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Krish talk

  1. 1. Importance Of OpenStack An Outsider Perspective
  2. 2. What am I going to talk? Role of OSS in Cloud Computing Conventional Wisdom Debunking Conventional Wisdom Federation Is Key Cloud Wisdom Debunking Cloud Wisdom Open Source as an enabler of Federation Why OpenStack is important
  3. 3. Why I am talking here?• Because I am an analyst• 30000 feet view• No emotions (Ideally)• Activist analyst?• Competitive market is key
  4. 4. Open Source: Building Blocks ForCloud Web Sites to Web Services to Cloud: Open Source Is The Enabler License Freedom Economics Imagine AWS without OSS
  5. 5. Conventional Wisdom• Mostly western pundits• Economics of scarcity• CONSOLIDATION Meh
  6. 6. Why CW Worked? Market was mostly US Forced to believe in the economics of scarcity Open source was relatively new Barrier to entry for non-software products was very high
  7. 7. Debunking Conventional Wisdom World is flat and markets are global Global Investors making local play Handful of providers cannot meet diverse needs Regulatory regimes are not going away Open source enlightenment
  8. 8. New Conventional Wisdom Economics of abundance Open source showed the way Innovation and monetization at higher orders Technology is pushing the markets towards this trend Competition is key for the market system to be successful
  9. 9. Federated Clouds Conventional Wisdom Open Source Thinking (Economics of Scarcity) (Economics of Abundance)
  10. 10. Federated Clouds Federated Clouds as antidote against market monopoly Federated clouds can meet global needs including regulatory requirements Scalability? No worries. Federation can help Key for the Big Data world Different economics
  11. 11. Defining Federated CloudEcosystems Multitude of players Heterogeneity of cloud platforms Interoperability and Portability No vendor lock-in Geographical distribution
  12. 12. Multitude of players Central to the very idea of federated clouds Datacenters are not turning into football fields Critical to protect against market vulnerability - monopoly Community Clouds and Regional Clouds
  13. 13. Heterogeneity of CloudPlatforms Federation is possible with just one platform but Shifts the danger of market vulnerability to the platform than the provider Monopoly is bad even if it is open source Heterogeneity handles diversity Complex Adaptive Systems & Heterogeneous Environments
  14. 14. Interoperability and Portability Interoperability and Workload portability are critical Needed to avoid any lock-in Don’t care about standardization at this moment
  15. 15. Geographical Distribution Geographical distribution is key Requirement for multiple providers not enough Needs are diverse (performance, customization, etc.) Regulatory needs
  16. 16. Tim O’ Reilly School Of Thought Architecture Triumphs Licensing Focus on Interfaces and Formats
  17. 17. Open Cloud Initiative Open Cloud = No Vendor Lock In Open Cloud = Open Interfaces & Open Formats But Weird Requirement: At least one of the implementation should be open source
  18. 18. What #OCI Can Achieve? It Can Avoid Vendor Lock-In Help You Ensure Business Continuity But, But, But ………
  19. 19. But? It Doesn’t Actually Help Users Much Why? The “nature” of markets will lead to smaller number of players
  20. 20. Apple Mantra Less Choice Is Good, Right?
  21. 21. Ya Think?
  22. 22. SoOpen Source and Federation are key to enable a competitive marketplace
  23. 23. Why Open Source? Federation != Open Source
  24. 24. Why Open Source?
  25. 25. Why OpenStack Is Important? First truly OSS Cloud Infrastructure project to gain widespread traction Distributed architecture enables next gen services Vibrant ecosystem Both enterprise and service provider focus
  26. 26. Conclusion Open Source = Rapid Innovation Federation = Competitive Cloud Marketplace Open Source enables easy federation and plays a role in keeping the market honest OpenStack is critical
  27. 27. My CoordinatesWork: Principal Analyst, Rishidot Researchand Editor, CloudAve.comEmail: krishnan@krishworld.comTwitter: @krishnanWebsite: