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Graphics branding 2016


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Branding and Signage Draft Portfolio

Published in: Design
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Graphics branding 2016

  1. 1. WAYFINDINGI believe, way finding is not an exercise in isola=on ! archihaus | ReD Studio
  2. 2. WAY FINDING BEST PRACTICES Philosophy Communica0on Travel Mode Accesible Naviga0on Users Arrival Connec0ons Life Span Repair Modifica0ons Responsibility Vandalism 15CAP-OPEX Approvals Inclusions Funding Phasing Consensus Policy Partnership Strategy Consistency Placement Iden0ty Elements Legibility Adaptable Sustainable Condi0ons MANAGEMENT WAYFINDING MAINTENANCEDESIGN archihaus | ReD Studio
  3. 3. • Involve approving agencies, commiMees and stakeholders from the very beginning. • Establish clear guidelines for landmark/des0na0on inclusion. • Funding may come from a variety of sources - we will be prepared with a Phasing Plan. • Build consensus through stakeholder’s mee0ngs and outreach. • Prepare City Policies and Procedures related to the Way finding system. • Take advantage of Stakeholder partnerships. MANAGEMENT WAY FINDING BEST PRACTICES archihaus | ReD Studio
  4. 4. WAY FINDING • Develop an overall way finding philosophy and reinforce it through various elements. • Iden0fy all forms of way finding communica=on, not just signs. • Consider all modes of travel. • The system shall be accessible and inclusive. • The system is designed for a first 0me user, while keeping in mind the needs of frequent visitors. • The best route may not be the shortest or the quickest. • Iden0fy all points of arrival (auto, pedestrian, public transit, etc.) • Parking: Direct, Iden0fy and Inform. • Incorporate technology(QR Codes, Google Maps, GIS). • Establish “connec=ons” between landmarks/des0na0ons and travel modes. WAYFINDING WAY FINDING BEST PRACTICES archihaus | ReD Studio
  5. 5. •When maintained, signage life-span is 15 – 20 years (individual parts will vary). •Maintenance is a long-term issue - solve it now, not later. •Establish internal staff responsibili=es, roles and protocols for maintenance. •Allow for flexibility, expansion and modifica=ons. •Signs shall be made with vandal resistant hardware and coa0ngs. •Iden0fy a source for annual maintenance costs (adver0sement etc). •Budget 10% – 15% of the construc0on cost for annual maintenance of the system. MAINTENANCE WAY FINDING BEST PRACTICES archihaus | ReD Studio
  6. 6. • Consistency will build TRUST in the way finding system. • The design shall be of its place. • Gateways should consider public art, landscaping and ligh0ng. • Messages shall be kept simple, clear and short. • Design a single over-riding theme that can be adapted to a variety of neighbourhood aesthe0cs. • Design shall be sustainable. • Understand the different physical condi=ons present DESIGN WAY FINDING BEST PRACTICES archihaus | ReD Studio
  7. 7. WAY FINDING METHODOLOGY BRANDING GUIDELINES DESIGN BRIEF STAKEHOLDER INPUT Council outlines the objec/ves design team gathers and analyse info, develop masterplan brief Council analyse and reviews the brief, provides recommenda/ons SCHEMATICS DESIGN design team develops the schema/c design and elements programme Council analyse and reviews the schema/cs, provides recommenda/ons PRELIMINARY MASTERPLAN design team develops the preliminary masterplan and elements design STAKEHOLDER INPUT STAKEHOLDER INPUT Council analyse and reviews the prelim-masterplan , provides recommenda/ons FINAL WAY FINDING MASTERPLAN design team develops the final way finding masterplan, elements design and specifica/ons City council , Branding team, Urban Design team City council , Branding team, Urban Design, landscape, transporta/on team City council , Branding team, Urban Design, urban arts, landscape, transporta/on team PHASE 1 (0.5M) PHASE 2 (2.5M) Council analyse, reviews and approves the masterplan with necessary recommenda6ons PHASE 3 (3.0M) PHASE 4 (4.0M) archihaus | ReD Studio