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  1. 1. CELEBRATEN’ Chicago’s Millennium ParkTenth Anniversary Celebration Ryan Dickey HSP 350
  2. 2. Event DescriptionMillennium Park’s Tenth anniversary celebration: CELEBRATEN’ The purpose of having an event in honor of the tenth anniversary of MillenniumPark is to celebrate what the creation of this park has done for the city of Chicago. Thepark has brought together both the residents of the Chicagoland area and tourists fromacross the world through its architecture, art, design, and musical festivities. Since it hasbecome one of the country’s most popular and enjoyed destinations, it deserves acelebratory festival in honor of the city and those who contributed to the funding,creation, and involvement of Millennium Park. Through this event, more funding will be gained to add additional aspects to thepark. The park has grown greatly throughout the past ten years and it only deserves tokeep creating art and activities for the community to observe and enjoy. In addition tofunding, I will raise awareness of how significant this destination has become for the cityof Chicago. While there are multiple parks throughout the Chicagoland area, MillenniumPark has become the strongest of them all as a place for residents to relax, visitors to tour,and for events to take place. This anniversary event serves as a celebration for everythingthis park has become to Chicago and the surrounding communities. This celebratory event will take place on Saturday, June 14, 2014. While theopening ceremony of the park was not until July of 2004, June serves as a strong monthto attract more visitors. In order to attract as many guests as possible, the date needs to beavailable for many, during a time of permitting weather. June is when most high schoolsand colleges end their year, which means students will more likely be around and able toattend. Saturday is an off day for most working adults, which is a reason for choosing this
  3. 3. day of the week. On June 14, this event will run all day in order to incorporate as muchinto the celebration as possible. It will begin at noon and go until around 11 o’clock atnight. By making this event an all day affair, we can have multiple bands/singers, a timefor a honoring speech ceremony, meet and greet with the artists, and day long activities.There will be approximately 10 musical entertainment guests, each performing for aboutan hour. At 3 o’clock, there will be a speech in honor of this anniversary, as well as thepeople and history that went into the creation of the park. Following the speech, theremaining entertainers will perform, concluding the night around 11 pm. In addition to musical entertainment, the event will hold an area for food vendorsthat will be located in the McCormick Tribune Plaza and Ice Rink area and outside of thePark Grill restaurant. This area will include food vendors from around the city ofChicago. Some of these vendors will include, Lou Malnati’s, Billy Goat Tavern and Grill,Eli’s Cheesecake, and Vienna Beef. While there will be other activities that cost money,this is where most of the event’s revenue will come from. The food and beverage areawill run all day long, allowing guests to sit and enjoy their meal, or walk around andobserve the activities around the park. Since the architecture throughout the park is such a significant aspect, we willhave some of the artists of these sculptures come help to celebrate the anniversary.Because these artists had such a strong role in the creation of this park, their attendancewould not only be greatly respected, each of them would enjoy observing what theyhelped create. Artists such as, Anish Kapoor, Jaume Plensa, and Frank Gehry, will beavailable for meet and greets to up to 200 guests at a specific cost. This will not only helpto generate additional income, but for residents and tourists to learn the background of
  4. 4. the people who assisted in creating such a magical area of Chicago.
