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Assigment 11 part 2.5


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Assigment 11 part 2.5

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  3. 3. Kaya K Laura leaves Starts with a full body Willesden Laura • Side bag Blue jacket, Credits will be Her home and shot then a graphic • Short brown wig ripped tights, shown during starts her match to full body black skirt, this scene journey to the shot ending in a close white top, forest up shot dirty shoes Flashback of Over the shoulder shot of Willesden Laura Black jacket, Non-Diegetic sad Laura first her friend. Full body shot • Sugar cube ripped tights, slow music is which zooms into a Friend trying LSD • Food colouring black skirt, played. Slow extreme close up shot, after fast zoom out back • Short brown wig grey top, motion. Blur. Then fast motion into the full body shot dirty boots Laura is still The camera will track Willesden Black jacket, Laura walking the her walking around • Side bag ripped tights, journey to the the curb in a full body • Short brown wig black skirt, forest shot white top, dirty boots Flashback of Close up shot of Harlesden Laura Greyish Non-Diegetic sad Laura at a Laura’s face to • Beer bottle jacket, white slow music is Friends party while on capture the facial • Short brown wig top, black played. Slow LSD expression skirt motion. Blur. Laura is still on Establishing shot of her Blue jacket, ripped walking down the road Golders Green Laura • Side bag her journey to tights, black skirt, the forest with graphic match • Short brown wig white top, dirty showing her in different places on the road shoes Willesden Laura Non-Diegetic sad Flashback of Over the shoulder shot of • Side bag Black jacket, ripped tights, slow music is Laura and her Laura getting pushed over Friend • Short brown wig be a friend then a mid shot black skirt, grey played. Slow friend having a top, dirty boots motion. Blur. of her on the ground fight Laura is Establishing shot of Laura Blue jacket, ripped Golders Green • Side bag entering the Laura walking into the tights, black skirt, • Short brown wig white top, dirty park park gates shoes CCTV point of Blue jacket, ripped Black and Overhead shot of Laura Golders Green Laura • Side bag view of Laura walking into the forest tights, black skirt, white visual with time in white at the • Short brown wig white top, dirty effect walking into bottom of the screen shoes the park gates
  4. 4. Kaya K Laura walks Golders Green Laura • Side bag Blue jacket, Full body shot through the • Short brown wig ripped tights, park looking black skirt, confused white top, dirty shoes Flashback of Laura ripped tights, Non-Diegetic sad Full body shot Willesden • Razor Laura cutting black skirt, slow music is herself in her grey top, played. Slow bath motion. Blur. Laura looks Mid shot while doing Golders Green Blue jacket, Laura • Side bag from right to a reverse dolly zoom ripped tights, left frightened • Short brown wig black skirt, white top, dirty shoes P.O.V of the Long shot which then Clown – Weird hypnotic Golders Green Clown clown and the becomes a close up • Orange afro wig jumpsuit .big music playing. Fast Doll Dolly doll scaring shot of both • Pink short wig shoes. motion. Multi- Doll – dress, coloured visual Laura characters faces ripped tights effect Laura stands Full body shot of her Golders Green Blue jacket, Laura • Side bag ripped tights, there confused funning from then starts to different locations of • Short brown wig black skirt, run into the white top, dirty the forest shoes forest Clown – Weird hypnotic P.O.V of the Full body shot then Golders Green Clown • Orange afro wig jumpsuit .big music playing. Fast clown and the later a long shot of motion. Multi- Doll Dolly • Pink short wig shoes. doll trying to the characters in the Doll – dress, coloured visual distance ripped tights effect confuse Laura Blue jacket, Laura stops and Mid shot then a close Golders Green Laura • Side bag ripped tights, holds her chest up shot of her face on • Short brown wig black skirt, then falling to the ground white top, dirty the ground shoes Clown – Weird hypnotic P.O.V of the Full body shot from a low Golders Green Clown • Orange afro wig jumpsuit .big music playing. Fast clown and doll angle, with the characters shoes. motion. Multi- Doll Dolly • Pink short wig dancing above then jumping down to a Doll – dress, coloured visual Laura close up shot ripped tights effect
  5. 5. Kaya & Sanel Enigma – How did they do it? L ‘Stand by me’ - 1986 Opening Sequence Focus on newspaper article about death The audience will want to know why this has been pointed out and why he is looking at this particular article for so long. Focus on two boys on bike, then starts to reminisce We see the man focus on these two boys on the bike then start to think which makes the audience wonder what connection he has with them He starts telling his story which connects to the what the newspaper article and boys on the bikes Lastly his voice over starts talking about his life as a young boy and seeing a dead human, which shows the audience it connects to the article and the two boys on the bike. This make the audience want to watch more and find out what happened when he saw the body and the connection to what he’s thinking about
  6. 6. Kaya & Sanel Enigma - How did they do it? L ‘Bend it like Beckham’ - 2002 Opening Sequence Woman play for Man Utd The audience will get sucked into the game they played in the beginning of the opening sequence and then when they see the girl playing with them they wonder why shes playing Mum disapproves of her playing for Man Utd and watch more. The audience will wonder why shes such a good football player, but then when you see her mum shouting and saying ‘she needs to go back home’ the audience will realise it’s a day dream and see that there is conflict in her family about her dream Shows contrast with her fantasy and real life The audience realise she doesnt follow the conventions of a Indian girl and want to watch more about the differences of what her mother wants and what she wants.
