Assignment 8


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Assignment 8

  1. 1. ThrillerAssignment 8: Individual Presentation Sanel Homer
  2. 2. Why have I chosen this genre?Thriller- Because it creates suspense, tension and excitement. It stimulates theviewers mood such as uncertainty, anxiety, suspense, excitement and terror.Conventions of thriller:Death- a killing of a much loved or a important character.Tragedy- the invoking of emotional pain of main character(s) oraudience.Suspense- where audience is gripped to the film at importantinformation is withheld until the end.Intensity- fierce emotions invoked that compels audience to simplifywith main character.Depressing- a miserable or forlorn emotion invoked through maincharacter and can be simplified with audience.
  3. 3. Inspiring films• Mirrors• Black Swan• Insidious• Paranormal Activity• TeethThese films inspired me because I like the like feelingof getting scared. Most of the movie storylines intrigue me.Such films can bring about a giddy sense of fear andadrenaline thatappeals to a wide range of target audience.
  4. 4. What is your chosen theme for your opening sequence• My chosen theme for my opening sequences would be REVENGE. Death • Someone gets hit by a car • Violent • Ideas • Pain horror Sadness • Crying over the person death. • Loss Bullying • Grief • Physical • Verbal • cyber bulling
  5. 5. What happens in the movie/opening sequence• What will happen in the whole film? What will happen in the opening sequence?• Emma and Jessica were best friends, nothing • A car comes could tear them apart. Until Jessica became • Jessica hand on the ground Amy’s (bully) new victim. • A rose on the grave • Jessica starts following the bully• No one saw the car coming, but all three Amy lifes change because of it. • Amy gets scared.• Jessica’s dead.• Emma’s suffering.• And Amy will suffer.
  6. 6. Who are the character and what do they represent• 1st Best Friend Emma 2nd Best Friend Jessica The Bully AmyShe’s friendly, warm and A mean and cruel person. Friendly, easy going Doesn’tprotective. Always looks out for and bottles up all of Care about anyone else besideher friends. her emotion. herself.Costume: Very simple. Winter Costume: Wears dark Costume: Wears brightclothing. Jeans, woolly colours. colours. Ripped light bluetop, scarf, hat, gloves and Likes to wear black a lot Jeans, sparkle top and aconverse. since she doesn’t simple cardigan with boots.Then changes to dark colours like to be notice by the Also wears a lot of make-up.when seeking revenge. bully.Body language: Very relaxed Body language: Very Body language: A know it all.A very stereotypical content Walks like a model. girl and then her lifechanges around through her This reflects a troubled mind This represents her fake andemotions and problems. and can only expresses herself changeable persona and only through her appearance.Props: Car, knife and a embarrassing photo. cares for her materialistic things.
  7. 7. How are you going to create enigma in your opening sequence?The first scene you’ll just see a extreme close up of a hand laying on a pavementwith traces of blood pooling down which makes the audience question who owns thehand? What happened? And what is there to come?
  8. 8. STORYBOARD A extreme close-up shot of A mid-shot of Emma holding the rose A extreme close-up of the rose Jessica hands (2nd best friend.) (1st best friend)A full shot of Jessica following Amy. Extreme close-up of the knife and Amy A close-up of Amy(bully) hand (bully) neck.
  9. 9. Target audience and feedbackTarget Audience- For teens 16-19 (mostlygirls) since its based on best friends and thereloving friendship they had together.Gender: FemaleLocation: School, Shopping centreHobbies: Watching MoviesInterests: Hanging out with friends