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Rishidot Research Briefing Notes - Ravello Systems


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This is a briefing note prepared by Rishidot Research analyst on Ravello Systems, a startup focussing on application development environment and migration,

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Rishidot Research Briefing Notes - Ravello Systems

  1. 1. Ravello  Systems    A  Briefing  Note  By  Krishnan  Subramanian   Ravello  Systems   A  Briefing  Note  by  Krishnan  Subramanian     Company:     Ravello  Systems  (     Market:     DevOps  and  Application  Migration     Products:     Cloud  Application  Hypervisor     Summary:     Ravello  Systems  helps  migrate  your  applications  from  inside  the   organization’s  datacenter  to  cloud  and  across  the  cloud.  Ravello’s   Cloud  Application  Hypervisor  encapsulates  all  the  virtual  m achines   needed  for  an  application  to  make  the  migration  seamless.     Ravello’s  technology  can  also  be  used  in  the  application  development   lifecycle  by  offering  developers  a  development  platform  similar  to   their  production  environment  and  seamlessly  m ove  the  apps  from  one   to  another  
  2. 2. Ravello  Systems    A  Briefing  Note  By  Krishnan  Subramanian   Market  Overview     As  the  adoption  of  public  cloud  grows  in  the  enterprise  market  and  hybrid  clouds  are  seen  as  the   dominant  enterprise  strategy  for  years  to  come,  the  role  of  application  development  platforms  in  the   cloud  is  becoming  increasingly  important.  It  ranges  from  using  the  traditional  middleware  on  top  of   public  or  private  clouds  to  Platform  as  a  Service  on  the  other  side.  Application  Development  Platform   segment  in  the  cloud  is  a  bit  chaotic  at  present  with  organizations  still  trying  to  figure  out  the  right   model  for  their  hybrid  cloud  efforts.   Enterprises  are  moving  their  traditional  applications  to  the  private  cloud  while  also  exploring  the   modern  distributed  approach  to  software  development.  While  the  use  of  traditional  middleware  on   private  cloud  is  still  preferred  by  enterprises  wanting  to  deal  with  legacy  applications,  use  private  PaaS  is   seen  as  the  right  strategy  for  building  modern  applications  in  a  hybrid  cloud  environment.   As  the  market  matures  in  the  coming  two  years,  the  options  in  front  of  the  enterprise  developers  will   become  clearer.  In  the  mean  time,  enterprises  IT  is  going  to  focus  on  the  business  value,  lock-­‐in  risks,   security  models,  etc.  while  also  finding  a  way  to  keep  their  developers  from  going  to  hosted  solutions   without  their  knowledge  (Rogue  IT).  This  opens  up  opportunity  for  both  PaaS  providers  and  those   vendors  focusing  on  management  of  hybrid  or  federated  clouds.   Ravello  Systems  Overview     The  technology  behind  Ravello  Systems  is  built  in  such  a  way  that  it  slices  above  the  hypervisor  of  the   host  server  and  encapsulates  the  entire  application  with  Cloud  Application  Hypervisor.    With  this   technology,  one  can  migrate  the  application  development  environment  between  private  cloud  and   public  cloud  or  between  two  or  more  cloud  providers.   The  fact  that  the  slicing  and  encapsulation  happens  above  the  host  hypervisor  level  allows  the  migration   of  the  app  to  any  cloud  without  worrying  about  operating  systems  or  hypervisors.  Ravello  supports  full   overlay  network  and  storage  abstraction  that  allows  easy  optimization  of  the  application  for  any  cloud.   Ravello  is  offered  as  SaaS,  which  allows  users  to  log  into  their  platform,  upload  the  VMs,  draw  their   application  and  dependencies  using  a  visual  editor  and  deploy  to  any  cloud.  The  blueprint  feature  makes   the  replication  of  the  process  seamless  and  offers  IT  an  opportunity  to  deliver  a  dev  and  test   environment  exactly  similar  to  the  production  environment.  In  short,  developers  can  develop  their  app   on  any  cloud  with  an  environment  similar  to  the  production  environment  and  seamlessly  deploy  the  app   to  any  cloud.     Advantages     -­‐ Brings  parity  between  the  dev-­‐test  environment  and  production  environment   -­‐ Since  it  is  offered  as  SaaS,  the  costs  are  low  making  the  service  affordable.  Low  cost  added   with  the  agility  offered  by  the  hosted  model  makes  their  service  very  competitive   -­‐ Visual  editor  and  encapsulation  above  the  host  hypervisor  makes  the  migration  process,   even  if  the  application  uses  multiple  VMs,  seamless  and  fast  
  3. 3. Ravello  Systems    A  Briefing  Note  By  Krishnan  Subramanian   -­‐ Eliminates  one  of  the  biggest  enterprise  concerns  regarding  public  cloud  services  by   removing  infrastructure  lock-­‐in  risks   Disadvantages       -­‐ Being  a  new  company,  they  will  have  to  fight  for  developer  mindshare  vis  a  vis  PaaS.  Even   though  they  are  selling  directly  to  IT,  it  is  important  to  get  the  developer  mindshare  to  avoid   PaaS  based  rogue  IT  from  impacting  their  importance   -­‐ Since  cloud  application  hypervisor  packages  all  the  virtual  machines  and  storage  needed  for   the  application,  the  mobility  is  dependent  on  bandwidth  costs,  latency,  etc.   Competitors   Even  though  the  market  segment  is  still  at  its  infancy,  Ravello  Systems  face  competition  from   Ø PaaS  providers   Ø Big  vendors  like  Microsoft  and  VMware  who  are  focusing  on  application  management  to  smaller   vendors  like  AppZero   Ø Cloud  management  players  like  Rightscale,  enStratus,  etc.   Summary     Ravello  Systems  offers  a  powerful  service  with  a  very  good  visual  editor  that  makes  application   development  and  migration  seamless  for  enterprise  IT.  They  are  entering  the  market  at  the  right  time  as   enterprise  adoption  of  public  clouds  is  increasing  and,  slowly,  the  need  to  avoid  vendor  lock-­‐in  becoming   the  focus  of  CIOs  and  enterprise  IT  managers.  With  no  standards  in  sight,  a  service  like  the  one  offered   by  Ravello  Systems  is  a  right  fit  for  the  enterprise  IT.