  5. 5. Event Management and Approvals This event requires an area for musical entertainment, food and beverages, meetand greet, historical information, and additional activities. For the musical entertainment,we have the Pritzker pavilion. The stage will be used for the musical guests, as well as forthe celebratory speech. The grass area of the pavilion will be used for guests to attend themusical performances and speech. The food and beverages will be located in theMcCormick Tribune Plaza and Park Grill area. This is a large enough space for vendorsto have their own booths set up and for the guests to enjoy their meals. The meet andgreet area will be where the guests will have the opportunity to meet the artists whodesigned the architecture seen through out the park. The Wrigley Square and MillenniumMonument, is where we plan to have the artists, as well as historical visuals andinformation on the park and its history. The area of Cloud Gate will consist of optionalpicture taking with the “Bean.” This area is also for the children to enjoy the amazementof the “Bean’s” mirror surface, as well as the nearby Crow Fountain’s water sprinkling.Souvenirs will also be sold in this area. Some souvenirs may include the Cloud Gatepictures, t-shirts, professional photographs of the park, and albums of the musicalentertainment. For the event layout to be successful, audiovisual will be required in areas throughout the park. While Millennium Park already had speakers surrounding the park, it needsto be made sure that these are working properly in order for the musical entertainment tobe a success. Audiovisual will primarily be required for the entertainment in the pavilion.Each musical guest, as well as the speaker will require audio assistance. Each performerwill have their own equipment but will need the rest of the audio set up for each
  6. 6. performance. There will also need to be audio throughout the park for background musicand announcements regarding the day’s festivities. Visual aid will be needed in thehistorical information area, as there will be a photo slideshow playing throughout the dayon a screen projector. This projector will be arranged next to the Millennium Monumentfor all guests to stop and watch the history and makeup of the park.So many respected families, individuals and organizations went into the process ofMillennium Park, which therefore has created a wide variety of stakeholders and agenciesthat will have contribution to this event. The partnership of the city of Chicago and thecharitable community have had such a strong role in the formation of this park and willtherefore provide strong assistance in this event. Other stakeholders include the JayPritzker family, Irving B. Harris, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and SpecialEvents, previous Mayor Richard M. Daley, Frank Gehry, and the Chicago Park District.These charitable individuals and organizations devoted much of their time and moneyinto the production of Millennium Park, and their efforts will be very valued andrespected in this tenth year celebration. The sponsors of this event include the Chicago Park District, Bank OneFoundation, ABC Chicago, WGN, CTA, DePaul University, Hinckley Springs, ChicagoTribune, and Chicago Sun-Times. These sponsorships will provide a significant role inthe funding of this event. These sponsors will help for television and radio airtime in theannouncement and progress of the event. The television stations and the newspapercompanies will help in the marketing of the event and the presentation of the outcome. Asmaller organization like DePaul will help with targeting market segments more thanwith the financial funding. DePaul is a university located in the city, and as a sponsor, the
  7. 7. school can help ensure the attendance of its students, families, employees, and alumni.Having both smaller and larger sponsors of this event will help to create an even greatersuccess. To ensure that this event can become a success, approvals, contracts, andnotifying will be needed. One of the necessary steps in receiving approval for this eventis getting a special event permit application. Since the entire event will take place withinthe park’s area, there is no need to have streets closed or parking blocked. In regards tothe city’s approval, there will need to be food licenses, liquor licenses, Itinerant MerchantLicense in regards to the selling of souvenirs, and notifying of the CTA transit. Inaddition to these licenses, insurance will be needed in case of any damage done to thepark and its physical art. This insurance will be attached to the application process, whichis to be submitted o the mayor’s office 45 days prior to the event. The approvals andlicenses are necessary in the safety and success of events, and are a crucial role in theplanning process.Event Marketing I plan to market my target costumers through the most used sources of media.
