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Career Portfolio

  1. 1. + Ryan Dickey+
  2. 2. +2
  3. 3. Student Work+ CELEBRATEN’ Project 3
  4. 4. Ryan Dickey HSP 203 3/1/12 Best Self Feedback table Commonality Examples Given My Interpretation 1. Reliable 1. Always pitching in and lending I am always willing to a helping hand without having take on extra tasks. to be asked. Being able to organize 2. Offering to take on more tasks myself makes me for a movie project including someone to count on. filming and editing, rather than solely acting. 2. Independent 1. Working strongly by myself on I tend to work stronger school projects throughout my when I was completing academic career thus far. a task on my own. As I 2. Making a decision to leave listen to others opinion, school at Michigan State, move the final decision is my back home, go to community own. college, and get a job. 3. Determined 1. Knowing I was at the wrong Once I know what is school and making the decision best for me, I act on the to go through the transferring solution until it is at the process. best it can be for 2. Studying a subject for hours myself. until I grasp the concept, even if it puts me in tears. 4. Committed 1. Became a new employee with excitement and willingness. I I know what I want out become quick on my feet, of a certain task or maintaining all the tasks that project and will were required. continue with my initial 2. Preparing a birthday project thought on it until I thoroughly and with thought. have completed to the 3. After a late night, waking up best of my ability. early and working an 8-hour 5. Accepting day. 1. Living with a new roommate I try to look past freshman year of college who people’s negatives, was completely different. searching for the positives, hoping to gain a relationship from those I come into contact with.4
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  6. 6. + Professional Experience Glen Oak Country Club Chef’s Table Dinner 3.10.12 Ideas Morbi vitae mi. Suspendisse potenti. Aliquam erat volutpat. Maecenas dapibus purus a purus. Mauris rhoncus Morbi elementum bibendum arcu. Sed aliquam, Ut mollis purus at ligula. Duis porttitor neque ac ipsum a diam porttitor venenatis. Cum sociis risus fringilla placerat congue, est risus porta erat. Etiam congue justo cursus ipsum. natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, ligula, vel blandit ipsum risus in quam. Duis et Pellentesque scelerisque fringilla orci. Nulla nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec consequat metus ipsum. Vivamus vitae mi. Aenean nonummy, justo venenatis. Duis enim diam, cursus semper, placerat eget lacus imperdiet cursus. Donec eu metus quis sit amet condimentum elementum, purus augue non, scelerisque eu, magna. Vestibulum ut magna. dolor eleifend imperdiet. Proin aliquam ornare malesuada sem, at semper neque eros nec augue. Ut sollicitudin nibh et mauris. purus. Suspendisse ut turpis. Fusce non lorem. Aenean vehicula. Suspendisse viverra nulla. Suspendisse nisi diam, In pharetra, diam sed tempor convallis, pede odio Ut laoreet arcu quis erat dapibus posuere. dictum ac, ultrices porttitor, nonummy non, velit. blandit eros, ac lobortis libero arcu ut quam. Curabitur aliquet, libero non gravida congue, dui Proin eleifend interdum mauris. Morbi tortor Mauris nec arcu sed tortor auctor condimentum. enim ornare nibh, ac vulputate orci elit sagittis urna, porta non, imperdiet vitae, condimentum ut, Duis tristique enim ullamcorper justo. Vestibulum ante. Fusce ac purus. Nulla magna mauris, ultrices turpis. Curabitur tempus, massa non malesuada eleifend. Vestibulum viverra porta sapien. Donec et, laoreet in, volutpat in, sem. In enim tellus, consequat, arcu dolor sodales nisl, fringilla non nisl at dolor pharetra eleifend. Duis tempus tempus sit amet, ultricies vitae, fringilla nec, eros. fermentum metus leo nec urna. Duis congue, orci nunc sit amet elit. Morbi faucibus nisl laoreet Duis sed ligula id nulla fermentum scelerisque. faucibus pharetra gravida, urna ipsum cursus mi, pede. Fusce accumsan condimentum lacus. non sodales diam mauris vitae dolor.6
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