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Chla slides

  1. 1. There are startling similarities between Desmond Humestime traveling and Billy Pilgrims time traveling. DanielFaraday even goes so far to call it being "unstuck intime," the exact terminology which Vonnegut used todescribe Billy Pilgrims experiences.The novel (and its author) are a question asked on agame show watched by Michael Dawson shortly beforehis third attempted suicide.Billy meets aliens in the book who can perceive the past,present and future all at once. They know the universewill end accidentally with the push of a button; when heasks them why they dont prevent it, they reply: “He has always pressed it, and he always will. We always let him and we always will let him. The moment is structured that way.”This is the same theory of time travel which Lost usesand which Miles attempts to explain to Hurley (in otherwords, what happened happened).The button on Lost may be a reference to theaforementioned button that would end the world.
  2. 2. Slaughterhouse-Five:• Acknowledges that homosexual men were among the victims of the Holocaust.• Depicts sex.• Characters (mostly soldiers at war) use the f-bomb in a realistic manner.
  3. 3. Anyone here work at Missouri State?Dr. Wesley Scroggins, Associate Professor of Business at Missouri State
  4. 4. Dr. Elizabeth Fowler (PhD.) on those who suggestedbanning the Harry Potter books: “You know…anything thatdumb people dislike this muchis probably pretty good. Let’s order these.”
  5. 5. Links for Dr. Scroggins:• Order Speak from Amazon:• Look up Speak on WorldCat:
  6. 6. Links for Dr. Scroggins:• On Missouri State’s OPAC:’s letter to the editor published 9/18/2010, so that’sonly 11 days.Kudos to Missouri State’s libraries (and to studentprotestors)!Please: Any time a member of your faculty suggests aparticular book should be banned? Order it immediately.
  7. 7. Perspective…or Narcissism?
  8. 8. Narcissistic personality disorderDSM-IV-TR = 301.81ICD-10 = F60.8 (Other specific personality disorders)
  9. 9. IBM 5496 Keypunch machine
  10. 10. IBM System/3s Multi-Function Card Unit (MFCU)
  11. 11. Extended video available at
  12. 12. Hi. My name is David, and I’m a geek
  13. 13. Cheerleaders!
  14. 14. Context
  15. 15. Working with the I.S. Department• Troubleshoot, train users, develop training materials, and identify user needs.• Filtering what issues reach I.S.• Administration of online on-call scheduling system, meeting room reservation system, support of mobile devices, RoboHelp, etc…
  16. 16. Working with the I.S. Department Making a library intranet portal that I.S. could live with• No Web development software• Must be maintainable by non-geeks
  17. 17. Working with the I.S. Department
  18. 18. Cheap, Easy Way to Try Ubuntu
  19. 19. Cheap, Easy Way to Try Ubuntu•Install VirtualBox, install Ubuntu on your virtual machine New version (10.10) drops on Sunday 10/10/10!
  20. 20. Free Productivity Tools I Use: PDFescape • Online tool works in browser • Great for filling out forms • Can “edit” protected PDFs • Useful for marking up a PDF if you need to make notes on an article you’re sending to a patron – Example: content/uploads/2010/10/examplePDFEscape1.pdf
  21. 21. I WOULD NEVER Use: PDFpirate (Because subverting DRM is wrong…) See also:
  22. 22. Free Productivity Tools I Use: Mendeley Mendenley Demonstrations:•Installed app•Web site•Bookmarklet
  23. 23. Free Productivity Tools I Use: cb2BibCb2bib • Awesome for extracting metadata from PDFs (and Web pages and email alerts!) • BibTeX output • If it can’t extract, it’ll help you extract • If you give it SOME metadata, it can frequently look up the rest for you
  24. 24. Free Productivity Tools I Use: cb2bib
  25. 25. Free Productivity Tools I Use: cb2BibDemo
  26. 26. Free Productivity Tools I Use: cb2Bib(Attempted) Demonstration
  27. 27. Free Productivity Tools I Use: Useful when dealing with size limits for sender or receiver of email.• Simple, easy-to-use interface• Share even very large PDFs- say up to 15 MBs.• For legal reasons, we want the download to be password- protected• File automatically deleted after set number of days passed
  28. 28. Free Productivity Tools I Use: Web2PDFWeb-to-PDF bookmarklets• Ideal for patrons who know they want a PDF, but don’t know exactly why.