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Mlm Business Start Up Power Point

  1. Systems that are duplicatable
  2. Training and education
  3. Team effort with experts in their field
  4. Support that is unparalleled
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. True residual income is made by having the leverage of multiple hundreds of thousands of people working under you.
  7. The Right Management Team
  8. The Right Compensation Plan
  9. The Right Support System
  10. Does the product have a unique or patented process?
  11. Is the product or service highly consumable or used everyday?
  12. Is the product a need product or a want product?
  13. Can the consumer get involved in an Auto Ship program?
  14. Does the consumer have to by from you or your web site?
  15. Marketing allows you to reach to the masses through branding yourself and getting your prospects to believe in you.
  16. When your prospects believe in you, the ability to sell them something becomes natural and they will buy from you for a life time.
  17. Go to Networking Events, mixers, parties, sporting events and any other place you can to meet new people. The more you are in front of people the better opportunity you have to meet new people to eventually join your business.
  18. Join Social Networking Sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and others but make sure you are educated on how to promote on Social Networking Sites.
  19. Post adds on, write articles for press releases, post to blogs, join forums and post quality content that will add value to the reader.
  20. When you are building your list make sure you can manage it with notes of when and what was said to your prospect. You should have an List Builder that also has and Auto Responder function. I recommend AWeber to build your list!
  21. Once you start building your list the communication will be the key in the success of your business. Remember the key is to add value and have that persona of a leader that knows what he or she is talking about. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
  22. Not able to duplicate what they learned.
  23. Not enough money to grow their business.
  24. Never wrote down their reason WHY they started the business.
  25. Never set goals or wrote them down.
  26. Did not know how to find new customers on an ongoing basis.
  27. Listen To Audio Tapes
  28. Go To Training Seminars
  29. Go to Company Functions