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Wave Energy at its best


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Wave Energy at its best

  1. 1. Wave Energy2006 Mk1 Full scale pilot unit at its best Sept 2011 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  2. 2. Summary Currently at TRL 7 and ready for pilot scale deployment at very competitive costs compared to all renewable energies 28 patents (granted or pending) internationally OLX is one of the most established and credible companies in the international wave energy technology domain OLX is ready to create a centre for excellence in wave technology OLX has commenced the final capital raising process before commercialisation COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  3. 3. Cost projections for greenWAVE3 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  4. 4. Company history & background  Oceanlinx was founded by Dr Tom Denniss in 1997  The company currently employs: • 12 members of staff in the Sydney office • 10 members of staff across strategic national and international locations • Over 100 years of staff experience in the development, installation and operation of marine renewable systems.  100% Australian developed and owned technology  All core intellectual property is internationally patent protected  To date the company has spent $86m developing its wave energy conversion systems4 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  5. 5. System integration Asynchronous Air generator turbine & drive Air pressure Renewable Ocean electricity OWC waves5 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  6. 6. Technical milestones  40,000 hours of operational experience  5000 hours of electricity generation  Only wave energy converter to grid connect in Australia  2005 became the 1st wave energy device to generate desalinated water aboard a WEC  1 of 3 devices to achieve grid connection internationally  Over 8000 hours of laboratory testing (aerodynamic & hydraulic)  Several years of academic collaboration: • Hydraulic Marine Research Centre, Australian Maritime College • Uni. of Wollongong, Queens Uni. Belfast, Sydney Uni., Uni. of New South Wales, Uni. of Rhode Island, Uni. of Hawaii and most recently Uni. of Adelaide6 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  7. 7. Development milestones - systems  2005: MK1 full scale prototype unit o 500kW full scale system operation o Single fixed shallow water OWC design o Many thousands of hours of operation between 2005-2009 o 1st time production of desalinated water aboard a wave energy converter  2007: MK2 3rd scale prototype o Represented a 1.5MW rated generating plant o Provided a significant amount of data on the operational behaviour of a floating structure OWC in open sea conditions o Precursor to considerable technological improvements in OWC design  2010: MK3PC 3rd scale prototype o Represented a 2.5MW rated capacity unit o Multi-boomerang OWC floating platform o 1St Australian grid connected WEC o Validated all design and operating parameters o Demonstrated grid standard power output7 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  8. 8. Oceanlinx Product and Deployment Evolution Air Turbines 1st generation: Denniss-Auld 2nd generation: PAT turbine 3rd generation: airWAVE 8 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  9. 9. greenWAVE MAIN FEATURES Direct evolution from MK1 Fixed concrete construction standing on seabed Incorporates airWAVE turbine Electrical power or Desalinated water Capable of providing 1GL of RO water per year OLX patented boomerang resonant OWC Shallow water applications (10 – 15 m) Robust design promotes survivability - 25 years9 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  10. 10. greenWAVE TECHNICAL DATA Length 16.0 m Width 22.0 m Draft 10.0 m Depth 16.0 m Mass (concrete) 4000 tonnes Capacity 1 MW Water depth ~10 m10 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  11. 11. Commercial maturity of device developers Emerging Energy Program, October 201011 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  12. 12. International awards and accolades  2006: St Louis, USA The International Academy of Science names the Energetech technology as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Technologies in the World. This award spanned technologies of all forms, not just energy technologies.  2009: Shenzhen, China The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) ranks Oceanlinx third in its annual list of the Top Ten Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities in the World.  2010: Sydney, Australia The Annual EcoGen Conference names Oceanlinx’s latest wave energy device the Most Outstanding Clean Energy Technology Innovation of 2010.12 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  13. 13. The way forward  R & D completed and the designs are ready for full scale manufacture  OLX is developing a greenWAVE project for 5MW in Australia- energy levels in excess of 42kw/m  OLX intends to hold a Liquidity Event within the next 2 years  OLX has commenced a capital raising exercise for AUS$20m  The new investments could be at OLX or project levels13 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  14. 14. 2007 Mk2 1/3 scale research unit 2010 Mk3 Pre-Commercial scale unit2005 Mk1 Full scale pilot unit 2007 Mk2 1/3rd scale research unit 2010 Mk3 1/3rd scale unit Thank You COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE