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RADIO WORKSHOP: Eu write the script!


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How to make a radio script?

Published in: Education
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RADIO WORKSHOP: Eu write the script!

  1. 1. R A D I O W O R K S H O P W W W . R A D U N I . O R G EU write the script! Youth reporting on Europe W W W . E U R O P H O N I C A . E U
  2. 2. EUROPHONICA The first international and shared RADIO SHOW realised by an international editorial staff, composed by students and professionals of college radios from all Europe. EUROPHONICA is the shared radio show which aims to give voice to independent student and university media. 
  3. 3. The European radio show’s main objectives are to facilitate the dissemination of the European institutions among young people and deepen the most important European topics (citizenship, immigration, agricultural policies, youth policy, citizens’ rights etc). Europhonica represents an unique opportunity for students and professionals of college radio to practice citizen journalism and learning from the best practices of participating countries.  EUROPHONICA
  4. 4. This editorial project is crucial as a means of development and promotion of community media in Europe and as an opportunity for self-organized network of European university and student radios in order to raise awareness and promote European citizenship. EUROPHONICA
  5. 5. Italian College Radio Association (RadUni) Founded in 2006 to respond to a need to link and share good practices among the promoters of the first experiences of Italian university web radios.    RadUni has led the development of these pioneers and has supported the birth of new antennas in all Italy. RADUNI
  6. 6. AIM: aggregating fans and experts of new media and communication, particularly interested to the university media. These multimedia communication tools represent an exceptionally diverse and heterogeneous practical laboratory for the dissemination of cultural and democratic values within the Italian Universities. More info: RADUNI
  7. 7. Youth reporting on Europe! The script is what makes sense of the information you’ve gathered. It’s the framework for the story you’ll tell/report. It brings together the most important elements and helps the audience to focus and understand the significance of the key points of the topic. 1. keywords
  8. 8. Youth reporting on Europe! The script should be written in simple and short sentences. Try to use common words (everyday language) and terms the audience will understand. Break down complicated concepts (the script should not contain complicated concepts that could confuse or distract the audience). 2. keep it short and simple
  9. 9. Youth reporting on Europe! Introduce the topic, warn the listeners on what they’ll listen without repeating the words they’re about to hear. Don’t summarise too much, and personalise your script. Grab the attention of the audience, as You’ll be crafting a tease into material that is designed to make people stop and listen. 3. choose YOUR style
  10. 10. Youth reporting on Europe! The language should be in the active tense. The most important information should be displayed in the first few sentences. HOWEVER quality should be consistent throughout! The script mustn’t tail off at the end. 3. choose YOUR style
  11. 11. Youth reporting on Europe! Scripts should be factual and without comment or descriptive words. Don’t include your own emotions. Deliver a complete and fair report (your script should weave together all the elements you have gathered for your story without suggesting  that any one is more important than the other -that’s for the audience to decide-). 4. PERSONAL DOESN'T MEAN EGOCENTRIC
  12. 12. Youth reporting on Europe! YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to set out the information IN A WAY THAT DOESN’T LEAD OR MISLEAD.
  13. 13. Youth reporting on Europe! Fact check EVERY piece of information that you’re including in the script. Also fact check what has been said by those you’re quoting. Decide whether the fact checking has raised any issues that need to be covered in the script. 5. FACT CHECKING
  14. 14. Youth reporting on Europe! Check the script against the editorial ethics of: 6. EDITORIAL ETHICS OBJECTIVITY, IMPARTIALITY & FAIRNESS Don’t give extra weight to one point of view!
  15. 15. Youth reporting on Europe! Start the script by addressing the main point made in the introduction. Later in the script you can add context analysis that may help the audience understand the issues raised by the sources/topics. Start with a crisp and sharp introduction that highlights the main points. 7. pay attention to the BEGINNING
  16. 16. Youth reporting on Europe! Always end the script with a fact and not a vague line such as “we will have to wait and see”. Audience wants information, not overused clichés. Consider asking to the listeners what’s likely to happen next and summarise their expectations in the last paragraph. 8. pay attention to the ENDING
  17. 17. Youth reporting on Europe! Read rathe script back to yourself. Does it make sense? Any gasps? Do you need any further research? Check with others (colleagues, editorial team). 9. double check: always read the script back to yourself!
  18. 18. Youth reporting on Europe! USEFUL TIPS: Write the script like it’s going to be spoken aloud, not as if you're reading it: Keep it succinct: Whatever the type of radio that you make, it often makes sense to plan it out in advance to make sure you produce and present the best content possible. When you write a radio script, try to keep it as tight as possible. Don’t add unnecessarily flowery words or sentences that do not add to what you are trying to say.
  19. 19. Introduction Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3 Social Media Journalism Speakers' training Writing the script Recording Feedback Plan of the Workshop 14:00 14:20 14:30 15:15 16:00 16:30
  20. 20. what you'll do now: SPLIT IN 3 GROUPS1. 2. 3. DISCUSS YOUR TOPIC CHOOSE YOUR ROLE