  8. 8. Because I plan to target a wide range of people, I must market in forms of media thatapply to a variety of ages. Chicago consists largely of busy commuters to work andschool, which creates the need for advertisements in public transportation, such as in theCTA buses and CTA trains. In addition to public transportation, the advertisements willbe in the universities around the city, including DePaul, Columbia, Northwestern, andUIC. This strategy is to target those students who find Millennium Park to be anenjoyable destination to visit. These students will most likely spread the word to parentsand friends who don’t attend school in the city, but who would be interested in thiscelebration. Local restaurants within the area, particularly those vendors of the event, willhave the advertisements as well in order to not only promote Celebraten’, but eachrestaurants food as well. For the residents living in the suburbs, where it would be moredifficult to see these advertisements through out the city, there will be radio stations thatwill alert the community of the event through commercials and announcements. Thetargeted demographic for this event is any age group living in the Chicagoland area, aswell as those tourists who find Millennium Park to be an enjoyable destination to visit.For ten years, Millennium park has served as a park for young children to play in, an areato observe beautiful architecture, a quiet place to relax, and a tourist attraction that helpsdefine what the cit of Chicago truly is. Therefore, this celebration is for the general publicof Chicago, its surrounding suburbs, and those outside of the area who enjoy the park as aplace to visit .For that reason, these forms of marketing will provide a strong reach tothese people because these methods of advertising serve to a wide variety of people in awide variety of ways. Having a partnership with Groupon will play another strong role in the marketing
  9. 9. process of the event. Groupon is solely a win-win process and no out of the pocket cashis needed in being featured on the website. Therefore, I have collaborated a deal with thecompany that will aim to attract more visitors to this event. The Groupon is $10 for $15worth of food and beverage tickets at the Celebraten’ event. Therefore, by paying $10 forthis Groupon, an attendee of this event could receive $15 worth of food and beverages intickets. Being featured on this website is a strong form of marketing that stands outamong the rest. This company has grown significantly popular within the past few yearsand having a partnership with them could potentially have a strong positive impact onthis event. Partnering with Groupon will put the advertising of this event on a well knownwebsite, attracting those devoted users of the company. The deal will also attract thoseChicago residents who had not planned on coming to the event due to lack of awarenessor lack of curiosity. Having a coupon like this gives those types of costumers more of areason to try something new that serves interest to them. This deal will be featured on thewebsite about a month or two prior to June 14, 2014. If the minimum number of peoplebuy the offer, the deal will become valid, and contribute to the success of the event. The success of the event also depends largely on the costs and rewards that aregained and lost through out the process. Millennium Park is a public city park and doesnot require an entrance fee. Therefore, there will be no entrance fee for this event.However, there will be an optional donation area at the entrance of the event. Donationswill be given to Millennium Park in order to potentially add more to the park in regardsto art or areas for entertainment. Millennium has progressively become the city’s mostpopular destination and deserves a contribution to honor its positive addition to what thecity of Chicago has to offer its residents and tourists.
  10. 10. In addition to optional donations, most of the revenue from this event will comefrom the food and beverages. Prior to entering the food area, tickets will be given out.Because specific restaurants are providing their own food for this event, the vendors willmake a profit off of these tickets as well. The cost of the food will range from $2 ticketsto $14 tickets. The guests will be offered tickets for smaller side portions, regular entréesize portions, non-alcoholic beverages, and alcoholic beverages. Each one of these itemshas their own price and ticket color. Guests will be able to decide what types of food andbeverage they want and buy the tickets based off of that. Another costly item of this event is also one of the most interesting parts toCelebraten’. The architecture of Millennium Park is one of the most significant aspects,which is why we have decided to bring back the artists to tell their story. This aspect ofthe event will be in such high demand and one day is not enough time to allow everyperson to meet and greet with the artists. Therefore, we will be selling 200 tickets at $40a piece for each artist. First come, first served is the basis behind this aspect. For thosewho wish to meet with one of the artists, they will be able to purchase a ticket until the200 have been sold out for that specific artist. Therefore, instead of guests waiting in lineall day to meet an artist, they will be able to enjoy the festival as well. Having no setmaximum amount of tickets sold would not be enjoyable for the guests or the artist.Aiming to sell each of the 200 tickets per artist, the event will make $8000 per artist,which will help to generate more revenue, as well as pay the price of having these artistscome to the event. A simple, yet attractive advertisement will add to the success of the event. Notonly will a simple advertisement be more cost efficient, it gets the point across simply
  11. 11. and smoothly. Below is a sample advertisement that will be located on publictransportation throughout the city, local restaurants, and around university campuses.BudgetSite Rental Fees: Jay Pritzker Pavilion: $40,000 Stage: $7,000 Wrigley Square: $750 ($350 per hour, maximum of 3 hours) North Promenade: $7,000 South Promenade: $7,000
  12. 12. Central Promenade: $7,000 SUBTOTAL: $68,750Furniture Fees Tables: $1,615 Chairs: $2,270 Canopy/Tent: $1750 ($350 - 20x30 each, need 5) Fans: $128SUBTOTAL: $5,763Audio-Visual/Entertainment Fees: Screen Projector with stand & audio: $85 Walkie-talkies: $2,250 Musical guests: $130,000 Technical labor: $10,300 SUBTOTAL: $142, 635Decoration/Supplies: Signs: $200 Stage décor: $500 Portable toilets: $7,500 Survey box drop: $40 Extra trashcans: $600 SUBTOTAL: $8,840Miscellaneous: Food Vendors: $50,000 Radio Advertising: $5,000 ($1,000 per month, 5 months prior) Transportation Advertising: $4,200 Newspaper advertising: $30,000 SUBTOTAL: $89,200TOTAL: $315,188Budget Synopsis The goal of CELEBRATEN’ is to honor Millennium Park and gain more fundingin order to add additional aspects to the park. Therefore, this event is not being budgeted
  13. 13. based on the highest profitably possible, but based on how much extra revenue can bereceived in order to continue the creation of new attractions and activities to the park.Since much of the necessities of an event can be provided by Millennium Park, the abovebudget is based on what the park cannot offer. The Millennium Park website includes achart on how much each individual section of the park costs to rent. As a result, thesections needed for the event were included on this budget and summed up to a total of$68, 750. The next part of the budget includes the furniture rental needed for the areas ofthe park that do not have seating. The event will require 150 tables for the eating area.These tables are rounded and will seat 10 at each. Therefore, there will be 1500 chairsneeded in this area. The remainder of the tables and chairs will be for the entrance andfood and beverage ticketing areas. In addition, there will be a total of 5 tents. 3 of thesetents will be located in the eating area and will have 3 fans in each in order to keep theguests cool on the hot summer day. 1 of the remaining tents will be located in the centralpromenade area and the last will be for the children’s activities. The subtotal for furnituresection comes out to $5,763. While much of Millennium Park contains audio-visual features, a screen projectorwith a stand and audio will need to be rented for the historical slideshow. In addition,walkie-talkies will be given to a selection of the volunteers at the event in order to keepon task. Since technical staff may need to be hired in order to set up these types offeatures, there is a section for this cost in the budget. Lastly, much of the budget will begoing towards the musical entertainment with 10 performers. It is estimated that therewill be a few local performers with a lower cost, a few more exclusive bands with higher
  14. 14. costs and the remaining at an average cost. With this estimation, the budget for audio-visual and entertainment comes out to $142, 635. The decoration and supplies will make this event all the more worthwhile forthose who will be looking forward to it for months and even more appealing to thosestreet-walkers who happen to stroll by Millennium Park on June 14, 2014. Therefore, it isnecessary to have decorative signs and stage décor. The two of these amount to $700. Inaddition, portable toilets and extra trash cans will be needed since the park does not haveenough restrooms and trash bins to supply the expected amount of guests. This subtotalcomes out to $8,840, which also includes the survey boxes for guests to place the surveyshanded out at the end of the event. The miscellaneous section of the budget includes the food vendors andadvertising. To advertise on the radio costs on average about $1000 per month. Since thisevent should be advertised for about 5 months prior to the date, radio advertising will costa total of $5,000. Newspapers will also be advertised in months prior. Since newspapersare more costly to advertise in, this event will be given ads on Saturdays and Sundaystwice a month for the first two months and then one Saturday and Sunday for a thirdmonth. This amounts to $30,000. Transportation advertising is a key factor in the city ofChicago. CelebraTEN’ will be advertised on both CTA buses and trains. This cost willamount to about $4,200 for 5 months also. In total, miscellaneous fees come out to$89,200. In order to save spending money, there will be volunteers working on the event,rather than paying a labor cost. Since the residents of the Chicagoland area are familiarand very fond of Millennium Park and its offerings, it will not be hard to find people to
  15. 15. help with this event. Volunteers will be searched for all around the city, suburbs, andlocal schools. In order to supply the volunteers with some sort of benefit, each will begiven free food all day, as well as put in a drawing to meet the musical guest of theirchoice. While only one volunteer will win this raffle, it gives more residents of the areaan incentive to volunteer. Another way of cutting down costs will be to use ColumbiaCollege students as the photographers for this event, particularly for the picture with the“Bean.” About 6 students will be selected as the photographers for this event. This willbenefit both the event and the students as they are given the same benefits as the othervolunteers of CelebraTEN’. The source of income for this event is expected to come mainly from the food andbeverage and optional donations. Since there is only a select amount of factors forincome to come from, the price of food and beverage will be relatively high. While thisdoes not always appeal to guests, since they will already be at the event, they will mostlikely chose to eat there. In addition, optional donations will be asked for at the entrances.For those who wish to see Millennium Park progress in the future, it is probable thatthese guests will provide a generous donation. In addition to these factors, other sources of income include the Groupon deal thatwill be offered a month of two prior to CelebraTEN’. Groupon is a rapidly growingcompany and it is hopeful that this event will make a large source of income from thedeal. The artist meet and greet will also generate about $24,00. Selling 200 tickets foreach artist at a cost of $40 per ticket will amount to $8,000 per artist. While there areother sources of income that may come into affect along the process, these factors arewhere most of the income will be generated.
