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  1. 1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Genre: Horror Target audience: is 15 and over because it contains high level of violence, strong brutal images, Miss- en- scene and Convention: Background looked rough and dirty. it had images of smokes which suggests thoughts of danger and fire which are aging of conventions of a horror film because these are the things which people are afraid of, also fire is something which the audience can imagine and know fire and smoke is bad
  2. 2. Fonts/Title: The titles are written in a typewriter font.Whilst the titles are shown images of a flawed child, deadanimals, and a child killing animals are shown. camera movement: • Panning shot • Some are handheld shot – which creates tension and fear.
  3. 3. Camera Shots:extreme close up was used to show detail andimportance of it.Close-up throughout the sequences close up was use to portrayfacial expression and to introduce the character and the audiencecan get a sense of the character personality also the pace whenzooming suggest that something is going to happen at that moment It makes the audience feel mysterious and curious what the images are
  4. 4. Editing: Jump shots – Black screen to bodySounds: non digetic: there was fast zooming which loud the nondigetic sounds bring a moment to where the audience may getscared and jump.
  5. 5. Denotations: scared man in the darkConnotation: darkness which suggest danger and evil (scaredman)
  6. 6. GattacaTarget audience: possible for parentsGenre: science fiction filmConvention : it meets the conventionbecause it uses special effects, usingsupernatural images
  7. 7. Title/Fonts: Fonts were blurry and small this create suspense andwas unrealistic. The small writing, you would need a magnifyingglass to see it which enhances the idea of a science fiction movieThe use the word GATTACA which is a DNA strand using forsingle letter ACTG.Its a connotation of the science fictions drama and also it createsrealism.
  8. 8. Sound: when the man was shaving and grooming himself itcreated realism. it created a vivid image to the audience ofwhat he might be doing.non- digetic. we can hear this when he was clipping his nailand hair trimming. Also the background sound was a classicalsounding, which creates confusion because in a lab younever know what kind of reaction you get when things arecombined together.
  9. 9. Camera shots: Closed up were used and wasfocus on the hair, finger, blood, eyelashes. It suggestthat the he is not yet presented to us and its a mysteryto find out.Camera movement: There was a lot ofmovement when the title was showing. It keptzooming out the word which made itdramatic.
  10. 10. Transition: used are overlappingEditing/ pace: the whole production wasvery slow which suggest that in a lab youtake your time.
  11. 11. SevenGenre: ThrillerTarget Audience: 18 and overFont: The credits names has been scratched. Itcould suggest that the dark part of the person andhis obsession . Also there were contrast of upperand lower case. The fonts also were very jumpyand flashy/abnormal.
  12. 12. Lighting: In some places the light appears quite dim, forexample when he is looking at the murder scene. This isclassic in a thriller film to have dark lighting to build tensionand draw the audience in.Special Effects:Scratchy font to engage audience with titles being more effective. The bullet noises, slow motion anthe fact that every bullet was magnified.
  13. 13. Editing: The shots are quick cut, adding tension to the film. Although theshots are quick, they are also smooth, so the story can begin to build.The colour used connotes a lack of feeling, flashes of red paperwhich intermittently, connoting violence. These connationsuggest a dark subject matter .Music: is rough and reflect the overall disturbing tone of the film
  14. 14. Camera Shot: close-up was used a lot in the opening sequences to get us to know that these objects are the main part of the sequences to solving the murderThe sounds and noises heard in the opening scene are noises which youwould link with Machinery in a factory or a warehouse. The director wouldhave chosen to do use theses sounds because it gives the idea that this charactercould be planning to do something dangerous or is committing crimes. Thesounds in the opening sequence are an example of non-digetic sounds. Thesounds in the opening sequence are also quite screechy and creepy to create thesense of someone suffering.
  15. 15. Camera angles: The very first shot is a mid-shotwhich shows a man from behind.
  16. 16. Genre: Drama FilmTarget Audience: 16 +Lord of War is a film aimed at mainly Malefrom around the age of 16+ and are middleworking class males.
  17. 17. Title/Font The title LORD of WAR comes on the screen, directly confirming to the audience that this is actually about war, and not just a common relation with the term war. The size of the text is over shadowed by the presence of the bullet, towering over the letters, stating authority. The font isnt fancy. It doesnt need to be, the words that it says is just enough. It has no point to prove, and no means to over complicate the mise-en-scene of the shot.
  18. 18. Camera Angle: The first scene starts with a crane shot coming down overlooking a shots are used when the bullet is dropped and begins to roll. Thecamera remains in a 1st person shot spinning around and around until it is picked upjust before falling over the edge of a dock. When it is picked up a finger and thumbappear each side of the camera making it very realistic as if the camera is really abullet being picked upCamera movement: camera was shaking which made it realistic when theperson was moving the bullet to the truck.
  19. 19. The lighting shows how far around the world this bullet hasLighting: travelled. From a dark factory to a pale shipping dock . It then becomes dark to show how the bullet is still in the womb of its process as it gradually gets lighter as it is shipped about until finally the bullet is taken out of its box and spilled onto the floor.
  20. 20. calm and relaxed and not at all the sort of song you wouldSound: expect to be played when corresponded with images of bullets, guns and death. However the pace of the song matches the flow of the course the bullet is taking. Transition: smooth as the flow from scene to scene. This could represent that the bullet are transported with comfort and the process is very straightforward,