Blade 2


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Blade 2

  1. 1. Blade 2<br />Camera techniques:<br /> The first camera technique I realise is negative which is shown in the clip and indicates danger. The camera angles were slowly analysing the characters body as in what he was wearing (weapons) and tattoos on neck which helps the audience feel as if the persona is a dangerous person. These were done with close ups, medium close ups and medium long shots.<br />The close up of the personas body gives the audience the opportunity to see the weapons that he is carrying on him and they see by the way that the person is dressed and the weapons that the film is about action or horror.<br />The medium close up shot of the bullets indicates action and allot of use of weapons in the film. This helps the audience analyse the viewing and get a brief understanding that the film is more likely an action film or even a thriller.<br />Here the camera angle close up on his neck lets the viewers analyse the persona and by this we see the sword and the tattoo and the hair cut which all three indicate that he person viewed is a strong person with the way he is presented.<br />Sound:<br /> The sound in the beginning of the film at the time of the title is quite hyper music but is not played loud as the persona in the clip is speaking in about 10 seconds within the clip. (Deep voice) the deep voice indicates a strong powerful man as the sounding of a person can help the audience identify if the film is a action/horror/thriller which this on e does<br /><br />Use of title: <br />The production is shown appearing in red writing with being faded in. This is a typical thriller convention as most thrillers are started up with titles with a dark background and the colour of the text being bright preferably bright red. The colour red is usually symbolising blood and the background being black symbolising death as these are common in thrillers and horror films.<br />Miss en scene:<br />The place where the clip is set is very dark and the cloths of the persona help the audience identify the genre as dark cloths and dark room indicate anger/evil. The tattoos on the actor in the film can also help the audience identify the genre of the film.<br />Convention:<br />The convention of the film was like a typical average horror/thriller the tiles were in red writing with a black background and the music was very fast and had a high pitch. The camera angles focusing on the personas body and image made the audience realise the tattoos, knifes and the sword and then the black sun glasses indicated power so we could tell that that person in the clip was the powerful one. The dialogue of the person talking gave the audience the chance to realise that the film is about vampires and he is the hunter with “all their powers and none of their weaknesses”. The conventions on this film were of an average thriller/horror. The conventions of this clip is very typical to others as the quicking cutting rhythm builds more tension as the shots change often and wants the audience to see on. The conventions are typical as the way this clip was done was not very different to another thriller, It is similar as it builds up suspense with the dialogue , camera scene and editing of it which is the dark background with the deep voice and close ups without showing a face usually indicate in a film being a thriller.<br />