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Successful Cloud Orchestration with RightScale CMP


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As cloud use explodes, it’s important to develop a strategy for orchestrating and automating across all your cloud and non-cloud infrastructure environments. However, the use of the term orchestration has become overloaded and can refer to many different types of tools. Learn about the different types of orchestration automation tools and the role a cloud management platform (CMP) can play as an “orchestrator of orchestrators.”

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Successful Cloud Orchestration with RightScale CMP

  2. 2. Panelists • Kim Weins • VP Marketing, RightScale • Mitch Gerdisch • Cloud Solutions Engineer, RightScale
  3. 3. • Orchestration Overload • Diversity of Automation and Orchestration Tools • Orchestrating the Orchestrators • Role of the CMP • Demo Agenda
  4. 4. “Automation is concerned with a single task – launching a web server, configuring a web server, stopping a service. Orchestration, however, is concerned with automating, if you will, the execution of a workflow – of a process. A provisioning process may be comprised of multiple tasks and involve multiple systems.” Orchestration Defined Source:, Automation versus Orchestration, Lori MacVittie
  5. 5. “Orchestrating a hybrid set of infrastructure automation domains in support of cloud computing is key for the modern data center.” With Cloud, Orchestration is Even More Critical Source: Gartner, I&O Leaders Must Plan for Hybrid Cloud Orchestration, Dec 2016
  6. 6. Everything is an Orchestration Tool Configuration Management Container orchestration CI/CD orchestration Cloud-specific orchestration PaaS orchestration
  7. 7. Automation and Orchestration Domains Source: Gartner, I&O Leaders Must Plan for Hybrid Cloud Orchestration, Dec 2016
  8. 8. CMP: Orchestrator of Orchestrators Source: Gartner, I&O Leaders Must Plan for Hybrid Cloud Orchestration, Dec 2016
  9. 9. Optima Cost management and collaborative optimization RightScale CMP Solution VIRTUAL SERVERS PUBLIC CLOUDS IAAS+/PAAS SERVICES PRIVATE CLOUDS BARE METAL SERVERS CONTAINER CLUSTERS RightScale Cloud Management Platform User access controls and governance Governance Cloud Management Multi-cloud visibility, automation, and operations Self-Service Catalog of templates and automated provisioning MULTI-CLOUD ORCHESTRATION
  10. 10. Beyond “Least Common Denominator” 9 Compute Storage Network Database Built-In Integration Cloud Service Plug-Ins AWS Lambda Google Container Engine Azure PaaS and more… Created by • RightScale • Customer • 3rd party 3rd Party DNS
  11. 11. Multi-Cloud, Multi-Service Orchestration RightScale Cloud Application Template Cloud Compute Cloud Storage Cloud Network Images Templates/Contain ers PaaS Services IaaS+ Services Web Services Define Resources Control User Options Orchestrate Deployment Enable Operations Code IaaS Resources Extended Services Application Assets 10
  12. 12. Sample Workflow (yours will vary) 1. Launch master & slave DB 2. Take backup of master 3. Initialize slave from backup 4. Launch app servers 5. Launch LBs 6. Connect tiers 7. Update DNS records 8. Run automated test 9. Automatically update CMDB Use Case: Application Provisioning 11 Load Balancers App Servers Master DB Slave DB Replicate > DNS Orchestrated Provisioning: Cloud Application Template (CAT) Configure a server: • ServerTemplate • CM Scripts • Docker • AMI • CF • VM template
  13. 13. DockerHub Docker images Use Case: Automated CI/CD with Docker 12 CI System Code commit Build/save images GitHub Repo App codeDeveloper Trigger CI RightScale TemplatesTemplatesTemplates RightScale API Test Infrastructure RightScale API Staging Infrastructure RightScale API Prod Infrastructure Deployments based on templates Docker Host Docker Host Docker Host Docker Host Docker Host Docker Host Docker Host Docker Host Docker Host Pull/deploy images
  14. 14. Use Case: Unattached Volume Policy AWS Azure Google vSphere Find Unattached Volumes Alert Automate Deletion User
  15. 15. DEMO
  16. 16. • For more information, contact Q&A