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Volunteering Report

  1. 1. [Type a quote from the document or the summary of anProject SANIDHYA interesting point. You can position the text box anywhere in the document. Use the Drawing Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text box.] “The choices you make, not chances you take, define your destiny” Choitram International School, in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, from 01.07.2012 untill 18.08.2012; Maria Luis, 16/09/2012
  2. 2. “I should have already written something here, but i didn’t had the proper timeor in fact, the courage to do it ... cause for me to write about India makes myheart hurt, thinking about all of you, thinking about what we´ve been through,and what I’ve left its very hard. I just want to leave everything and go back!! Itwas an amazing time; it was the best time yet in my life. I’m very thankful forthis experience! First, a big thank you to the great LC that took amazing care ofus. I never thought i would make such strong connection as i did, you aiesecerswere incredible, you truly were angels, really devote your time to us, besidesyour busy life, and then gave us a true smile all the time and true friendship! iwill always have you in my heart, even some of you guys i see as brothers, thati love very very muchhhh ( u know that :D). Then a big big and tight hug andkiss to all interns, cause u made me a better person, each and everyone of uexpanded my horizont... a big thank you cause now " my life will never be thesame" and that its cause my path crossed with all of you. And of course there isalways that special group that i have even closer to my heart (they put up withme a lot!! ahah) and i miss them every day. I learned so much, i lived so much, ifelt so much that words aren’t even enough( and that is another reason i tooktime to wright in this group page, cause put what i lived in words don’t makejustice). Finally a big thank you to India. I now really understand the meaning ofIncredible India. A country that amazed me and challenged me, all of us i´msure, but in the end brought the best of us and made us fell in love with all thatoffers. Actually i still have one big thank you to give, and that is for luck, God,Gods,destiny...etc what ever you want to call it or see fit to call it, we were trulyblessed, or at least i see it that way, and i´m thankful everyday and that makesme smile everyday, what we had was beautiful and was a present to us, tochange, to grow and to be better persons or at least fight for it. For sure I will beback. Love you all and miss you like crazy ♥ ” Maria LuisPost that I’ve written on Facebook after 3 weeks returning home, in my Internship group page 1|Page
  3. 3. AIESEC Exchange Report- GCDP 2. Introduction………………………………………………….4 2.1 Internship Presentation……………………………………4 2.2 Presentation of the Internship and Host Committee…4 3. Development 3.1 Presentation of the Organization................................5 3.2 Activities developed...................................................5 3.3 Project results............................................................6 3.4 AIESEC role..............................................................6 3.5 Personal Experience......................................................64. Conclusion………………………………………………………75.Pictures……………………………………………………………8 2|Page
  4. 4. 2. Introduction:2.1. Internship Introduction:I came from the economic area in High School, economics and politics alwayswhere a passion, so when entering university, at the age of 17, I decided to goto ISCTE to study Political Science. Then in the second semester I felt thatsomething was missing and I should do something about it, I should dosomething that would change my life, change my vision and would help meimprove my work experience. So I decided to join AIESEC! I decided to be amember and take advantage of what was available for me to grow and when Ihad the conditions (money and parents approval) going abroad on a internship.So I waited 2 year, to go abroad, but since day one I knew where I wanted togo, India! And my LC was an expert in sending people there, so I was able tolisten so much about it that I was really motivated and more certain that I shouldand want so much to go.2.2. Presentation of the Internship and Host Committee:So finally when I was 19 and had all the conditions, I could not wait anymore,my mind was already somewhere else, so it was very exciting for me to choosethe internship but also very confusing, so much options, so much projects, like athousand little windows opening, so much opportunities and I could only grabone! But the main factor that made me choose my projects was that I wanted tobe related to my study area.So I choose, Project Sanidhya, actually, it was the project that choose me.Initially I wanted to go to Jaipur, because the city was so beautiful and I wasalready talking to the project manager about a project that was not even relatedto Political Science, but then, I received one e-mail as so many others withinternship proposals, but this one was different! It was about working in a school, Choitram International School, teachingsubjects that we were most fit to teach, since kinder garden to high school andfrom classes like English, Math, French, Economics, Public Speaking to sports.Also do Global Village, be a part of a Green Day, The ONU model and DebateTeam Sessions to increase the confidence of the students. For them to speak inpublic and to learn the value of free speech. I loved it! It was very like what Istudy, I could really make a difference and help the children to speak their mind,in a country where still not who we are its valued, but where we came from. Soit was presented to me by AIESEC Indore, in Madhya Pradesh, a place that wasnot touristic at all and located on the center of India. It made me forget Jaipur (Icould visit it trough out my journey in India). The boy who sent me the e-mailwas always ready to answer my questions and made me feel very secure aboutthe project and about the hostel and food that the project said it was included. 3|Page
