Why study Spanish KS4 -A level


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Why study Spanish KS4 -A level

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Why study Spanish KS4 -A level

  1. 1. • It is ranked 2nd in the worl
  2. 2. http://hispanic-horizons.org/why-spanish/It is the2  most used ndlanguage in Business
  4. 4. US ELECTIONS• Barack-obama-spanish-dreamer
  5. 5. GROWTH ECONOMY• Latin America Economy to Grow 3.7% in 2012, UN Panel Says Among individual countries, this year’s strongest performers are Panama, up 10.5 percent; Argentina, 9 percent; Ecuador, 8 percent; Peru, 7 percent; and Chile, whose economy expanded 6.3 percent
  7. 7. QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY,  BELFAST• Law with a Language Many students who have graduated from  this degree choose not to continue to  practise Law but instead pursue careers in  broadcasting, international diplomacy and  the EU institutions. 
  8. 8. QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY, BELFAST• Science with a Language     At Queen’s we firmly believe that adding a language into a  degree in a separate discipline is always an asset, since it  gives you linguistic skills which are valued by employers  across all sectors of the job market, and also because it gives  you an opportunity to work or to study abroad. For employers,  someone who has a track record of living and working in  different cultures and the rich life experiences that go with this  immediately stands out from his or her peers. They bring a  different (international) perspective to discussions, and have  shown an ability to adapt to and forge connections in a  society where they are not a native speaker, and have been  open to expanding their horizons: these are huge assets in an  increasingly globalized environment. . 
  9. 9. QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY, BELFAST• Business with a Language• International Business, Economics and Accountancy with French/Spanish• Combining a language with a Management subject can really give you the  edge when it comes to a career in an increasingly global marketplace  where it is simply not enough to rely on everyone speaking English. This  is what employers and business organisations have to say:• All employers value the analytical and reflective qualities that lie at the  heart of a quality learning experience. But there is a growing emphasis by  employers on the need for graduates to demonstrate a range of  competences which will equip them to work in a global environment, in  different countries, in multi-cultural teams, be innovative and enterprising  and have strong language skills. (Council for Industry and Higher  Education)• Being able to speak another language in what is now a truly global  marketplace can be a key differentiator when it comes to employability.  (Steve Shacklock, Managing Director of Euro London Appointments). 
  10. 10. QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY, BELFAST• Employability & Skills• Language graduates have the edge when it comes to employability• It is naïve to think that everyone speaks English. Only 6% of the world’s population are native English speakers – 75% do not speak any English at all. The fast growing large economies of China, India, Brazil and Russia are not English speaking. In a global job market, having a language as part of your degree gives you a competitive edge over other graduates.• A range of reports commissioned over the past 10 years repeatedly show that languages graduates are more employable than many of their counterparts taking science or management degrees, and that they have enhanced earning potential in the medium to long term.• The unemployment rate among Queen’s University Belfast languages graduates in 2010 was 0%
  11. 11. QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY, BELFAST• Eimear Callaghan, Project Officer for NI2012, Our Time, Our Place (NorthernIreland Tourist Board), BA French and Spanish (2001)• After graduation, I pursued a career in marketing communications and completed a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I started my career as anaccount executive in a busy advertising agency in Holywood, County Down and left nine years later as their Account Director, managing a range of integrated marketing campaigns with clients such as Norfolkline, Centra and Tourism Ireland.• I had always been very interested in tourism, especially with my languages background and tourism is an ever increasingly important aspect to the economy in Northern Ireland. With this in mind, I took up a post with the Northern Ireland Tourist Board as Project Officer for the momentous ni2012: our time, our place campaign. NI 2012 is a programme of eight international events designed to change global perceptions of Northern Ireland,increase visitor numbers and generate economic impact and return. I am involved in the delivery and co-ordination of these events such as the recent Titanic Belfast Festival 2012, Irish Open 2012, Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and the 50th Belfast festival at Queen’s.• From my degree, many valuable skills were learned such as project planning and management,research, writing skills and very importantly excellent presentation and communication skills. Whilst at Queens, I worked in the Alumni Relations team as a student caller, contacting past Queens alumni to raise valuable funds for the university.• I really enjoyed my time at Queens and am a strong advocate for the value of a good degree in languages for entering into a wide range of careers..
