Startups And The Cloud Chain Reaction


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Slides of talk given at the Startup Center in Chennai. In this talk, I talk about the services future and how startups can play a critical role in such a future.

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Startups And The Cloud Chain Reaction

  1. 1. Startups and the Cloud Chain Reaction
  2. 2. Plan for the talk India sucks Startups as key to future Indian success Unsolicited startup advise Great computing convergence Services Ocean Model Startups and Cloud – Potent combo for disruption Conclusion
  3. 3. Why I am talking here?• Because I am an analyst• 30000 feet view• No emotions (Ideally)• Activist analyst?
  4. 4. India Sucks
  5. 5. Wasted Talent
  6. 6. Stop Reinventing Wheel
  7. 7. Startups As India’s Future
  8. 8. Unsolicited Advise Think big Fail fast and often Disrupt yourselves Hire Imagineers – Say NO to engineers Distributed architecture FTW Forget humans and think APIs
  9. 9. Think Big
  10. 10. Fail Fast And Often
  11. 11. Disrupt Yourselves
  12. 12. Imagineers NOT Engineers
  13. 13. Distributed Architecture FTW Easy to fail Easy to disrupt Easy imagineering
  14. 14. Forget Humans Think APIs
  15. 15. Great Computing Convergence
  16. 16. Understanding Cloud Imagine cloud to be the “infrastructure” for data (where the action happens)
  17. 17. Understanding Social • Social is not about relationships and conversation • Social is about relationship between data • Social is a data source
  18. 18. Understanding Mobile • Mobile is not just an interface • Mobile is also a sensor and a source of data
  19. 19. Big Data
  20. 20. Today
  21. 21. Great Computing Convergence • Services, Services, Services • Large scale automation • Complex Adaptive Systems
  22. 22. Internet Of Things
  23. 23. Services Ocean Model World is full of services: Infrastructure Services, Platform Services, Services around data (called Apps in the previous era), Sensors as services, Data services, Intelligence as a service, etc. Services interact via APIs Services are also consumed through APIs Service plumbers (Ops), Service Devs (Developers) & Service Consumers (Biz Users)
  24. 24. Startups And Cloud
  25. 25. Startups And Cloud Cloud lets you think big Cloud lets you fail fast and often Cloud lets you disrupt yourself more easily Distributed architecture is in the cloud DNA Cloud is part of the Services Ocean and forms the basis for higher order services Cloud levels the playing ground for startups
  26. 26. Conclusion
  27. 27. My CoordinatesWork: Principal Analyst, Rishidot Researchand Editor, CloudAve.comEmail: krishnan@krishworld.comTwitter: @krishnanWebsite: www.rishidot.comBlog: