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Ryan dickey portfolio

  1. 1. Ryan DickeySpecial Event Management
  3. 3. bl e Com Ryan mona Dick 1. R lity HSP ey eliabl 203 e Exam ples 3/1/1 1. A Given Best 2 lway Self a help s pitching ing h i to and w n and lend My I 2. O be asked. ithou t havi ng i nterp fferin g to t ng I am retation for a a it 2. In m ake o take o lways will filmin ovie proj n more ta rtra depen n i dent g e sk Being extra tas ng to solely and editi ct includin s lf Po able t ks. 1. W ac ng, ra g myse o org orkin ting. ther t lf aSe g stro han some makes m nize schoo ngly one to e l proj by m count aca ec y on. 2. M demic car ts through self on aking eer th out m I tend schoo a decisio us far. y 3. D eterm l at M n to l when to work st back eave r ined h ichig a a task I was com onger colleg ome, go t n State, m on m pletin 1. K e, oc ov listen y own g nowi and get a ommunity e t the fi o others o . As I schoo ng I w job. n p l as at own. al decision inion, to go and maki the wrong is my t n proce hrough th g the deci ss. e tran s Once 2. S sferri ion I 4. C omm tudyi ng a s ng best f know wh itted until ubjec or me at is I soluti , it put grasp the t for hours on un I act on th 1. B sm con best i til it i e ecam e in tears cept, eve t myse can be for at the s excite e a ne . n if lf. m w em becom ent and w ployee w it main e quick on illingness h tainin my fe .I we ga e 2. P re require ll the tasks t, I kno w repar d. that of a c what I w thoro ing a ertain ant ou 5. Ac ugh birthd proje t ceptin 3. A a fter a ly and wi y project ct and task or g conti will early late nigh th though n a t, t thoug ue with m day. nd workin waking u . ht on y init ial g an 8 p have i 1. L iving -hour comp t until I best o leted fresh with a ne f my to m w abilit the was c an year of roomma y. ompl t etely college w e differ ho I try t ent. o peopl look past e’s ne searc gativ h e positi ing for the s, ves, h a rela oping t those ionship fro to gain I m conta come into ct wit h.
  4. 4. Glen Oak Country ClubChef’s Table Dinner 3.10.12‘Under The Sea’ ThemeCenterpiece Ideas Table Linen Menu Paper
  5. 5. Glen Oak Country ClubAdditional Events Contributed To:Centennial Ball (9.17.11)Tree Lighting Ceremony (12.1.11)Breakfast With Santas (December 2011)Candlelight Dinners (December 2011)Holiday Tea Party (12.9.11)Sunday Holiday Brunches (December)Mexican Fiesta (1.14.12)Swim Meets (Summer 2011)Golf Outings (Summer 2011)
  6. 6. kickSproutLocal event planning organizationfor expectant and new parentsEvent Planning Intern beginning 3.29.12WebsiteFacebook page
  7. 7. [cell] 630.607.4736[email] Ryanm90@aol.com[address] 2102 N. Sheffield Ave., Apt. 2F Chicago, IL 60614