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Identify database

  1. 1. February 2013
  2. 2. Ringgold’s Identify Database Over 354,000 institutional entities uniquely identified Publisher view of the market Critical mass of subscribing institutions Shows hierarchy of institutions Supplied directly as a data feed for internal systems Can be accessed through Ringgold’s web interface by IP or login
  3. 3. Database Currency Change rate of approx 25% per annum Data from publishers and customers  New organizations and hierarchies Consortia membership Local knowledge – over 40 researchers world-wide Specific market research, newsletters and databases Carnegie classification, Athens codes, JISC bands etc New metadata and initiatives, e.g. ISNI, types project
  4. 4. Metadata Unique Identifier  Size  Staff and Student FTEs Name & alternative names  Employees Location Data (City, State,  Professionals Zip/Country) (lawyers, doctors, teachers) URL and Email Domains  Faculty  Beds Type Classification  Members in Tiers consortia, societies and Alternate Identifiers (IPEDS, associations NACS/ODS)  Consortium membership  Authentication methods
  5. 5. Types and TiersTypes Tiers Academic  Ringgold (worldwide)  Universities  JISC Bands (UK)  Teaching hospitals  Carnegie Classifications (USA)  Research institutes  Other (Publisher’s own)  Colleges  Schools Corporate Consortia Health and hospitals Government  Central government Public  Local or state government  Public Libraries Not-for-profit Distributor
  6. 6. Database file structureRinggold Institutional Identifier Ringgold assigned number (Ringgold ID)Institution Name Legal name in native language (where appropriate)Alternative Names Commonly used names, English language name, name of libraryLocation City, State, ZIP/Postcode, CountryURL Domain, sub-domain or specific department URLAlternative URL Email or alternative domain names (where available) Classification, or category, e.g. academic, corporate, health,Type government, and subset usually subject related, e.g. medical Free text notes including estimated size, e.g. number of members of aNotes society Each organization is assigned a Ringgold Tier. As appropriate, other tiersInstitutional Tiers are also included: Carnegie (2010), JISC band Number of staff, students, employeesSize (definition depends on category) number of beds, professional staff (as appropriate)Linked Institutions (e.g., consortial Name and Nature of Linkrelationship)Hierarchical Relationship Links to parent or owning institution(s) and to subordinate institutions IP addresses, Athens Organization Codes, Federations IDs (whereAuthentication available)
  7. 7. As of February 2013
  8. 8. Records by Region Region Total database North America 176,517 Europe 87,780 Asia 51,830 Australasia 14,339 South America and Caribbean 10,489 Africa 8,149 Middle East 5,138 Unassigned (Multi) 125 TOTAL 354,367
  9. 9. Records by Sector Type Group Total database Academic 153,243 Corporate 71,322 Government (National) 13,970 Hospitals 26,701 Public (Local Government) 51,953 Other (Non-profit) 33,338 Consortia 1,071 Distributors 1,597 Healthcare 1,118 Unclassified (In checking process) 4 TOTAL 354,367
  10. 10. Mapping the world the way publishers see it
  11. 11. Current Hierarchy
  12. 12. Academic Hierarchy Campuses Department or Division or School Department College, Faculty or SchoolAcademic system Academic Institute within a or Educational institution faculty Grouping College, Faculty or School Multi-disciplinary Institute
  13. 13. Corporate Hierarchy Corporate Site or Office Subsidiary R&D Organization (if not global) Corporate Site or Country HQ Office Regional HQ Corporate Site or Subsidiary HQ Country HQ Office Country HQ Corporate HQ Regional HQ Country HQ Regional R&D Organization Global R&D Organization Regional R&D Organization
  14. 14. Health Hierarchy Medical Department University University Hospital Research Centre Healthcare System (National) Medical Department City Hospital District Hospital Group Regional Health Centre
  15. 15. Government Hierarchy Government Individual Research Institutes Institute Government Site of Office Government Ministry Central Government Government Site Government Department of Office Government Ministry Government Government Site Department of Office
  16. 16. Diane Cogan