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HLS Perspective. Safer cities for a better tomorrow


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Published in: Technology, Business
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HLS Perspective. Safer cities for a better tomorrow

  1. 1. Safer Cities For A Better Tomorrow Vulnerability Assessment Threats • City Based Threats • Organized Crime, Acts of TerrorCITY • White Terror • Large Amounts of Money LaunderingSTATE •Destruction of Critical Infrastructure Illegal landing of weaponry/merchandiseNATIONAL
  2. 2. Technological Framework for Safe and Secure Cities (TFSSC) Technol ogi cal Framework i nt ends t o be t he game changer f or Homel and Securi t y, provi di ng t he precursor t o generat i ng t he f unct i onal i t i es, t he out put of t he Homel and Securi t y Syst em. Lack of st andardi zat i on and uni f ormi t y of t echnol ogi cal pl at f orms has been t he maj or drawback. Thi s i s t he basi s of creat i on of saf e and
  3. 3. Technological Framework for Safe and Secure Cities(TFSSC) Command and Control Center (CCC) Interception Systems (IS) City Based Video Surveillance System (CBVSS) TETRA Radio Network (TRN) Geospatial Technology for HLS (GTHLS) ERP Solution, RDBMS and Integration (ERI) Managerial Response to War on Terror (MRWT)
  4. 4. Command & Control Centers City based command and control centers integrating all feeds, radio, text, audio, video, data, images and graphics from different angles, through a viable command and control center software, creating in the process a state of art C4I command and control center. It would have the capability to handle the worst of the terror attacks and natural disasters at one end and day to day responsive policing at the other end.
  5. 5. Command and Control Center Integrated Command Control Coordination And Communication Syst
  6. 6. Command and Control Center Ci t y based command and cont r ol cent er s i nt egr at i ng al l f eeds r adi o, audi o, vi deo, t ext , dat a, i mages and gr aphi cs f r om di f f er ent channel s, t hr ough a vi abl e command and cont r ol cent er sof t war e, cr eat i ng i n t he pr ocess a st at e of ar t C4I command and cont r ol cent er . I t woul d have t he capabi l i t y t o handl e wor st of t he t er r or at t acks and nat ur al di sast er s at one end and day t o day r esponsi ve pol i ci ng at t he ot her end. Command and Control centers
  7. 7. ALERT Map Data Video Data Incident Data PCR a Ambulance C4i Operator Fire Response Task Completed Procedure & Reports Activated Incident Closed Flow Command and control center - Incident
  8. 8. Interception Systems (IP) The capability to monitor and penetrate into any mode of communication and storage for the required suspected information/data and the capability to analyze and connect to our requirements on a real time basis is the urgent need and utility of the Interception Systems which needs to be put in place, upgraded or scaled up, as the case may be.
  9. 9. Interception Systems ReveaLinx Architecture Data Servers Data Modelling and Analysis Investigation Presentation Analyst 1 Case A DB1 WorkstationDeploy Applications Presenter Analyst 2 Develop Applications DB2 Case Delivery Workstation Case B Results Analyst 3Direct connection to Delivery systems to retrieve data Data Files ReveaLinks Presenter Workstation
  10. 10. Mobile ILD Fixed Sat IP Networks Verba PSV Mediation Storage and Archival Processing Demand & Speech WS 1 WS 2 WS3 WS4 WS5 WS6 WS7 WS8 Mass Interception Architecture Interception Systems
  11. 11. City Based Video Surveillance System (CBVSS) CBVSS has a proven track record for providing the best information (Video footage) to the investigators of terror attacks across the globe, Kasab, being the prime example here. Technologically, way ahead of CCTV networks, with video analytics in build into the system, it helps find meaning in hours and hours of video footage, giving the precise output and the connects the investigator is looking for. A deterrent and a must for any big city.
  12. 12. City Based Video Surveillance System
  13. 13. System Management Protect the core applications fromPolicy—Reputation—Identity attack Application Security Protect the video content from Content Security misuse and abuse Network Security Ensure no attacks or Endpoint Security malfunction in the network Self-Defending Network: Ensure end Best of Breed Security in a users cannot abuse theSystems Approach system Secure access to Video Surveillance System
  14. 14. Management to Video Surveillance Systems
  15. 15. TETRA Radio Network (TRN) TETRA telecommunications system takes the Police Communication to the fully digital mode with a complete integration of all communication gadgets and delivery of high quality voice/data and other related outputs. TETRA eludes India. In reality it is an excellent public safety communication network, improves our response to War on Terror, organized crime and disaster management.
  16. 16. Al l aut hor i t i es have t hei r own Vi r t ual Pr i vat e Net wor k(VPN) TETRA enables sharing of a common infrastructure between all mission critical users
  17. 17. Geospatial Technology for HLS (GTHLS) Conventional inputs are unable to provide actionable data. The map of today is geospatial imagery/information, the third eye as it is nicknamed. Geospatial products and intelligence are critical to planning, preparation and response to terror attacks, natural & other disasters and supports incident management. It is a great tool for regulation, enforcement, monitoring and supervision.
  18. 18. Geospatial Technology provides enhanced geospatial understanding of a facilities vulnerabilities and thus speeds up detection and response time in the event of a security breach Rapid access to extensive data, displayed in a geospatial medium helps protect critical assets and infrastructure and ensures public safety GEO Spatial Technology
  19. 19. Geo-spatial Information Changes Geo Technologies Specialty Core Data Fields Ideas
  20. 20. ERP Solution, RDBMS & Integration (ERI) RDBMS is critical to the functioning of any organization and ERP provides for populating the data on a real time basis, bringing the complete functioning of the dept. on the ERP, in Karnataka, the POLICE IT. Then integration of the legacy systems with the ERP provides for the functionalities with which the end users have been accustomed for long, on a single sign in sign out concept.
  21. 21. How should we implement ERP systems Obtain the right mix of people, processes and technology!! ERP Solution
  22. 22. Managerial Response to War on Terror (MRWT) Gap anal ysi s shows a huge gap i n t he l earni ng, ski l l s and at t i t ude of i nt ernal securi t y managers whi ch ought t o be bri dged. The human resources shoul d be bet t er t han t he t echni cal syst emcreat ed and made f unct i onal . Ut i l i t y i s how best we ut i l i ze. I nnovat i ve met hods i ncl usi ve of out bound l earni ng needs t o i ncul cat ed as a part of hi gh end t rai ni ng. Change management i s t he most cri t i cal component of our way f orward. Prof essi onal i sml eadi ng t o gl obal l y
  23. 23. For each technology A city based network Integrated into a national network for that technology
  24. 24. All technologies together All technologies should integrate into National Homeland Security Resource Base and Incident Management System
  25. 25. All technologies together All technologies should integrate into National Homeland Security Resource Base and Incident Management System
  26. 26. Base Document for HLS can be the beginning National Home Security Blueprint A resource for all!!!
  27. 27. Visit our Web site HLS –India. Com. We owe it to every Indian
  28. 28. Sincere thanks for the rapt