Email Marketing Solution from Impel CRM


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An integrated email marketing
solution that lets you segment your data in any way that you wish, that lets you craft and deliver a high-class message
simply and easily, that lets you track all the responses to your campaign both at an individual and at campaign level.

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Email Marketing Solution from Impel CRM

  1. 1. Impel CRM Solution Brief Integrated E-mail Marketing Track each campaign down to sales, operations and collections! Transform the way you think about campaigns with Impel CRM. E-mail solutions are a dime a dozen today. Now imagine a marketing solution that lets you segment your data in any way that you wish, that lets you craft and deliver a high-class messageDid last week’s campaign bring more simply and easily, that lets you track allwalk-ins to the Andheri store vs the the responses to your campaign both atColaba store? an individual and at campaign level,How do I target prospects in my list where you can track the response downthat we have not contacted in the last to the actual sale. Sound like a dream?6 months? How do I segment my CRM data to send Welcome to Impel CRM’s integratedbetter targeted messages? Email Marketing solution. It works withWhat percentage of the email lists the contact and lead data that you haveopened my emails? collected from various sources. With theWho clicks on the links provided in my ability to analyze and segment your dataemails campaigns? in various ways, you can be sure thatWhat is the performance of one the right message gets through to thecampaign versus another? right prospect. And do it without theHow can I figure out how an individual hassles of having to import and exportcontact responded to a campaign? data back and forth between your CRMWhich campaign from 3 months ago is and your E-mail marketing solution.still bringing in deals? Impel CRM’s Email Marketing module is designed to integrate everything fromCan you answer these questions today? your lead lists to your campaigns to responses to sales – all in oneNow you can, with Impel CRM’s integrated CRM solution.Integrated E-mail Marketing!
  2. 2. Email marketing has become pervasive • Track every response to the pointin today’s business world. It is of sales, operations and collectionsaffordable, targeted, vigorous and • Save on costs of paper andhighly effective. Studies show that it postagetakes eight to ten contacts to turn aprospect into a customer. Email • Track all interactions including emails with a prospect as Activitiesmarketing is one of the most successfulmeans of reaching out to prospects and in one centralized location.nurturing leads. Analyze and segment data forNow do more than just send e-mails out maximum impacton a regular basis. With Impel CRM • Impel CRM’s Ad-hoc Reportingbuild a reliable mechanism that tracks Engine lets you analyze andeverything from campaign down to segment your lead and contact datacollections. to your exact specificationsBenefits of Impel CRM’s • Pump data directly from Ad-hocIntegrated Campaigns. Reports to specific campaigns for completely targeted messagesImpel CRM’s E-Marketing moduleautomates email campaign execution, • Schedule your campaigns to run atfreeing you to focus on the message, times when they are most likely tothe targeting and the analysis. be read.Impel CRM’s E-Marketing Module brings Craft powerful messages simplyyou some incredible benefits. • Create specific messages for each• Boost customer communication target list quickly and easily with with tailored, focused messages to Impel CRM’s email templates your contact lists • Save time by using our pre-built• Talk specifically to customer templates. Just drop in your logos needs by segmenting and targeting and colors to tie in with your brand your lists based on specific criteria • Bring in your pre-existing HTML• Save time and effort by doing templates for faster execution everything within the same system • Organize and structure your• Get immediate response and template with rich dynamic content action by scheduling delivery when with links, articles, videos, and your prospects are most likely to pictures. read and react
  3. 3. Track and hone your campaigns • All of your lead and contact data is already in Impel. So you don’t have• Check out the real-time stats and to export data out and import it into measure the performance of your your E-mail program, saving you emails campaigns time, effort and the possibility of• Analyze and track campaign errors responses for individual leads and • Impel’s Adhoc Reporting Engine gives you the ability to slice and• View critical information such as dice data in various ways, enabling email opens, click-throughs, etc you to hone your message very• Track campaigns sent and tightly responses to/from an individual • As for crafting and delivering the contact as Activities along with all message, we do this as well as all other interactions the better solutions in the market Schedule mail delivery Send mails at various times, Prospect response automatically Track opens, click- throughs, unsubscribes Build Emails Close Deals Specific messages Track contacts from Lead for each of your to Collection in the campaigns context of campaigns Campaign Setup Analyze Leads and Contacts and segment data; use Ad-hoc Reports to pump data into campaignsHow are we different? • And finally! Your ability to analyze the results of your campaigns, downYou may say, “I already use …. e-mail to the sales impact of a campaignmarketing solution for my outbound e- and to collections.mails. Why should I use Impel?” Theanswer is simple. With Impel you get Now that is truly DIFFERENT!much more than just handling andmanaging e-mail campaigns.
  4. 4. Why Impel CRM?Impel CRM’s E-mail Campaigns mechanism is specifically designed for success. Thedifference with Impel comes through in our objectives, approach and success metrics.• Access on any channel. Whether you need SMS, mobile, E-mail, Call Center, Voice- over-IP, Internet access, we provide it all. In one integrated system.• Cost-effective Subscription with Affordable Customization. Typical CRM deployments have a 30:70 ratio between license and customization. Our approach is that we “fit your business” at an “affordable price”. To that end, we bring not just amazing functionality, but underlying technology that builds well and saves money.• You work with the Principal. With large CRM providers, partners end up implementing and customizing the CRM for you. With Impel you get the Principal taking primary responsibility, allowing you to deal with only one vendor, with no finger- pointing.• The power of the Platform. Our speed and effectiveness of customization is unparalleled. Our underlying development Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) enables us to quickly and efficiently customize Impel and to integrate with your other systems.At Impel CRM, we are large enough to be effective, but small enough to be accessible. Ifyou have a problem, you can talk directly to senior management, without the usual run-around! We are a young, agile player that’s hungry for your business. And we believe thatthe way to gain business is to provide overwhelming value in our product. So talk to ustoday about how we can be of service.Contact Us PK4 is a leading Software-as-a-ServicePK4 Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (SaaS) CRM provider.PK4’s Impel CRM helps31, Kempapura, Hebbal companies put their customers at the centerBangalore 560 024 of their business. We enable Customer Relationship Management across sales,Phone: +91-80-30080000 service and marketing functions. We empower our users to effectively accurately communicate with their customers across multiple communication channels. We provide the flexibility of customized CRM with the ease-of-use of a SaaS solution.