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Rebuild Globally - Social Innovation Intern


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Rebuild Globally - Social Innovation Intern

  1. 1.   Social  Innovation  Intern:  Port-­‐au-­‐Prince,  Haiti     CATEGORY:  35  hours  per  week,  for  10  -­‐12  Weeks,  Intern   REPORTS  TO:  Haiti  Country  Director     LOCATION:  Port-­‐au-­‐Prince,  Haiti     REBUILD  globally  (RG)  is  a  nonprofit  social  enterprise  based  in  Orlando  Florida,  operating  in   Port-­‐au-­‐Prince,  Haiti.    Our  vision  is  to  end  global  poverty.    Making  sandals  from  recycled  tires  is   our  catalyst  to  meet  our  mission  in  Haiti.  Our  model  is  implemented  using  a  three-­‐prong   approach  focused  on:  1)  sustainable,  long-­‐term  employment  at  a  dignified  living  wage  and   internal  leadership  growth  opportunities;  2)  eco-­‐friendly  policies  and  recycling  tires  from  the   streets;  3)  creating  quality  goods  that  stands  out  for  their  unique  style  as  well  as  their   community  impact.    Our  priority  is  the  improved  quality  of  life  of  our  artisans,  and  scaling  our   model  through  the  successful  growth  of  sales  and  outreach.     Social  Innovation  Intern  Position  Description     The  Social  Innovation  Intern  will  work  directly  with  the  Haiti  Country  Director  to  support  and   assist  in  daily  operations  and  administrative  tasks.    This  internship  will  involve  operations   support,  ranging  from  sales  and  fundraising  to  administration  and  social  networking.               Specific  Responsibilities:       • General  Administrative   o Supporting  the  Country  Director  in  daily  activities  and  programs.     o Assisting  the  Country  Director  with  administrative  tasks  relevant  to  the  current   projects.   o Performing  general  administrative  tasks  such  as  taking  minutes,  following  up  on   customer/client  relations,  exploring  logistics,  and  conducting  research.     • Research   o Research  funding  opportunities  for  Haiti  operations.   o Research  and  connect  with  outreach  opportunities.     • Sales  and  Outreach   o Participate  as  an  RG  representative,  either  to  further  establish  our  current   relationships,  or  represent  RG  at  a  sale,  meeting,  or  event.         Please  note  -­‐  Intern  required  to  live  and  work  in  Haiti  for  the  duration  of  the  internship.    A  $300   living  stipend  as  well  as  housing  accommodations  will  be  provided.  Intern  is  responsible  for   airfare,  evacuation  insurance  and  to  meet  all  other  requirements.    If  requested,  RG  will  be  in   contact  with  host  university  to  provide  academic  credit.    
  2. 2.   What  Will  You  Impact?   RG’s  approach  to  poverty  alleviation  is  an  innovative  strategy  for  job  creation,  reflective  of   community  and  family  needs.    RG  bridges  the  gap  between  charity  and  enterprise  by  ensuring   excellence  in  our  products  without  compromising  our  accountability  to  our  community.    The   positive  impact  of  our  artisan’s  salaries  is  enormous;  however,  their  livelihoods  depend  on  the   sale  of  our  sandals  –  establishing  secure  and  professional  administrative  operations  is  critical  to   ensure  RG’s  continued  growth,  and  thus,  keeping  our  artisan’s  employed.         What  Will  You  Learn?   • Verbal  and  written  communications  from  international  business  and  socially  responsible   perspectives.     • How  to  establishing  professional  partnerships  and  networks,  and  how  to  take   responsibility  for  follow-­‐up  and  customer/client  relations.       • Standard  business  operations  on  an  international  level.   • An  understanding  of  working  within  an  international  social  enterprise,  as  well  as  the   balance  of  a  non-­‐profit  organization  and  a  business.         • How  to  implement  good  business  practices,  through  both  local  and  international   demands.   • French  and  Kreyol  Language  Skills;  and  a  basic  understanding  of  Haitian  Culture.     Who  Will  be  a  Successful  Candidate?   Student  or  professionals  competent  in  French  or  Kreyol  and  has  studied  in  the  areas  of   business,  communications,  community/international  development,  sociology,  or  a  similar  field.         Minimum  Qualifications   • Working  knowledge  and  proficiency  in  standard  office  programs;   • Working  understanding  of  social  networking  and  outreach;   • Understanding  of  community  development  and  community  outreach   • Ability  to  build  strong  relationships  and  work  effectively  cross-­‐culturally;   • Strong  organizational  skills  and  ability  to  self-­‐manage,  including  effective  time   management  and  prioritization  of  competing  demands/multiple  deadlines;     • Diplomatic  skills,  particularly  in  the  realm  of  cultural  sensitivity   • Working  knowledge  of  the  French  and/or  Kreyol  Language   • Students must have completed at least 2 years of coursework.     How  to  Apply   Please  send  your  resume  and  cover  letter  to  Sarah  Sandsted,  at    If   you  are  considered,  you  will  be  asked  to  complete  a  time  sensitive  writing  sample.    Applications   will  be  accepted  until  May  18th  2014.