  16. 16. Event Staging The décor of CELEBRATEN’ will be based around a blue color scheme. Thedécor will be simple yet celebratory and allow for an on street view of what the event isoffering to the public of Chicago. Most of the sound, lighting and special effects will becoming from the Pritzker Pavilion where the musical guests will be performing. The
  17. 17. stage will be decorated with a large sign entitled with the name of the event. In order toincorporate the blue theme, the lighting during each musical act will be centered on thecolor blue. While each performer will have his or her own display and form ofentertainment, it is important to remember why this event is occurring and the themehelps to bring out that idea. Specific areas of the park will incorporate the different aspects to the event. Themain entrances will be located along Michigan Ave. The entrances will lead to the foodand beverage ticketing area, as well as the Groupon exchange tables. To the left, will bethe children’s activity area near the Crown Fountain. To the right of the ticketing areawill be the historical information and meet and greet, located in the Wrigley Square andMillennium Monument section. The picture taking with the “Bean” will of course belocated with the Cloud Gate. Not far from Cloud Gate is the McCormick Tribune Plazaand Ice Rink area, which will hold the food vendors, and eating areas. And last, themusical entertainment will be held in the Pritzker Pavilion, for guests to enjoy whilesitting on the Great Lawn. While all of Millennium Park will not be used for this event,the sections incorporated will hold each part of the event perfectly and in an effectivemanner. Although, the remainder of the park will not be part of the event, it will still beopen to the public throughout the event’s range of time. The food and beverage vendors will be from around the Chicagoland area. Sincethe event is showing off a destination in which the city is known for, it is only acceptableto also incorporate the food in which Chicago is known for. Therefore, with a fewmentioned earlier, some of the vendors will include, Lou Malnati’s, Billy Goat Tavernand Grill, Eli’s Cheesecake, Vienna Beef, Portillo’s and Giordano’s. Just to name a few,
  18. 18. these vendors will give all the more reason for the residents of Chicagoland to enjoy thefood we love most. Since a larger crowd is expected in such a respected park, security and safety willbe present in order to keep all aspects of the park in their original conditions. As with allthe other staff, security will be organized on a volunteer basis. There will be a specificamount of guards assigned to multiple parts of the park to make sure no architecture, art,landscaping, etc. is receiving any damage. As for any breakthrough of bad weather, fire,or accidents, Millennium Park is not a difficult venue to evacuate in a short amount oftime. It is expected that all guests and volunteers will follow the guards through thequickest way to exit the park. Set up for CelebraTEN’ will begin early in the morning on the day of the event.At around 6 AM, tents will begin being set up, tables and chairs will be placed in correctpositions, and vendors will start the placing of their stations. Because the first musicalguest begins right at the start of the event, there is expected to be a large line at 12 PM.Since there are two entrances, it is hopeful that the beginning of the event will runsmoothly and the guests will be able to enjoy the first performance with no problems. Asfor tear down, all volunteers are expected to stay after the end of the event to help withclean up and the putting away of all furniture. Since Millennium Park is a public space, itis expected that all aspects of this event will be cleaned up prior to the next morning. Thepark should be left in the condition that the city observes it each day. As mentioned, staff will be based on volunteers. Volunteers will be searched forthrough out the whole Chicagoland area. Advertising for these volunteers will occurmonths in advance. Volunteers may come from inside the city, suburbs outside the city,
