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Press release nppf

  1. 1. The National Planning Framework receives some poetic justice. <br />The National Planning Framework <br />Effective planning strategy or coalition rhetoric gone beserk? <br />From 1000 pages down to 52 <br />Is it clearer for the public to know what to do? <br />Or muddled, confused and contradictory? <br />A future foundation for planning renew <br />Or spatial planning’s final valedictory? <br />At its heart lies the notion of development that is sustainable <br />Set within emerging definitions and rhetoric that are rarely attainable<br />Economic primacy rules the roost <br />With the express aim of giving us all an economic boost<br />Green belt and designations are given necessary protection <br />Yet outdated assumptions of their continued relevance cause frustration <br />But what of this thing called localism and big society <br />Neighborhood plans, greenspace designations, community right to build challenge centralist mediocrity. <br />Yet, despite the hype of communities shaping their own future liveability <br />All MUST follow the local plan or rely on referendums with a majority <br />The fall guy will still be the planner amidst unwarranted attacks on their professional integrity<br />So what of my academic assessment <br />The key determinant is going to be sustainable development <br />A legal nightmare of definition, interpretation and procrastination <br />Will undoubtedly slow down planning decisions amidst increasing frustration <br />The enemy of enterprise is short term fixes and uncertainty <br />A lawyer’s paradise that is destined to pit developer against community <br />Yet, each policy area in isolation has some positive trajectory <br />Some fine words from the established planning vocabulary <br />But beware of the inherent contradictions<br />Sustainability is not something fuelled just by economic growth adulations <br />Its about building peoples capacity, confidence and comprehensions <br />Its not just blanket Protection of Green belt and existing designations<br />Its about understanding connectivity and dependencies and opportunities <br />Where environment and people are assets to be valued despite long term uncertainties <br />Climate change requires more focus on adaptability <br />Where policy dogma shifts to encompass increased flexibility <br />We need to be bold and innovate<br />As environment change recognises no authority boundaries or an expiry date <br />We need much better data and understanding from which to plan<br />Policy on presumption is outdated, dangerous and requires a ban <br /> <br />And what of spatial planning; from global to Local scale <br />Disconnects will lead undoubtedly to perverse actions that will ultimately fail <br />We need a national map that highlights new national infrastructure avoiding the ad-hoc trap <br />And so planning can assume its rightful place as a positive agent of change rather than its perception as bureaucratic crap. <br />