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Na cs 1046-american_airlines


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Na cs 1046-american_airlines

  1. 1. Case StudyAmerican AirlinesDallas/Fort Worth, TexasThe automated warehouse system at the Overview The miniload ASRS has 5,928Dallas – Fort Worth Line Maintenance Shipping notices are pan locations. Each pan has downloaded from the Host multiple compartments withFacility consists of three aisles of miniload to the WCD and Hanger welded-in-place dividers and aASRS, three aisles of Unit Load ASRS, Cell Directors. The orders 300 lbs. storage capacity. ThereTote Conveyor, Trash Conveyor, and an are converted to movement is a miniload ASRS transferAutomated Overhead Monorail System with commands on the WCD and device which allows the storage sent to the equipment. and retrieval machine to be11 Carriers. The system is controlled by routed from one aisle to anotherredundant computers with software developed Workstation operators retrieve as a backup in the event of aby Dematic, referred to as the Warehouse parts from the miniload ASRS major component failure.Cell Director (WCD). Additionally, there are 2 and place them on conveyor which routes them to their The Unit Load ASRS containsHanger Cell Directors connected via modem in destination. Unit Load pallet 1,560 free standing locationshangers 3 and 4. parts are retrieved from the each with a capacity of 1200 lbs. ASRS and routed to pickup Then conveyor transports the points via conveyor. heavy and large parts inventory on metal clad pallets. Lift trucks The system provides aircraft move the pallets, directed by parts to 4 hangers. The commands via radio frequency overhead monorail system terminals. transports parts to the hangers 3 and 4. Parts arrive in totes via Full Time On-Site Maintenance a lowerator and are returned to American Airlines has the warehouse via an elevator contracted with Dematic to the monorail. to provide full-time on-site equipment maintenance for the
  2. 2. DFW facility. This option gives Software package. This ensuresAmerican Airlines a direct link to that the required expertise andall of the resources Dematic has required parts will be readyto offer. when minor repairs are required, and that the system will beHaving a full maintenance repaired as quickly as possible.crew comprised of trainedDematic technicians means This mission-critical facilitythat someone will be there to operates 365 days per year, 24handle planned and unplanned hours per day and is covered bymaintenance any time the a skilled staff of factory-trainedsystem is operating. This option technicians supported byleaves nothing to chance. Every Dematic’s engineering team.precaution is taken to ensurethe highest possible system The Dematic full-time on-sitereliability. maintenance contract at American Airlines includes anThe technicians perform uptime performance guarantee, © Dematic Corp. | Order-No. CS-1046 | Printed in USA 03/11preventative maintenance and uptime has averaged 99.6%and manage the required over the 8 years of Dematicspare parts inventory using staffing the maintenance of thisan Dematic’s Computerized system.Maintenance ManagementDematic507 Plymouth Ave. NEGrand Rapids, MI 49505Tel 1 (877) 725-7500Fax 1 (616)