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Mozilla Community Marketing Call (2/17/10)

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Mozilla Community Marketing Call (2/17/10)

  1. Community Marketing Call February 17, 2010
  2. Agenda • Community Marketing Survey • Reader’s Choice Awards • Campus Rep Name Survey • Mozilla Foundation: Namoroka Update, Open Campaign and Create a Mozilla T-Shirt for 2010 • Firefox Wants You! Campaign with Kerim • Firefox in Argentina with Guillermo/Santiago • Drumbeat Social Media Project with Carlo • Thunderbird 3 • Community Marketing Plan Review 2
  3. Community Marketing Survey • Help us grow marketing contribution • Please fill out the survey if you: • evangelize any aspect of Mozilla • participate in or host Mozilla or Firefox events • promote Mozilla or Firefox on your blog, website or twitter • promote Mozilla or Firefox at your school or your work site • participate in the marketing mailing list or this call • Please fill it out & spread the word! 3
  4. Reader’s Choice Awards • Get people involved to vote for Firefox as: • Browser - Desktop: • Browser - Mac: • Browser - Mobile: • Sample Tweets: • Missed the Vday fun? Show your love for firefox! Vote for us as best [insert item] here [insert] • Do you love Firefox? Vote for us as best [insert item] here [insert] 4
  5. Rethinking the Campus Reps name • Asked Reps about the program’s name • Student opinions vary by geography • Insights – In the US, almost all of the Reps feel that the current name is appropriate – In Europe, the Campus Reps name is not well understood. – In Latin America, the name only relates somewhat well to students. Based on 191 responses – Student Representative is the best alternative name. •Blog post:
  6. Mozilla Foundation Updates
  7. Namaroka Update • We did it! Thanks to everyone that helped! 7
  8. Open Campaign • Mozilla Community! Tell us why the open web matters to you! • WE NEED YOUR HELP making the story of open web message crystal clear. Tell us what it means to you and why you're part of this project. • We’ll collect your words, photos and art to build a campaign to tell the world what open means later this year 8
  9. Open Campaign • Via this form: • • Tweet this using the #mozopen tag • Take a photo • Make art. • We'll be capturing responses through friendfeed, so please use the social networking tool of your choice. However you decide express yourself, use the mozopen tag and you'll see it on the feed on the campaign page. • 9
  10. Create the Mozilla T-Shirt for 2010! • We're teaming up with the Mozilla Creative Collective to design a limited edition Mozilla T-shirt for 2010 • Contest will go live this week 10
  11. Firefox Wants You! Presenter: Kerim Kalamujić (kerminator)
  12. Intro • More than 300 milion Firefox users worldwide • Firefox 3.5 released on June 30, 2009 • Firefox 3.6 was supposed to be launched in November 2009
  13. What happens • Firefox 3.6 delayed • Released on January 21, 2010 • No marketing campaign even though it was a long-waited product • We need to improve the impression!
  14. Firefox Wants You! • One day I got the idea • Inspired by not so noble “Uncle Sam wants you for the US Army”  • Promoting not only Firefox, but Mozilla in general and Open Web (killing three birds with one stone) • Firefox Wants You for the Open Web!
  15. Firefox Wants You! • Ideas: – Website – Posters – T-shirts, stickers, buttons/badges, etc. – Avatar pictures for social media/forums/IM – Your ideas?
  16. Website • A central place for the entire campaign • It could serve not only as a marketing website but also as an educational tool • Mockup: mockup.jpg
  17. Website • Tell a friend • Educational content • Download section • “Join the Open Web Army” (it could use a better name :))
  18. Please note that • This is just an idea for a marketing campaign • It doesn’t have to be any of the things mentioned in this presentation • Your ideas/suggestions are more than WELCOME! 
  19. Further discussion • Mozilla Marketing Mailing List • #marketing IRC channel (irc:// • Via email:
  20. Firefox Costume in Argentina • Firefox Costume dancing Murga in the streets of Buenos Aires: 21
  21. Drumbeat Social Media • Check out the slides: 22
  22. Thunderbird 3 • Thunderbird 3.0.2 security release coming next week, ~ February 24th • Thunderbird 3.1 Beta in early March • Thunderbird 3.1 schedule here: • Targeting a Thunderbird 3 Add-ons contest in March at 23
  23. Community Marketing The plan - 2010
  24. Scale global team of community marketing volunteers by creating meaningful ways to contribute.
  25. Progress in 2009 • Introduced bi-weekly community calls • Revived marketing mailing list • Created Community Marketing Guide ( • Developed workshop video series to provide knowledge and skills to community • Videos led to real results: • Shiretoko Shock • Vineel Reddy’s 3.5 video • MozCamp Mumbai • Huge launch parties in Milan, Madrid and more 26
  26. Current global team makeup • PR Alias: 15 members, spanning 9-10 countries and regions • Marketing Team Alias: 369 members • Campus Reps: 3,100 on mailing list • Firefox 3.5 Launch Team: 130 members 27
  27. Marketing Support Team Events Social Media U.S./ROW: Sarah Sarah + Tara (Facebook) EU: WilliamQ/Irina Campus Reps Affiliates U.S./ROW: WilliamR EU: WilliamQ/Irina Mary + TBD Community Engagement & Outreach Mary + Team 28
  28. Core objectives • Develop community marketing leaders • Create more meaningful ways for community to contribute • Create hands on marketing learning opportunities • Increase our reach 29
  29. The next frontier
  30. Strategy to scale Engage Empower Clearly Defined Roles Participation & Recognition Develop opportunities and marketing functions that create impact. Create leadership & expertise-based roles (where possible). Recognize and reward hard work and results. Explicit Tasks Trust Mozilla looks to community marketing team to help make strategic Clearly defined tasks so it’s easy to participate & make an impact. marketing decisions. You know your region. Milestones Inclusiveness & Transparency Outside of launches, create milestones so folks have goals to work Strive to have open lines of communication at towards all times! Modeled on L10n team’s strategy
  31. Goal 1: Establish benchmark • Who are we and how many? • Survey existing constituents: • Firefox Launch team members • Campus Reps • Community Marketing List • L10n team, SFx, Mozilla European Community Blog, etc • Measure and segment overall team • Preferred activity/expertise • Geo • Garner opinions/thoughts on team infrastructure 32
  32. Goal 2: Develop Infrastructure • Define roles and areas of expertise: • PR, market research, events, social media, engagement and creative • Coordinators + overall marketing roles • Create and roll out team identity, including name • Update and create self-marketing assets • Collect & roll out case studies • Develop recognition system 33
  33. Team Identity Standard or regional/ organizational affiliation 34
  34. Goal 3: Create self-service • Make it easier for you to participate & learn • Update and/or create marketing collateral and assets • Create frame work to easily host small events • Work together to create shared best practices to help folks: • design, organize and run their own events • create marketing campaigns • raise product, technology and Mozilla awareness 35
  35. Major Product Initiatives 3.6: What’s your Mobile: I want to use Browser Choice style? Firefox when I’m.... 1/5/2007 36
  36. How to help in Q1 • Browser Choice • Complete in-country marketing research survey/study - pending • Create regional social media recommendations • Participate in creation of overall community marketing team infrastructure 37
  37. Where the rubber hits the road....
  38. February 2010 Q1-specific Activities Measurement * Analyze & share results from community survey Browser Choice * Finalize microsite (including l10n)/launch communications * Create roles Infrastructure * Determine brand * Start updating marketing assets/rollout case study template Research * Create & share in country market research survey Core Programs Activities Affiliates * Transition to new metrics dashboard by EOM (TBD) * Finalize plan Social Media * Global: Solicit recos for regional social media engagement * Roll out new Campus Reps program (webinar) Campus Reps * Continue recruitment * Finalize assets self-service user awareness events/begin l10n Events * Execute on India, FOSDEM, Mobile World Congress * Finalize CeBIT & SxSW details
  39. March 2010 Q1-specific Activities Measurement * Create community health dashboard for global community * Microsite to go live Browser Choice * Community-driven events & actions underway * Finalize marketing assets Infrastructure * Promote 3 - 6 case studies Research * Update “Firefox in your country” survey for use at regional events Core Programs Activities Affiliates * Share out new metrics dashboard by EOM * Finalize plan Social Media * Global: Solicit recos for regional social media engagement * Begin executing on overall plan * Campus Reps pages to go live (TBD per WebDev) Campus Reps * Pull case studies & promo materials for campus reps * Rollout self-service Firefox awareness event kit Events * Start creating assets for Hack Night event kit * Execute on CeBIT & SxSW
  40. Q2 Major Initiatives • Marketing education series: Create series of best practices videos/seminars • Affiliates: Execute on • Events: Rollout Hack Nights self service event kit, organize Open Web Hackathon and a regional InterCommunity meetup • Campus Reps: Finalize new structure, increase conversion rate + geo-targeted growth. Expand self-service materials. • Social Media: Execute on regional social media recommendations • Community Marketing Guide UI redesign 41

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