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E-books have gone from a niche service to a high demand format in an incredibly short time. And their pace of growth is likely to increase. Furthermore, new examples of digital reading material are appearing every day as are new devices and software to read them on. But is e-publishing a growing trend or a passing fad? Regardless and more importantly, how do we help our readers use the e-reading devices they have now and help them to choose what they should get next?

In this Florida Library Webinar:

- Explore the alphabet soup of acronyms.
- Highlight a variety of e-readers and tablets currently on the market.
- Showcase some innovative digital publishers and library vendors.
- Cover the pros and cons of Digital Rights Management (DRM).
- Try to predict where the e-publishing industry will go.

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  • Here’s what we’ll do in the next hour or so
  • I was wondering whether this type of book was about to be totally replaced…
  • Easy to see why cassette won’t fit CD player
  • Harder to see why Amazon e-book won’t ‘fit’ into Nook. Or, more likely, vice versa.Even if you saw the two side by side as files on a PC, most of our users won’t say, “Whoa! That’s an AZW file extension! No wonder it won’t work on a device configured for an EPUB file!”
  • Calibre is a package of e-reading tools.It is a free download.It lets you convert “any” format to “any” format.But format is not the only issue
  • Both of these read EPUB format, but Sony uses the Adobe DRM and the iPad uses the Fair Play DRM
  • Ebook Update

