Cii iq's national business excellence conclave 2013


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Cii iq's national business excellence conclave 2013

  1. 1. Leveraging Technology for Solutions A Case Study
  2. 2. A Case Study of Karnataka State Police And a Blueprint for the Nation
  3. 3. Technology has morphed the world Technology is the most critical professional tool today
  4. 4. Technology in policing?
  5. 5. Using technology for anti – societal, anti – national and anti – civilizational acts! War of the civilized order against barbaric/savage splinter groups!
  6. 6. The Concept of General Purpose Technology
  7. 7. We live in a knowledge based world Either We align Or Perish Realistically…
  8. 8. Quality is at the core of high maturity organizations of which government is the most pervasive and most impact making Realistically…
  9. 9. What is an ERP?
  10. 10. The ERP
  11. 11. Typical architectural components E-business PlatformTech Stack CRM Foundation Web Internet Mobile Wireless e-Mail Call Center ICM/Telephony Interaction Channels Common Data and Object Models, Security, Interfaces, Globalisation E-Business Foundation Marketing Sales eCommerceBusiness Applications Marketing Intelligence Sales Intelligence Customer Intelligence Call Center Intelligence Analytical Applications Interaction History Universal Work Q 1-to-1 Fulfillment Assignment Engine EscalationsTCA Installed Base Tasks Notes Resources Calendar Territories Finance HR
  12. 12. Govt ERP! How do we create? • No history of software • No history of erp • Lack of managerial human resource • Technical manpower • Humongous effort • Collaboration
  13. 13. Police IT Comprehensive ERP system providing seamless integration of the day to day operations of the Police Department
  14. 14. Police IT In its conceptualization, creation and roll out, it would have a pioneering impact in the way Police in India would go digital in the days to come
  15. 15. Police IT- Features • Centralized Architecture • Bilingual • Workflow design • Role based access • 522 screens and 417 reports • Management Information System
  16. 16. FIR GCR (CO) FIR AssignmentFIR Assignment Crime ClassificationCrime Classification If Heinous CaseIF Case Transferred Final Report/Charge Sheet Final Report/Charge Sheet Court Progress Diary Court Disposal Property Seizure Property Movement Crime Details Arrest/Surrender Witness Details Case Diary Final Report B,C and UDR Proceedings-174/176 CRPC Exhumation Details Post Mortem Request If Victim=Dead If Dead body “Buried” If Final Report B,C or UDR Rejected Forward Forward Accepted I.M (CO) I.M(SDPO) I.M (DPO) CPR (DPO) CPR (SDPO) CPR (CO) FR B,C & U (CO) FR B,C & U (SDPO) FR B,C & U (DPO) Property Seizure Property Movement Crime Details Arrest/Surrender Witness Details Case Diary Bail Bond Result of Appeal Case Transfer GCR (SDPO) GCR (DPO)COD, DCRE,.. External Transfer If Final Report A UDR Disposal If UDR case If B or C case Crime- Investigation Workflow
  17. 17. KSP Wide Area Network 39 locations 2 Mbps leased line 10 Mbps aggregation bandwidth 1400 remote locations, 512 Kbps, VPNoBB 4 Mbps internet leased line SPDC
  18. 18. Police IT Software Development FRS/SRS/HRS Development Change Request Testing/UAT/ Feedback/Roll Out/Bugs/Corrections/ final
  19. 19. Karnataka Composite Model Data Center Broadband Networking Anti Virus and Facility Management Hiring of Trainers Multipronged basic training and application training module wise
  20. 20. Karnataka Composite Model  Integrated multi – organizational workforce ERP PERFECT SYNCHRONIZATION OF
  21. 21. Karnataka Composite Model  DYNAMIC REAL TIME NETWORKED AND INTERNALLY
  22. 22. Police IT-Modules • Crime • Law & Order • Traffic • Finance • Administration • Stores • Armed Reserve • Motor Transport • Training • Wireless • Forensic Science Laboratory • Executive Information System
  23. 23. What is ERP Roll Out? the complexity!!!!!
