Week 1


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Week 1

  1. 1. PlanningGeoffrey yeboah
  2. 2. Week 1 objective Week 1• To decide whether to create a short film or music video both based on a fairy tale• To decide what fairy tale to use for adaptation in our music video or short film• Brainstorming ideas for a script• What did we look at and how did we decide to adapt our story
  3. 3. Fairy Tale Brainstorm Three little pigs Beauty and the beast Goldie locks and the three bearsLittle red riding hood Cinderella Peter panHansel and Gretel Fairy tale ideas Bambi Sleeping beautyThe boy who cried wolf The goose that lay the gold egg Jack and the beanstalk The ginger bread man Snow white
  4. 4. Little red riding hood Three little pigsHansel and Gretel The princess and the frog
  5. 5. Little red riding hoodLittle Red Riding Hood, also known as Little Red Cap or simply Red Riding Hood, is aEuropean fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf. The story has been changedconsiderably in its history and subject to numerous modern adaptations and readings.The story was first published by Charles Perrault in ‘Histoires ou contes du temps passé’in 1697.
  6. 6. THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLFThe Boy Who Cried Wolf is one of Aesops Fables The tale concerns a shepherd boy whorepeatedly tricks nearby villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his flock. When a wolfactually does appear, the villagers do not believe the boys cries for help, and the flock isdestroyed. The moral at the end of the story shows that this is how liars are not rewarded:even if they tell the truth, no one believes them."
  7. 7. WHAT DID WE LOOK AT AND WHYDID WE DECIDE TO ADAPT THE STORY• Being placed with the creation of a short film or music video based on fairy tales, we began to brainstorm ideas for possible fairy tales .Through brainstorming our group came to the conclusion that we would want to reinvent the traditional narrative of fairy tales as they were intended to teach and entertain children below 6 years of age and as a group we decided to• The fairy-tale we choose and decided to adapt was the boy who cried wolf, we found we could adapt the plot to make it more suited to a short film and our target audience 16 – 21 year olds also as a group we thought it would be experimental and interesting to see how the fairy tales that taught us morals as a children could be easily translated into tales for young adults and be reinvented .• The construction of our media product (cries wolf) is easily translated into todays society where there is an increase in media portrayal of deviant lying youths this is how we came up with the idea as the boy who cries wolf was initially used to scare of teenagers as it showed them the dangers of attention seeking
  8. 8. POTENTIAL IMPACT ON MEDIAPRODUCT ON OUR TARGET AUDIENCEThe target audience for my short film is 16 – 21 year olds .mymedia product would impact them as my target demographic areyoung (the age group) therefore they have probably been insituations where they most likely have pulled pranks orsomething to gain attention just like the characters in my shortfilm would be doing . As a group we wanted to explore how fairytales helped develop our morals, the boy who cried wolf was onewe wanted to re invented the classic tale to bring about the truemeaning behind the fable to a modern audience .