  7. 7. Kaya & Sanel Enigma L How are we creating enigma in our opening sequence? • By not letting the audience know why she is walking to the forest as she falls to the ground hopelessly without letting the audience know what she wanted to do there in the first place and further what she would have seen in her hallucinations. • By showing her dramatically fall to the group as a climax to the end of the opening sequence without giving away why, what it was and if she was okay afterwards. • The audience will want to know why she is this way, how she’s tired, dirty, bloody and what happened wrong in her life which the flashbacks will give short clues of this. • Showing just seconds of the flashbacks they will want to see more of what she did and why she did them and its done in slow motion which is a side effect of LSD so the audience can know she on drugs doing these things (in the flashbacks) which because of the hallucinations in the opening sequence will want to see more of it in her other ‘trips’.
  8. 8. Kaya & Sanel Enigma L How we have improved from draft 1? • We draw the audience into our opening sequence more this time so the audience can feel sorry for this venerable character rather than just being told a story • Rather than just showing someone kidnapped like in draft one, we showed the girls journey drawing the audiences attention in slowly building tension • In draft 1 there was no climax, the opening sequence was just basically informing and telling a story however now, we build up tension up to a climax creating enigma and dropping making the audience feel uncomfortable and wanting to watch more
  9. 9. Kaya & Sanel Target Audience M Age – 18 – 21 Gender – Male and Female Ethnicity – British Location – United Kingdom Interests/Hobbies – Partying, sex, drugs Lifestyle – Free spirit, people who live for the day not the future Why would our target audience be interested in our idea/plot? • Its based on real life, so it could relate to some of our target audience • Our target audience will be interested to learn about the drug throughout the film and interested in her hallucinations • The film is based in modern time and youth culture, use of slang in a closed narrative so they can connect and relate to what they see in the film and leave thinking about the consequences
  10. 10. Kaya & Sanel Target Audience MWhy would our target audience be interested in our film because of its form?• The use of editing in the hallucinations will interest the target audience, they may find it funny or remarkable• The use of modern music through out the film will interest our target audience as the film will seem more real which helps them connect to it• The hidden message behind the film will interest them into seeing why the message is there and therefore will realise there is not way out when you try drugs and not to let their friends pressure them into using it.Why would your target audience be interested in your film because of genre/conventions?• Our target audience can relate to drama’s as a lot happen in growing up in the society we live in.• Many of the conventions in the film are very realistic which helps build climax and tension with our target audience because they would have or will be in the same situation in their lives• The convention of emotion shares experience with the target audience making them feel understood and not out casted.
  11. 11. Kaya & Sanel Target Audience M What feedback we received from our target audience The majority answers We asked 18 – 2 19 – 2 20 – 1 21 – 1 • Showing the illusions is very captivating and makes the opening sequence and film different from others of its kind • Sends our a good and education message • The title is unique, sounds interesting, and they like it • Would watch the rest of the film because of the hallucinations and to see what happens to Laura • They likes the location because it was familiar and makes it more relatable • We could improve by making flashbacks longer, use a more dramatic scene
  12. 12. Kaya & Sanel Characters N How have you developed your characters since draft 1? • We havent developed the characters at all, we’ve changed them completely. • We changed our character to people that the target audience can relate to and feel sympathy and emotions or making it seem real. • We unlike draft have no older characters, the characters in our opening sequence now are all young adults
  13. 13. Kaya & Sanel Characters N (The costume will be changed as we didn’t have the right props also the make up we want, Actor 1: we havent got yet) Laura Hibbitt Age: Inspiration photos 18 Actor 1: Sanel Homer The eye make up Age: The cut on the 16 lips and the tears The dark and dull colours and baggy clothes
  14. 14. Kaya & Sanel Characters N Costume and props Pale skin Black runny eye make up Dark wig, to give a more dark look for her characterDirt on face to show shesnot hygienic Bloody nose to show shes not well and doesnt bother about hygiene Black and white dirty top Dark blue baggy jacket Side bag Black baggy knee length skirt and black tattered tights Black scarf
  15. 15. Kaya & Sanel Characters N Mise –en-scene Name – Laura Hibbit Gender – Female Age – 18 Costume – Dark brown wig, black jacket, baggy skirt, dirty top, dirty knee high boots Props – Beer bottle (Becks) Make-up – Pale skin, Black smudged eye make up, bloody nose, sweaty head, tears, cuts on the lip, dirty cheeks Stereotype – Typical youth that doesnt care about the future and ruins her life Facial expression – Dizzy, dead, lights are on and no ones home Body language – Effortless, exhausted
  16. 16. Kaya & Sanel N CharactersLaura Hibbit –What does she represent?Laura represents a typical youth in Britain who getspressured by her friends to try drugs which ends up ruiningher life and her future, sending a message to the audiencethat theres no easy way out of using drugs and that it willend up killing you one day. We want the target audience torelate to her and feel sympathy for her so she is torepresent someone they can visualise in real life.