  24. 24. Insurmountable
  25. 25. Police IT Roll Out • User Acceptance Test • Mandatory Change Requests over 400 • Last phase of development • Pilots for different modules • Capacity Building is most critical • 11 Training Centers established
  26. 26. Police IT Roll Out • Near perfect synchronization of module development, end user training and the completion of all precursor activities would ensure a smooth roll out • 12 modules in 1439 locations
  27. 27. Innovate to Win  nodal officers  mpls + vpn network  fixed ip  mcse + ccna maintenance  wipro change management training for leaders  in house trainers  training Infra / mass scale training for Crime Module  leading by documentation  aggressive decision making
  28. 28. The Only Key – Capacity Building  Training Infrastructure  Mapping of End Users  Deployment of Trainers  Training of 75 System Administrators  Basic training for End Users
  29. 29. The Only Key – Capacity Building  Training Curriculum – Basic and Police IT  Training for Nodal Officers of all Units  Training for Technical Teams of all Units  Police IT Training for End Users  Handholding
  30. 30.  Best Practices  Benchmarking  Communication  Performance Excellence
  31. 31.  42% Leadership  27% Organizational & Cultural Issues  23% People Issues Why ERP Implementations fail?
  32. 32.  4% Technology Issues  4% Other Organizational issues left unchecked often lead to project failure Why ERP Implementations fail?
  33. 33. But the known culprit is always Technology Why ERP Implementations fail?
  34. 34. At the base of Visionary Change Management is VISIONARY LEADERSHIP Visionary Change Management
  35. 35.  Ownership  Involvement  Responsibility  Non- negotiable accountability What really Counts?
  36. 36. 9/11
  37. 37. Devastated all myths of the modern world 9/11
  38. 38. Watershed in modern human history 9/11
  39. 39. Governance, Internal Security, Technology took the center stage 9/11
  40. 40. American Response 9/11
  41. 41. Homeland Security 9/11
  42. 42. Integration Precursors & Political Will 9/11
  43. 43. We are still a long way off!!! Even post 26/11
  44. 44. To reach the plug and play mechanism! Even post 26/11
  45. 45. Homeland Security A Robust Counter Terrorism Mechanism
  46. 46. Homeland Security A Robust Counter Terrorism Mechanism The attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 has been by far the single most important event in the history of the modern world and more so because it forced the world to change its perception on the nature of organization, the usage of technology, the responses, the consolidation of activities and spread of mechanisms needed to thwart the ever growing terrorism the world over.
  47. 47. Technological Framework Command and Control Centre (CCC) Interception Systems (IS) City Based Video Surveillance System (CBVSS)
  48. 48. Technological Framework TETRA Radio Network (TRN) Geospatial Technology for HLS (GTHLS) ERP Solution, RDBMS and Integration (ERI)
  49. 49. Integration National Homeland Security – Resource Base and Incident Support System (NHLS – RBISS)
  50. 50. National Homeland Security Blueprint The beginning of this grandiose plan set to have a transformational impact on the Homeland Security scenario of the country is yet to be made. The world’s best buildings were a blueprint one day. A blueprint is the first to crystallize our thoughts, it could take a large number of revisions, nonetheless it has to start. Time seems to be running out.
  51. 51. Overall Framework
  52. 52. Technology will be the most critical element of policing in the days to come  Lots of management principles and Networking has been the contribution of US Army to the world The Roadmap!
  53. 53. The Business Proposition Mass scale R & D and deployment is the prerogative of the state either directly or otherwise – through private enterprise The Roadmap!
  54. 54. US $ 9 billions homeland security market waiting to get tapped Inability to tap The Roadmap!
  55. 55. Only a confident India can take this challenge From precision to perfection to excellence whatever be the domain public or private Together we have to build a safe and secure India for the generations to come The Roadmap!
  56. 56. Posterity would never pardon us otherwise The Roadmap!
  57. 57. Together WE CAN! The Roadmap!
  58. 58. Thank You For Your Rapt Attention