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CloudOpen 2012 Slides: Open Source and Federation


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In this talk I propose open source and cloud federation as key drivers for a competitive cloud marketplace.

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CloudOpen 2012 Slides: Open Source and Federation

  1. Open  Source  and  Federa.on   Key  Drivers  For  Compe//ve  Marketplace    
  2. What  am  I  going  to  talk?  §  Role  of  OSS  in  Cloud  Compu/ng  §  Conven/onal  Wisdom  §  Debunking  Conven/onal  Wisdom  §  Federa/on  Is  Key  §  Cloud  Wisdom  §  Debunking  Cloud  Wisdom  §  Open  Source  as  an  enabler  of  Federa/on  §  Examples  and  Conclusion  
  3. Why  I  am  talking  here?  •  Because  I  am  an   analyst  •  30000  feet  view  •  No  emo/ons   (Ideally)  •  Ac/vist  analyst?  •  Compe//ve  market   is  key  
  4. Open  Source:  Building  Blocks  For  Cloud  § Web  Services  to  Cloud:  Open   Source  Is  The  Reason  § License  Freedom  § Economics  § Imagine  AWS  without  OSS  
  5. Conven.onal  Wisdom  •  Mostly  western   pundits  •  Economics  of   scarcity  •  C  O  N  S  O  L  I  D  A  T  I  O  N     Meh  
  6. Why  CW  Worked?  § Market  was  mostly  US  § Forced  to  believe  in  economics  of   scarcity  § Open  source  was  rela/vely  new  § Barrier  to  entry  for  non-­‐soRware   products  was  very  high  
  7. Debunking  Conven.onal  Wisdom  §  World  is  flat  and  markets  are  global  §  Global  Investors  making  local  play  §  Handful  of  providers  cannot  meet   diverse  needs  §  Regulatory  regimes  are  not  going  away  §  Open  source  enlightenment  
  8. New  Conven.onal  Wisdom  §  Economics  of  abundance  §  Open  source  showed  the  way  §  Innova/on  and  mone/za/on    at  higher   orders  §  Technology  is  pushing  the  markets  towards   this  trend  §  Compe//on  is  key  for  the  market  system  to   be  successful  
  9. Wait  A  Second!!    Take  a  look  at  the  shared   hos/ng  landscape  
  10. Federated  Clouds   Conven/onal  Wisdom   Open  Source  Thinking   (Economics  of  Scarcity)   (Economics  of  Abundance)  
  11. Federated  Clouds  §  Federated  Clouds  is  an  an/dote  for  market   monopoly  §  Federated  clouds  can  meet  global  needs   including  regulatory  requirements  §  Scalability?  No  worries.  Federa/on  can  help  §  Key  for  the  Big  Data  world  §  Different  economics  
  12. Defining  Federated  Cloud  Ecosystems  § Mul/tude  of  players  § Heterogeneity  of  cloud  plaZorms  § Interoperability  and  Portability  § No  vendor  lock-­‐in  § Geographical  distribu/on  
  13. Mul.tude  of  players  §  Central  to  the  very  idea  of  federated   clouds  §  Datacenters  are  not  turning  into  football   fields  §  Cri/cal  to  protect  against  market   vulnerability,  monopoly  §  Community  Clouds  and  Regional  Clouds  
  14. Heterogeneity  of  Cloud  PlaKorms  §  Federa/on  is  possible  with  just  one  plaZorm   but  §  ShiRs  the  danger  of  market  vulnerability  to   the  plaZorm  than  provider  §  Monopoly  is  bad  even  if  it  is  open  source  §  Heterogeneity  handles  diversity  §  Complex  Adap/ve  Systems  &  Heterogeneous   Environments    
  15. Interoperability  and  Portability  § Interoperability  and  Workload   portability  are  cri/cal  § Needed  to  avoid  any  lock-­‐in  § Don’t  care  about   standardiza/on  at  this  moment  
  16. Geographical  Distribu.on  § Geographical  distribu/on  is  key  § Requirement  for  mul/ple  providers   not  enough  § Needs  are  diverse  (performance,   customiza/on,  etc.)  § Regulatory  needs  
  17. Tim  O’  Reilly  School  Of  Thought  § Architecture   Triumphs   Licensing  § Focus  on   Interfaces  and   Formats    
  18. Open  Cloud  § Open  Cloud  =  No  Vendor  Lock  In  § Open  Cloud  =  Open  Interfaces  &   Open  Formats  § But  Weird  Requirement:  At  least  one   of  the  implementa/on  should  be   open  source  
  19. What  #OCI  Can  Achieve?  § It  Can  Avoid  Vendor  Lock-­‐In  § Help  You  Ensure  Business   Con/nuity     But,  But,  But  ………  
  20. But?  § It  Doesn’t  Actually  Help  Users  Much     Why?    § The  “nature”  of  markets  will  lead  to   smaller  number  of  players  
  21. Apple  Mantra         Less  Choice  Is  Good,  Right?  
  22. Ya  Think?  
  23. So    Open  Source  and  Federa/on  are   key  to  enable  a  compe//ve   marketplace  
  24. Why  Open  Source?         Federa/on  !=  Open  Source    
  25. Why  Open  Source?  
  26. Examples  § IaaS:  Eucalyptus,  CloudStack,   OpenStack,  etc.  § PaaS:  CloudFoundry,  OpenShiR,   Brooklyn  Project,  Cloudify,  etc.    Disclosure:  Vmware,  RedHat,  CloudSoR,  Cloudify  sponsors  of  DeployCon  2012  
  27. Open  Source  in  ac.on     Tier  3,  Uhuru  SoRware,  Ac/veState  and  AppFog’s  use  of   CloudFoundry     Disclosure:  Tier  3  (also  client),  Ac/veState  &  AppFog   were  sponsors  of  DeployCon  2012  
  28. Conclusion  § Open  Source  =  Rapid  Innova/on  § Federa/on  =  Compe//ve  Cloud   Marketplace  § Open  Source  enables  easy  federa/on   and  plays  a  role  in  keeping  the   market  honest  
  29.     One  more  thing  (fortunately,  Apple  didn’t  patent  this)  
  30. Yes,  Open  Source  is  Important   If  you  agree  with  me,  please  tweet   Hey  @samj,  open  source  is  cri2cal  for  open   cloud  #oci     If  you  are  not  convinced,  please  tweet   Hey  @krishnan,  E  N  O  U  G  H  #oci     Thank  You    
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