  12. 12. QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY, BELFAST• Nuala McKeever, Comedian, BA English & Spanish (1987)• I studied Spanish and English at Queen’s from 1982-1987 – five glorious years to put off having to grow up and get a job!• At Queen’s I was friends with some guys who did Law. They wrote comedy sketches. We, as a group, eventually became The Hole In The Wall Gang, with many comedy series on BBC radio and television, the best known of which is Give My Head Peace.• I then went on to have my own comedy show, McKeever, on UTV for four years.• Since the heady days of television, I’ve been writing and performing in plays and comedy shows, contributing to radio and tv shows and writing a regular column in the Belfast Telegraph.• I did Spanish and English because I loved language. Still do. My father wanted me to do Law. I got the grades at A Level but decided to do what I loved instead, even if a career path didn’t seem so obvious. I’m glad I did.• The chance to live in Spain on my year out was fantastic! My Spanish improved immensely and my social confidence with it.• When it came to work, after uni, I started in the BBC as a temporary secretary, having done a year’s Post Grad Bi-lingual Secretarial course. From secretary, to researcher, to Assistant Producer, to freelance writer and performer. At every stage, language, self-expression and fun have been my mainstays.• Follow your heart. Do what speaks to you. And if you can’t hear what your heart’s saying, quieten down a bit and give it time. You’ll hear. Then take all your courage in both hands and leap off every scary cliff you come to. That’s how you know you’re alive. Enjoy it all!
  13. 13. QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY, BELFAST• Eamonn Collins, Press Officer, EC Harris, Hong Kong, BA French & Spanish (2005) & MA in French (2007)• After completing a BA in French and Spanish and an MA in French in the School of Modern Languages at Queen’s, I began to apply to Graduate Programmes across a range of professions including brand marketing, advertising and media. In many cases you were asked to submit an essay as part of the application so that the employer could gauge the quality and originality of your writing skills. One of the companies that I applied to thought I would do well in Public Relations and so recommended me for an interview at a company called Burson-Marsteller. I got the job and worked there for two and a half years with a host of clients including Accenture, Hewlett-Packard, Sony Ericsson, Danone and Intel. It was great experience, plus I got to travel to press events in glamorous locations like Paris, Barcelona, Evian, Hamburg and Berlin. In January 2011 I was head-hunted by an ex- colleague and I now help to run the press office for an international Built Asset Consultancy called EC Harris. On a daily basis I supply ideas or written content to media outlets ranging from the Financial Times through to Utility Week. Often this involves reviewing large volumes of information and distilling it down into something that will resonate with the relevant audience. My background as a Languages graduate has been invaluable here as it equipped me with the very skills I need to do my job well.’.
  14. 14. UNIVERSITY OF ULSTER COLERAINESpanish can be taken as a major, main (i.e. joint) or minor option and be combined with a wide variety of subjects (e.g. English, History, Media Studies, Film Studies, European Studies, Business, Computing, etc.) or one of the other languages taught in the School..
  15. 15. UNIVERSITY OF ULSTER MAGEEFrom 2010, Spanish can studied as amajor, main or minor option alongsidesubjects such as International Politics,Irish, History and Politics, Law, Sociology,Social Policy, French, German, Irish,Drama, Music, Dance, etc.
  16. 16. French and Spanish Speaking CreditController(Permanent Vacancy)French and Spanish Speaking Credit ControllerOur client is looking for a confident, articulateCredit Controller who is fluent in both Frenchand Spanish. You will have previous experienceof working within a commercial, businessenvironment and ideally ...Language: English, French, SpanishLocation: WorcestershireSalary: £18 - £20k
  17. 17. International Corporate Sport Sales Executives -Arabic, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (SouthAmerican), Greek, Romanian. OTE £60,000 p.a.(Basic + Commission)(Permanent Vacancy)THG is the world leader in providing VIP facilities atmajor sports events worldwide.With an internationalnetwork of 26 offices and 350 events covered, wehave a client base that includes most of the Fortune500 companies.Language: Greek, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish,ArabicLocation: LondonSalary: OTE £60,000 p.a. (Basic + Commission)
  18. 18. Scientific/Engineering TranslatorPrestigious translation service has opportunities forgraduate scientists and engineers to train asprofessional staff translators. You will work in amodern, highly professional environment, aided byfirst class support staff, excellent electronic facilitiesand an ...Language: French, German, Italian, Spanish,RussianLocation: South EastSalary: 35,000 plus Excellent Benefits