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Holocost Reading Project1


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This is a powerpoint on the book Destined to Live.

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Holocost Reading Project1

  1. 1. Destined To Live By: Ruth Gruener A True Story Of a Child in the Holocaust
  2. 2. Hitler’s Army Nazi Party Day, Nuremberg, 1934 Adolf Hitler is the central figure of the three men in the foreground who are facing us and giving the straight-armed salute. To Hitler's right is Heinrich Himmler.
  3. 3. <ul><li>This book is about the Holocaust its set in the 1930s. Its about this young girl named Luncia who is about 4 years old and her life was filled with hop scotch friends and a lot more games. When the Nazis invaded Poland. Luncia and her parents Isaac Gamzer but Luncia always calls him Tatu meaning father and he owns a candy store and Barbara her mother they lived in an apartment together. When they were being attacked by the Germans they went out onto there apartment balcony and they were wondering why there were planes flying over top of them then the town’s siren went off and bombs started dropping from the airplanes everyone in the apartment had to run into the basement of the apartment and hide in the little storage closet that the apartment owner lets them use and the 3 of them had to hide in there days. There was only 1 other kid in the basement named Ludush with Luncia and he got a cold. His mother had to decide what to do. She decided to go out side and take him to the hospital. She had made it there safely a while later they found out that it was scarlet fever it is very contagious but good thing Luncia didn’t catch it. </li></ul>