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Ringgold Webinar Series: ProtoView - Publication Metadata to Drive Discovery, Purchase & Use of Your Content


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In May 2014, we introduced ProtoView to our free webinar series. With ProtoView we promote your titles through professionally created abstracts, bibliographic entries, and expanded metadata delivered to the scholarly supply chain. In this webinar, we talked about the new developments in academic markets and how to maximize your titles' presence in web scale discovery services. (Hint: It's all about discoverability.)

We discussed the metadata elements included in ProtoView, the different levels of service available for print and electronic books and journals, and custom solutions available by sending electronic data in conjunction with print review copies.

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Ringgold Webinar Series: ProtoView - Publication Metadata to Drive Discovery, Purchase & Use of Your Content

  1. 1. Ringgold Webinar Series May 15 and 20, 2014
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda The story of Book News and Ringgold Metadata – Critical in a digital world Ringgold's ProtoView service What is it? What problems does it solve? How much does it cost?
  3. 3. Ringgold and Book News 35 years of Reference & Research Book News: Creating professionally written abstracts for delivery to booksellers and libraries Book News, Inc. acquired by Ringgold in mid-2012 Today: Providing the same level of service with the expanded capability to accept electronic materials and distribute data to discovery services
  4. 4. More Important Than Ever
  5. 5. Content is King? Metadata is the real ruler of the realm Good quality data is the foundation of effective promotion Using narrative descriptions of content has always been important, but is now indispensible
  6. 6. Data = Sales The difference in average sales between records which don’t have enhanced metadata, and records which do have enhanced metadata elements is on average over 2,600 units, which represents an increase of almost 700% Titles that meet the BIC Basic standard see average sales 98% higher than those that don’t meet the standard Records with a complete BIC Basic data but no image have average sales of 473% higher in comparison to those records which have neither the complete BIC Basic data elements or an image. White Paper: The Link Between Metadata and Sales By Andre Breedt, Head of Publisher Account Management; David Walter, Research and Development Analyst, 2012
  7. 7. Warning: Lack of high quality information reduces the likelihood of content to be discovered.
  8. 8. Market Intelligence to Inform Effective Publicity
  9. 9. Evolution of Search & Discovery
  10. 10. A Definition of Web Scale Discovery A pre-harvested central index coupled with a richly featured discovery layer providing a single search across a library’s local, open access, and subscription collections.
  11. 11. Next Generation Discovery Platforms
  12. 12. The Black Box The people who know how these systems work aren’t telling
  13. 13. Not Just Another Search PDA/DDA: purchasing models ahead of technologies’ ability to properly accommodate. The acquisition systems developed in conjunction with WSD represent a logical progression of capabilities Demand-driven acquisition (DDA) is not new, but it is on the rise. Approximately 400 to 600 libraries worldwide have switched to a demand-driven (patron-driven) system for purchasing new works, and that number is likely to double over the next year
  14. 14. “Many Orbis Cascade libraries are no longer using subject selectors to build print collections – we have moved to a pure Demand Driven Acquisitions model.” – Acquisitions Librarian, Portland State University We have heard similar statements from a range of libraries
  15. 15. Using Data to Drive Discovery
  16. 16. ProtoView The only service dedicated to serving scholarly publishers to create and disseminate print and e-book metadata featuring professionally written summary abstracts Developed from a successful model as the next generation of services to meet the needs of an evolving market Guided by industry best practices and standards
  17. 17. ProtoView bridges the gap between data and discovery Ringgold has developed the first service that combines standardized metadata elements and narrative descriptions (title and optional chapter abstract summaries) ProtoView is a publisher’s best route to establish an enhanced presence for publications within discovery and acquisition systems which are otherwise inaccessible
  18. 18. ProtoView offers: Rapid, professional production of enhanced metadata for both print and e-books, journals and online content Link to the supply chain – Large scale dissemination Custom data profiles to accommodate any publisher need Multi-channel approach to end users: Prompt delivery to discovery services New web interface customized for buyers of scholarly works Automatic alerts of new titles to end users of
  19. 19. Examples of available elements
  20. 20. Screenshot 1
  21. 21. Screenshot 2
  22. 22. Our current licensees (selected): As a group, these leading resources are used in over 75% of US college libraries:  Baker & Taylor  TitleSource 3  Majors Education Solutions  Content Cafe  YBP  GOBI Selection Database  EBSCO  Book Index with Reviews  EBSCOhost databases  Gale – Cengage  Gale Book Review Index Online Plus  Ex Libris  Primo  ProQuest   Academic Research Library  Canadian Business and Current Affairs  ProQuest Central Research Library  ProQuest Health and Medical  ProQuest Humanities Module  Eastern Book Company  Book Lists  Title Selection Database
  23. 23. ProtoView Custom Some publishers choose to send data feeds with their printed review copies with metadata they have already created, such as Table of Contents, DOIs, cover images, etc. We start with ProtoView Plus pricing and make a small charge for each additional metadata element. A complete list of what can be provided, and how much each element costs is available upon request. Individual solutions are available to meet any publisher need Example Case: Pricing:
  24. 24. Final thoughts… We strive to produce a high quality product dedicated to scholarly works– it’s what our users (your buyers) have come to expect. To maintain our editorial standards and the reliability of our data, only published editions of eBooks and other electronic content are accepted. Our focus is on academic content. Therefore, we don’t include works of fiction, poetry, plays, or juvenile titles within the ProtoView database. Our publishing partners are provided free access to For login credentials, contact us at:
  25. 25. Jay Henry Jean Brodahl Chief Marketing Officer Publisher Relations Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your data