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Mc spadden katherine crane profile_20140702_final

  1. 1. Katherine Crane ‘16 graduated from the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT. She was on Honor Role all four years as well as on the board of Students for Environmental Awareness and Kutchetekela Foundation. She was chosen to be a delegate for her school in an international Round Square conference on service in Thailand. At Dartmouth, Katherine is majoring in Geography and Environmental Studies. She is teacher for Growing Change, an interviewer for Friday Night Rock, and she plays on club hockey. She has interned for Light For Children, a nonprofit working on community development in Ghana, as well as VeloCityNYC, a startup organization that teaches underprivileged children about urban planning. She is working with the Neukom DALI Lab to start an organization called ArtxChange Marketplace, a marketplace for art and a platform for fundraising. She hopes to pursue a career in sustainable urban planning. Katherine was funded by the Rockefeller Center for a Spring 2014 internship, with generous support from the McSpadden Public Affairs Internship Fund. Executive Summary from Katherine’s final report: My internship this spring was at the San Francisco Planning Department, which works on developing the city’s General Plan, creating neighborhood plans, improving urban design, and shaping the overall future of the city. There are two main sections of the Department: Current Planning, which works with zoning and permits, and Long Term Citywide Planning, which works on bigger pictures plans for the whole city in future decades. I was working in Citywide planning, specifically in the Sustainable Development subgroup. This was a group of planners who worked or took interest in making San Francisco more sustainable, including environmental sustainability, with biodiversity plans, urban forest plans, and bike transportation, but it also concerning economic and social sustainability. I felt very lucky to be a “I felt very lucky to be a temporary part of a group that was so dedicated to urban sustainability, which allowed me to see how they approach issues from many different angles.” [MCSPADDEN PUBLIC AFFAIRS FUND INTERN PROFILE]
  2. 2. temporary part of a group that was so dedicated to urban sustainability, which allowed me to see how they approach issues from many different angles. I was focusing on the Eco-Districts program, which aims to advance the city’s sustainability goals by approaching them from the neighborhood scale. There are four types of Eco-Districts that differ based off the levels of development in the neighborhood. I was focusing on Type 3 Eco-Districts, neighborhoods that are already developed, largely residential, and don’t have much room for growth. These consisted of most of the neighborhoods in the city, and these pre-existing neighborhoods are especially challenging places for sustainability projects since their infrastructure and lifestyles are set. The Type 3 program aims to do bottom- up work in which the community works together to decide their sustainability action plan. My scope of work expanded slightly once I became acquainted with the program and realized that we needed to do some general program development to solidify our goals and mission in addition to making a public outreach plan. After I realized that we hadn’t actually consulted with many community members about what they wanted this program to be, I decided I’d do interviews with neighborhood leaders and sustainability activists. I wanted to see what work neighborhoods were already doing, as well as ask them how to make this program relevant to them. I also decided we needed to change the language and messaging when we communicate the program to communities, for example avoiding the use of meaningless buzzwords. My final report was based on research and these interviews, and it made recommendations about the goals, development and public outreach strategy for the Type 3 program. In addition to this report, I worked on researching and designing a booklet containing many possible sustainability projects and resources organized around the city’s Sustainable Systems Framework, similar to a menu of options for communities to choose what they want to work on. I also did several writing tasks for Ms. McGee when she needed help. Catherine at the entrance of her internship at the San Francisco Planning Department in Spring 2014. 2