  19. 19. and especially within surrounding schools. It would be wonderful to have a wide agerange of volunteers for experience purposes and to appeal to all guests. The event couldnever have too many volunteers, which means the more people who apply, the better. Volunteers will be needed in all aspects and areas of the event. First, there will bevolunteers needed at the entrances and exits of the park. These volunteers will be incharge of any donations or event questions and information. These volunteers will also behanding out brochures with the specific agenda for the day. Second, there will be aboutten volunteers needed in each of the 3 food and beverage tents. These volunteers will bein charge of cleaning up whatever remainders the guests leave behind. More volunteerswill be needed to pass out the surveys throughout the day, specifically closer to theconclusion of the event. They will not be in charge of collecting these surveys, as therewill be multiple boxes for these to be placed in. Volunteers will also be placed in thechildren’s activity area to help with the entertainment for the children. In order for thisevent to appeal to all ages, it is necessary to have an area for children to enjoy. Thevolunteers in this area will help face paint, direct games, and make sure the wateractivities within the Crown Fountain are running safe and smoothly. The remaining of thevolunteers will be walking around through out the event, available for any questions orconcerns. To make sure there is always someone around for assistance, multiplevolunteers will be located in each area of the event during its occurrence. Since the tasks of the volunteers are relatively simple, it is not necessary to havelong training sessions. Volunteers are solely to arrive an hour before the event begins.This time will allow for placement of each volunteer and their tasks for the day. A fewvolunteers per area will be given a walkie-talkie. This will allow for each area to keep in
  20. 20. touch with each other to make sure the event runs as expected. Below is the evaluation survey of the event that guests will be asked to fill outupon the conclusion of CELEBRATEN’. It may also be helpful for the volunteers to fillthis survey out as well, as they also experienced the day and what the event had to offerfor the city of Chicago.EvaluationSurvey:As CelebraTEN’ nears an end, please take a few moments to fill out the survey below.Your feedback is important to us in how we can improve our events in the future and helpto continue the success of Millennium Park as a nationwide attraction.Be sure to drop this survey is any of the blue boxes near the entry and exits of thefestival. Thank you for time, we hope you enjoyed CelebraTEN’Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 5(1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest):Did this event mete your expectations in regards to what you expected this festival to
  21. 21. offer?1 2 3 4 5Did you learn more about the park’s history and what it has to offer during thisevent?1 2 3 4 5Did any of the musical guests apply to your interests?1 2 3 4 5Was the food and beverage offered sufficient to your demands?1 2 3 4 5Did you see and hear enough about the event before today? How did you find outabout it?1 2 3 4 5CTA transportation Universities Radio advertisements GROUPON Other:Please answer YES or NO to the following questions:Do you hope to see more attractions added to the park in the future?YES NOWould you enjoy seeing more festivals held in Millennium Park?YES NODid Millennium Park receive the recognition it deserves during this event?YES NOWould you enjoy seeing future celebrations for Millennium Park?YES NOWill you be returning to Millennium Park more frequently in the near future?YES NOWhat type of attraction would you most like to see that would be appropriate forMillennium Park and its purpose to the city of Chicago?Please provide a short answer below:Agenda:12:00 PM –Musical Guest #11:00 PM –Musical Guest #2Artist Meet and Greet: Anish Kapoor (Cloud Gate)2:00 PM –Musical Guest #33:00 PM –Honorary Speech
  22. 22. 4:00 PM –Musical Guest #4Artist Meet and Greet: Frank Gehry (Jay Pritzker Pavilion & BP Bridge)5:00 PM –Musical Guest #56:00 PM –Musical Guest #6Artist Meet and Greet: Jaume Plensa (Crown Fountain)7:00 PM –Musical Guest #78:00 PM –Musical Guest #89:00 PM –Musical Guest #910:00 PM –Musical Guest #10Food and beverage will be offered in the McCormick Tribune Plaza and Ice Rink areaduring the duration of the event – 12:00 PM-11:00 PMActivities for children will take place near the Crown Fountain –12:00 PM-5:00 PMOptional pictures with the “Bean” – 12:00 PM-9:00 PM