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  1. 1. RECRUITMENT Irving Isaac Sandoval Chávez UVM-GLION
  2. 2. RECRUITMENT DEFINITION  Defined as a set of procedures used to attract a sufficient number of suitable candidates for a specific position in a particular organization.  The recruitment process begins with the search for candidates and ends when receiving applications for employment.
  3. 3. RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN ORGANIZATION AND MARKET Organization Market Labor Human Resources Market * Jobs and opportunities * Salaries * Benefits * Image transmitted * Response to jobs and opportunities * Response to the wage * Response to the offerings * Perceived Image
  4. 4. STEPS IN HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING 1 INTERNAL INVESTIGATION What the organization needs is: People essential to the organizational task 3 Recruitment techniques used 2 EXTERNAL RESEARCH What the Human Resources market can offer is: Recruitment sources to locate and identify
  5. 5. RECRUITMENT TECHNIQUES WE CAN USE TO ATTRACT CANDIDATES TO OUR JOB:  Internal The company tries to fill by relocating employees, which can be promoted or transferred with promotion.  External An organization attempts to fill with strangers, for example: external candidates attracted by the techniques of recruitment.
  6. 6. RECRUITMENT SOURCES Organization The company Other companies Colleges and Universities Other Recruitment Sources Human Resources Market
  7. 7. RECRUITMENT SOURCES  Internal * File requests * Union * Recommended * Internal promotions  External * Employment Agencies * Educational institutions * Job Fairs * Professional Social Networks: XING, Netiner  Media * Newspapers * Radio * Television * Internet
  8. 8. RECRUITMENT NEW TREND  Relationship is established by accessing interactive tools available on the web such as professional networks, twitter, forums and more.
  9. 9. COMPANIES * Association of Executive Search Consultants * AIMS International * Egon Zehnder International * Gary Kaplan & Associates * Arithon
  10. 10. VIDEO-CLIP