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Product and Design


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Product and Design

Published in: Business, Design
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Product and Design

  2. 2.  Major factors in design strategy Cost Quality Time-to-market Customer satisfaction Competitive advantageProduct and Service Design
  3. 3. Objectives of Product and ServiceDesign Main focus Customer satisfaction Understand what the customer wants Secondary focus Function of product/service Cost/profit Quality Appearance Ease of production/assembly Ease of maintenance/service
  4. 4. Designing For OperationsBased on the capabilities of the organization indesigning goods and services.Failure to take this into account can:•Reduce productivity•Reduce quality•Increase costs
  5. 5. Typical Phases of Product DesignDevelopment Concept Development Product Planning Product/Process Engineering Pilot Production/Ramp-Up
  6. 6. Contract ManufacturersCompanies that specialize in manufacturing products forother companies have become successful.•Many companies outsource the product design function.• Product design differs significantly depending on theindustry.E.g. Consumer products understandingconsumer preferencesPharmaceuticals- Extensive clinical tests
  7. 7. Core competencyA company’s core competency is the one thingthat it can do better than its competitors.Product design/Cost/Quality/Dedication of its employees.Characteristics of core competency.•Provides potential access to wide variety of markets•Increases perceived customer benefits•Hard for competitors to imitate.