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PowerPoint Karaoke Slides from DrupalCorn 2014


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I built this for our Friday Night social a recent conference, and it was a big hit. Just google "powerpoint karaoke" to find lots of descriptions of how this game works. It helps to also have an open bar beforehand. :)

This slide deck has 15 slides per presenter, for a total of 5 presenters. The second-to-last slide reads "In Conclusion..." to help the presenters know to wrap up their speech. At DrupalCorn 2014 (Iowa's Drupal conference) we allowed each presenter about 5 minutes, and advanced the slides for them at our whim... it might be good to let the presenters SAY when to go to the next slide, to give them better timing.

Many of these slides were either taken from other presentations around the internet, or inspired by them. No money was made from this, so I hope the original creators don't mind. If so, just let me know what slides to pull out and I'll replace them.

Feel free to steal or hack up this presentation as you see fit. :)

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PowerPoint Karaoke Slides from DrupalCorn 2014

  1. 1. You don’t just measure your heartbeat
  2. 2. 6 aspects of leading by example 1. Priorities 2. Urgency 3. Problem Solving 4. Standards of Performance 5. Ethics 6. Cooperation
  3. 3. We have a problem
  4. 4. More and more IT projects are starting every year
  5. 5. Where do you fit in?
  6. 6. FAC You are your expression
  7. 7. The OUTCOME
  8. 8. Where will you work next year?
  10. 10. You’re not ALONE!
  12. 12. Look good in a wet suit? You can convince anyone to do anything!
  13. 13. i
  14. 14. How will YOU adapt?
  15. 15. It’s not just about us anymore