  5. 5. 3. Development3.1. Organization:So my internship was in Choitram International School, a very good school, thatwas located in a big campus that included this private school, the public schooland college for medicine and nurses and finally a teaching hospital. Choitramwas a rich man that believed so much in education and in helping people´s life.And that spirit still is present, Choitram International, where I worked had themission to empower children, to prepare them to the future, made them feeltruly special and motivated to be the best they can. All around the school therewere motivational quotes! And also prepare the children to embrace differencesand to be prepared to an International environment.3.2. Activities developed in the Internship:In Choitram International the work fields were since Kinder Garden to HighSchool, and it was a school that was preparing the children for an internationalenvironment that is why it was associated to AIESEC, they had since English,French, Music and Arts, to Economics, Theory of Knowledge till Sports, andeven cultural sessions.I develop my work initially with the Kinder Garden, two year old children, takingcare of them, and decorating the nursery for the more students that would cameon the next days. Then, I felt I need it to interact more with the older children, soI assigned and prepared Public Speaking classes, to help children improve theircommunicative areas .Also I was a part of the Green Day campaign and day,and the Global Village. The working hours in the project depended in what youpropose yourself to. It was about you commitment with the children. But it hadthe duration of the day of classes. Or the duration of the assignment you had todo. So initially when I was working in the nursery it was from 8 am till 3p.m butthen when I started to teach the classes of Public Speaking it was the hours ofthe classes and the hours necessary to prepare the lessonsMy relationship with the members of the school, Principal, teachers and helperswas very good. The Principal was always very understanding and curious andthe teachers very willing to give us tips and to show us the programme of eachdiscipline we wanted to teach. With the helpers it was also very good, but theyjust didn’t speak English at all. With my co-workers it was also good to work, atfirst it was hard to manage all the interns (because we were 60 interns) anddividing the groups by areas of education, and by students grades/age. So wehad to have daily meetings and assigned leaders for the areas education and aleader of the girls and boys, to make it easy to everyone to be aware of anysituation. But overall it was easy, and we just had to adjust to our class partnerthat could be joining you to teach a subject. 4|Page
  6. 6. 3.3. Project Results:Trough out the project we could see the children more aware of the differentcultures represented in that school. And, I could see improvement in theconfidence of the students when asked to expose an idea in front of the wholeclass. But the Model of United Nations, and the Debate Team Sessions, didn’thappened and that was a pity, for me it was the only thing that didn’t exceed myexpectations.3.4 AIESEC role during internship:My LC was very supportive, but as an AIESECer I was very prepared to searchand matching myself, but my LC was always available and there for me when Istarted questioning what internship I should really apply to. During theinternship we had some e-mail exchange, and some Facebook follow-up.The AIESEC Indore, was very helpful, very present, I was with AIESECerspresent every day, the team that was in charge of us, really cared, and woulddo anything for us, always helped me when needed. They even organized 3conferences and 2 LC meetings while we were doing the internship. And theywere trough the recruitment process!So I help also in the recruitment of AIESEC Indore, I was in the 2 LC meetingsand in the first conference (the other two I was away travelling because it wasafter my internship)So AIESEC had a huge impact in my internship, first of all because it made methe opportunity to go abroad, to volunteer and my Host LC was amazing and feltus feel like home, and integrated us so much. I really felt that the amazingfeeling that I have in my conferences back in my country could also happenedin a country so far and different, so I really realized that AIESEC its truly one.3.5. Personal Experience:This experience changed my life, it opened my horizons. Made me realize howlucky I am to live with good conditions and have a place to live and food to eat,made me realize also how everything depends of a matter of vision and spirit.Indians are so proud of what they have, as little it may be, and that made mefeel so bad, because we are always complaining. And they are so free, life canbe lived with just a smile, the Indian people made me realize that. Besides, Ialso met people from all around the world, the interns where so many and mademe learn so much, so much about their culture and different backgrounds, thehelp me understand others religions, believes and break some of pre concededideas.So this internship made me grow a lot and made me know more about morecountries, and myself! And most of all, made me want to live more expiriences,to have more knowledge!The moment that probably mark me the most, for better and worst was travelingof course. Going and discover India, because until then I was in a close cityvery industrial and also living in a campus and I felt Iike I was in a bubble, only 5|Page
  7. 7. connecting with real India when going out of the big campus. So for sure, wasbe able to get to know a India and all that as to offer, see the beauty of themonuments, of the people and the colors of the clothes mixed with garbage andpoverty that its everywhere and the bad smells.It was tuff to see all of that, to understand how much poverty there is and howmuch people live in that conditions. There while traveling I thought a lot… I realized that God should be verybig (alto I don’t really am a believer) it made me think that God as to be verybig, to reach everyone, because they live with so little and they always have agenuine smile and are so nice and still they are thankful for what they have, aslittle as it is and they thank the Gods for it. So it amazed me how they have theirheart “harm”. So I could say that this impacted me very much for negative andpositive.4. ConclusionMy AIESEC Internship was amazing. I felt things I never could imagine, I relatedto so many people! There was a sense of kindness all around, a sense ofcuriosity, a sense of humbleness that made me love my internship. I was verylucky to have a good internship, good accommodation and support from thehome and host LCs, also I was very well welcomed in AIESEC JAIPUR officeand team members, as I was travelling alone and I met some AIESECers thatreally took care of me and helped me. So I can say that I really felt the strengthof AIESEC INTERNATIONAL. Also, I can´t forget the friends that I made, theinterns that became family!I arrived alone, in the night I had an AIESECer waiting for me, the smells, theHindi, the Indian English, the bright colors of the saris and the noise, made mefeel strange inside, so happy to finally be in India at MY internship, but also Ithought “what am I doing here? Maybe I cannot stay here” but when I got to thehostel and met some interns and understood that everyone had their fears andwhere doing the best they could and enjoying the max to do something bigger, Ifelt that I could do anything and from that moment on, I never wanted to getback, I didn’t wanted to live, and every day I want to get back. It was the besttime in my life and I’m very thankful to everyone who made and help thishappen. Words are not enough to describe what I lived, and don´t make justiceto the experience it was. 6|Page
  8. 8. 5. PicturesMe and an AIESECer from Indore after going to a temple, Indore, Madhya PradeshTeaching about Portuguese Environmental concerns in Go Green Day, in Choitram International School, IndoreIndian Hospitlity, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 7|Page
  9. 9. Traveling India, Taj Mahal, AgraArriving home, Lisbon Portugal Namaste! 8|Page