Eng 230 slaughterhouse multimedia paper


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Eng 230 slaughterhouse multimedia paper

  1. 1. 1 Slaughterhouse: Write Up Most people would think that older text such as, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, andHeart of Darkness would not relate to images from a younger generation. The books, movies,and television shows that children today watches are thought to much different than what ourgrandparents might have read or watched. Of course there are many differences between todayand when our grandparents were children, but what if there were some similarities to be madebetween these two different generations? Older text and new images could be the new way toenhancing what children already know about a particular book. The first image in my slaughterhouse multimedia presentation is from Sir Gawain andthe Green Knight and the picture is from Footloose, the original movie. The quote says, “GreenChurch? chunters the knight. More like the devil‟s lair where, at the nub of night he makes hismorning prayer” (167). This quote shows that Sir Gawain is not thinking straight and believesthat everything is evil. He is looking at a hill and in his mind it is the devil‟s lair. In the movieFootloose, the preacher is trying to protect the people of the town from the devil and any harmthat could come their way, after a horrible accident strikes the town. The preacher is trying tokeep children from dancing, because that could lead to negative situations where the children‟slives could be in danger. This is the first connection that could be made between older text from1962 and a movie that was just remade in 2011. Even thought the preacher thinks he is doing theright thing, and Sir Gawain is scared because he is about to die, both people believe that theirframe of mind is correct. This could show that everyone believes they are right all of the time,but if you take a step back, you may be the one who is actually in the wrong. This movie and textcan teach people moral values about themselves.
  2. 2. 2 The next image is of Hannibal Lector. I used a quote from Heart of Darkness that says, “Iasked; „what would you do with them?‟„Eat „im!‟ he said curtly, and, leaning his elbow on therail, looked out into the fog in a dignified and profoundly pensive attitude” (56). HannibalLector is a cannibal, which is someone who eats humans. In the book, Marlow is traveling alongthe Congo with a crew of cannibals. The connection that I made between the text and picture wasthe cannibals were all trying to not eat humans at one point. In the picture Hannibal Lector has amask on to prevent him, and the cannibals were only tempted when a man on the ship died. For ayounger generation, this type of comparison may help them to truly understand what a cannibalis. When you read it in a book, many may not know what it actually means, but seeing a movieabout it, helps a person understand. This can also show the will power it takes to not dosomething. Both picture and text, the cannibals tried everything to refrain from eating anotherhuman, this shows how they had to have strengthen from within to help them. The final image is from Mr. and Mrs. Smith using another piece of text from Sir Gawainand the Green Knight. The quote says, “I‟ll tuck in your covers corner to corner, then playfullyparley with the man I have pinned” (103). The image from Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a seductivewoman, in the text the Lady of the castle was seducing Sir Gawain. In our society today, peoplebelieve that it is ok to dress and act like Mrs. Smith and the Lady of the castle. When reading thetext, one can see how strange it is that a married woman would be doing this. Looking at theimage, one can see that this is the same thing as the Lady was doing, just modernize. Both ofthese pieces are not appropriate and can teach people to believe it. Younger generations shouldnot learn that seducing people or sleeping with married people is ok, and the text can help provethat.
  3. 3. 3 Overall, there is good reason to study old text with new pictures. Putting the two togethercan show morality issues and will power. Older text still deals with all of the problems that arefaced today. When putting it with new pictures from our generation it can only make it clearer.
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