AMXMediasite ML Recorder• On-the-go use, special events, conferences• Ruggedized and portable
  18. 18. • Live or on-demand• Auto-publish to – Mediasite Catalog – CMS/LMS – Web portal• Embed content in any website• Portable content – audio podcast, DVD, CD, USB• New content RSS notifications• No transcoding or post- production delays
  19. 19. • High resolution video and slides• User-controlled navigation• Interactive polls/Q&A• Closed captioning support• Any platform – Windows, Mac, Linux• Any browser – IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iOS & Android ( 4.0 & above)
  20. 20. • Create recording schedules• Brand your players• Customize, searchable online catalogs• Track who watched what, when• Secure viewing and system access• Scale campus-wide• On-premise or hosted platform
  21. 21. Villanova chooses Mediasite forEngineering Online Program• Increased graduate enrollment 50%• Generates $800,000+ annually• Creates competitive advantage among other regional schools• Improved efficiency to deliver distance ed• Higher quality course recordings Video case study
  22. 22. Your trusted partner• Unsurpassed customer care “Mediasite is more than a technology, it is a partnership with Sonic Foundry to optimize• Vibrant user community this platform that creates exposure for ASU with students all across the world."• Mediasite User Group – 1000+ Octavio Heredia, Arizona State University Ira A. Fulton members strong School of Engineering• Annual users conference• Online forum discussions Sonic Foundry is the pinnacle of technical support. Russ Scaduto, Penn State Hershey Medical CenterIt’s very powerful to talk with people who are usingMediasite and have been for some time, and tohear them speak so highly of their experienceswith the product and the company.Russell Altendorff, London School of Business Sonic Foundry’s tech support is among the best in terms of responsiveness and product knowledge. Stephen Ashby, Riverside Community College
  23. 23. Questions?