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The Book Thief

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Madeline's Presentation

  1. 1. The Book ThiefBy: Madeline Raffanti
  2. 2. Liesel at her brother’s funeral.
  3. 3. Liesel says goodbye to her mother.
  4. 4. Hans Hubermann comforts Liesel.
  5. 5. Liesel meets Rudy.
  6. 6. Liesel steals her second book.
  7. 7. Max Vandenburg arrives at the Hubermann’s
  8. 8. Liesel reads Max’s story, “The Stand Over Man”
  9. 9. Nazis come door-to-door.
  10. 10. Munich is bombed.
  11. 11. Himmel street is destroyed.
  12. 12. Max and Liesel meet again.
  13. 13. My grandmother Margarete and her brother Albert during World War II before he was captured.
  14. 14. Cast:Madeline Raffanti as Liesel MemingerMichael Raffanti as Rudy SteinerLynn Raffanti as Liesel’s MotherRemig Raffanti as Hans HubermanJacob Wine as Max Vadenburg
  15. 15. Author’s Sources:• Zusak was inspired by his parent’s stories during World War II• Zusak visited Munich, Germany to research facts for the book• Zusak interviewed survivors of the Holocaust
  16. 16. Works Cited:• book interview• (student resource) book review• – Munich bombing image• – Bombing image, Soldier image