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NCLA TNT Webinar: Exploring Films on Demand


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Explore Films on Demand, a great resource available through NCLIVE!

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NCLA TNT Webinar: Exploring Films on Demand

  1. 1. Exploring Films on Demand A webinar with Julie Humphrey
  2. 2. What is Films on Demand? Films On Demand is a streaming video platform that features high quality educational video content for your library. Two collections: Public Library and Academic
  3. 3. •Educational documentaries •Archival primary source materials •Videos aligned with HS/college curriculum Content
  4. 4. Public Library collection: •Travel •Fitness •How-to videos •Hobbies/personal enrichment •Music and dance performances •World Languages •Children’s videos Specific content in each collection
  5. 5. Specific content in each collection Academic collection: • Business • Health/Medicine • Humanities • Social sciences • Natural Sciences • History • Vocational training Frontline: Ebola Outbreak
  6. 6. Programs from more than 700 producers are included in the collection. Publishers
  7. 7. Key features and benefits of the platform •More than 25,000 educational videos, segmented into easy-to-use clips •Unlimited, simultaneous, 24/7 access •Powerful browse & search tools •Ability to share, save, and organize videos and custom playlists
  8. 8. Key features and benefits of the platform •Closed-captioning and transcripts on thousands of titles •HTML embed code for Learning Management Systems •Free MARC records •Citation options for APA,MLA, and Chicago styles •Mobile devices supported
  9. 9. How can patrons and students use FOD? Visual learners are engaged by watching films Students can re-watch a clip shown in class or watch the entire film Students can browse to find inspiration for a research topic Remote use from home or anywhere
  10. 10. How can faculty and teachers use FOD? Film clips promotes excellent class discussion Short clips are a great way to introduce a new subject or topic Embed direct links to films or specific clips into LMS Create playlists, email them to students or other faculty members Email alerts can be set up under preferences for a particular subject or discipline when new content is added
  11. 11. How can librarians use FOD? •Videos can be added to your online catalog •Public performance rights are included to facilitate library programming and presentations, no need to worry about copyright infringement •Usage statistics and reports can be obtained from the admin portal •There are lots of page customization options in the admin portal •Widgets can be added to your library’s website or LibGuides featuring individually selected titles to highlight
  12. 12. Do you have any questions about content or features of the platform before we take a look? Please type your questions into the chat box.
  13. 13. Let’s explore! Films on Demand from NC LIVE URL: under Browse by Item Type Select Videos Select Films on Demand Video Collection
  14. 14. Reflections on the searching demonstration • What did you like about the platform? • Questions, comments, feedback? Please type your responses into the chat box.
  15. 15. How can you use FOD in your library? How can you promote this resource to your community? Please type your responses into the chat box.
  16. 16. Support and information: NC LIVE Help Desk ( FOD Support Center
  17. 17. Thanks for participating! Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me: Julie Humphrey 919-536-7211 x 1602