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    3. 3. Program Goals• Explore the alphabet soup of acronyms.• Highlight a variety of e-readers and tablets currently on themarket.• Showcase some innovative digital publishers and libraryvendors.• Cover the pros and cons of Digital Rights Management (DRM).• Try to predict where the e-publishing industry will go.
    4. 4. In 1971, Michael S. Hart (1947 –2011)created the first e-book by typing theDeclaration of Independence into acomputer. Project Gutenberg was launchedand now e-books are over 40 years old!
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    8. 8. Microsoft Rumored To Be Interested In Buying Nook! http://goo.gl/uB8lF
    9. 9. e-ink vs. LCD/OLED screens
    10. 10. Color e-ink: A Game Changer?
    11. 11. Source: http://goo.gl/KkN09E Ink, Sony Debut New Flexible Screen TechnologySource: http://www.yotaphone.com/
    12. 12. New E-Reader for Under $13Source: http://goo.gl/dZ8qtWhen will they be free?$70 now.
    13. 13. Source: http://goo.gl/MPr7u
    14. 14. Sync pages everywhere!
    15. 15. OverDrive’s WINCatalog
    16. 16. Are e-books now apps?
    17. 17. More info: http://goo.gl/tjG6j
    18. 18. Get the app! http://goo.gl/J84Cv
    19. 19. Get the app! http://www.aldiko.com/
    20. 20. E-book sales inthe US doubleyear-on-year,paper bookssuffer double-digit losses.Source: http://goo.gl/K5NFN
    21. 21. PDF at: http://goo.gl/r1geX
    22. 22. PDF at: http://goo.gl/bCPMI
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    24. 24. Are you currentlygetting rid of yourphysical collection?If yes! Then you can donateyour books to Open Library.More information at:http://openlibrary.org/
    25. 25. http://www.betterworldbooks.comNote: last checked statistics at 4:00pm EST on 9/19/2012
    26. 26. So, will physical books becompletely replaced by … ?
    27. 27. “Hardly any information technologygoes obsolete. Each new one throwsits predecessors into relief.”James Gleick.
    28. 28. Be an advocatefor all of yourreaders no matterhow or what theychose to read!
    29. 29. And whathappened toLPs? Arethey dead?
    30. 30. e-formats, Digital Rights Management(DRM), and privacy issues.
    31. 31. E-formats• We have an alphabet soup of formats:– AZW, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DJVU, LIT, etc.• For a thorough explanation/comparison, see:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_e-book_formats• The big ones (right now) are EPUB, PDF and AZW/KF8 (Kindle).• “Everyone” else uses EPUB and PDF.Official ePub logo,International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)
    32. 32. Dueling FormatsThe cassette/CD format difference is easy forpeople to see and understand. But .EPUB vs.AZW/KF8… ? Not so easy.
    33. 33. Dueling formatsAZW EPUB
    34. 34. Ugh, text on a screenshould be simple! This isso frustrating! I don’tcare about all theseformats and rules; IJUST WANT to read ane-book!
    35. 35. If format were the only issue…www.calibre-ebook.com
    36. 36. What is calibre?calibre is a “free and open source e-booklibrary management application developedby users of e-books for users of e-books.”http://calibre-ebook.com/
    37. 37. What can calibre do?• Find an e-book and transfer it to a device.• Manages your e-book collection.• Convert a DRM-free e-book to another format.• Over-the-air (OTA) e-book transfer to a Kindle Fire and others.• Syncs to a variety of e-readers.• Downloads RSS feeds & converts to an e-book.• Comprehensive e-book viewer.• Content server for online access to your collection.
    38. 38. Is it legal to convert e-book formats?
    39. 39. YES and NO
    40. 40. “You might be tempted to look for someway to remove DRM from e-books inorder to facilitate conversion. A word ofwarning about doing this: In the USAthere is a law known as the DigitalMillennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Thislaw makes it illegal to circumvent a copyprotection system (DRM is such a copyprotection system). It also makes it illegalto produce tools, distribute tools, and aidin circumvention. Not everyone lives inthe USA, but many countries have similarlaws. Check your local laws and realizethat even though you may only want toread an EPUB book that you’ve legallypurchased on your Kindle, it may not belegal to do so. If you don’t like thissilliness—and I don’t—then speak up towhoever in your country makes therelevant laws.”
    41. 41. Would you bewilling to help apatron accessand/or transfer ane-publicationusing Calibre?Why or why not?
    42. 42. So, what’s this DRM thing?• Digital Rights Management.• A software “lock” that controls access to a file(e-book, e-music, e-movie). You must have thecorrect software “key” to unlock it.
    43. 43. • Like speed limits and banking regulations,DRM schemes can be a good thing and canprotect an author’s livelihood.• Like speed traps and unreasonable lendingpractices, DRM schemes can infuriate andfrustrate our readers.
    44. 44. Same Format, Dueling DRMsEPUB w/ Adobe’s ADEPT DRM EPUB w/ Apple’s FairPlay DRM
    45. 45. Dueling Formats and DRMsAZW using Amazon’s DRMEPUB using Abode’s DRM
    46. 46. What?!
    47. 47. E-books, I hope, willeventually be like CDs(i.e., they can beplayed on most anyCD player).Do you think this willhappen? If so, when?
    48. 48. DRM-free e-bookshttp://drmfree.calibre-ebook.com/http://overdrive.com/http://www.gutenberg.org/http://openlibrary.org/
    49. 49. I print out cheat sheets sopatrons can go to a store andtest out a variety of devicesthat they know will work withtheir library’s vendor[s].I don’t endorse any one device.http://overdrive.com/files/ebook-cheat-sheet.pdf
    50. 50. Visit a library and/or a store (e.g.,Best Buy) and play with a variety ofe-readers/tablets to get a feel forthe one you’d like to use.
    51. 51. http://www.youtube.com/user/DigitalBookDownloads
    52. 52. The key is to practice. Use your e-reading device often, explore itsfunctions, and read the FAQs.
    53. 53. Offer free workshops for the publicand ask people to bring their devices!
    54. 54. Some innovative digital publishersInkling
    55. 55. More info: http://goo.gl/Ng0zM
    56. 56. Created one for a patron in a hurry!
    57. 57. Note: Some titles are NSFW!
    58. 58. dp.la
    59. 59. Publisher: Subafilms Ltd.Get the e-book at http://goo.gl/UOmah
    60. 60. Watch the trailer: http://pushpoppress.com/ourchoice/What can you imagine happening here?
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    62. 62. Book Discovery/Recommendations
    63. 63. Source: Horizon Report
    64. 64. Source: http://goo.gl/DUXNv
    65. 65. Booksai: The Zen of Book Discoveryhttp://www.booksai.com/
    66. 66. Source: http://goo.gl/ZzXfoSacramento Public Library
    67. 67. Source: http://www.overdrive.com/
    68. 68. Help local authors get published
    69. 69. Success StorySource: http://goo.gl/4oGHdSelf publishing author ColleenHoover with copies of herbooks. Hoovers novels havemade the New York Timesbestseller list!www.colleenhoover.com
    70. 70. More info: http://goo.gl/gq6Ck
    71. 71. Upload local content to“Community Reserve.”createspace.comkdp.amazon.comcalibre-ebook.comvook.com/mobipocket.com
    72. 72. Source: http://goo.gl/AcVNMSource: http://goo.gl/f9ttCself publishing for tons of other resources!
    73. 73. PEW Internet & American Life ProjectThe Rise of E-Reading ReportSource: http://goo.gl/njMC1
    74. 74. Does the rise of e-reading(especially using enhanced e-books) mean a rise in literacy?
    75. 75. It does require a fairly literate person to navigate e-readers, the Web etc. , but are people who usee-readers truly becoming more literate?
    76. 76. http://www.worldreader.org/
    77. 77. Source: http://goo.gl/OM9P4
    78. 78. Ruckus E-ReaderWatch the video at: http://goo.gl/tzY2G
    79. 79. So, what will eReaders look likea few years from now?
    80. 80. I have no idea!
    81. 81. Select Resourceshttp://www.niso.org/topics/ebooksig/http://www.nmc.org/publicationshttp://tblc.org/special-interest-groups
    82. 82. Fun demos!(by appointment) 1. Book Creator in Wikipedia2. Saving Websites to an e-reader3. Calibregplus.to/chadmairnHangout?
    83. 83. http://www.slideshare.net/chadmairn@cmairn
    84. 84. Want toHangout?gplus.to/chadmairn