Playstation 3 Accessories


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Want to buy Cheap PS3 accessories and gaming

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Playstation 3 Accessories

  1. 1. ==== ====Want to buy cut price playstation 3 accessories? ====There is a lot to know about video games and the video game industry. Purchasing games,consoles and accessories for your friends and family can be daunting for first-time video gameshoppers. Here are a few hints and tips to make holiday shopping faster and more effective.Tip #1: TerminologyHoliday requests will come to you in two forms: verbally or as a list. You think you know what theywant until you hit the store and find out there are many products of similar name.Do not confuse the term "xbox" as a generic Microsoft gaming console. There are two xboxsystems: Xbox and Xbox 360. If your loved one asks for a "360" it will be the Xbox 360. If theyrequest an Xbox console in 2006, theyre probably looking for the Xbox 360 because its the newconsole. If you are unsure, ask. Getting the wrong games or the wrong system will lead to manyincompatibilities and, likely, a return trip to the store.The brands that will lead to confusion are:XboxPlayStationNintendoEach brand has at least two variants:Xbox, Xbox 360PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo WiiSony and Nintendo have hand-held variants:Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite
  2. 2. Sony PSPMost confusion will arise when talking about last-generation and the current generation systems.Gamers looking for "the older system" will be talking about the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and/orNintendo GameCube. Gamers asking for "the new system" will be looking for the Sony PlayStation3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.Many stores reference the newest console systems as "next-generation" which equates to "thenew one." Know which generation youre looking for before buying games or systems. In amoment of desperation, simply remember the most expensive console will almost always be thenewest console of the same brand. For example, the Xbox will be cheaper than the Xbox 360(both Microsoft products) by a large degree. Many stores may push older products on youbecause its a better "deal." Your gift may not hold the same surprise and enthusiasm if youpurchase last generations model.Hand-Held gaming is more clear-cut for brand selection. Sony will offer the PSP product line and itwont be too confused with the Nintendo DS product line. The confusion will arise when you get tothe store to find out that Nintendo is sporting two separate DS types: A standard DS and a DS"Lite." The DS Lite is the newest product by Nintendo and will be the best product for the price. Itis a smaller product with a longer battery life and a brighter screen, everything else is about thesame between the two. You may also choose a few colors (White, Black and Pink for the DS Lite).Use your best judgment when picking colors.Tip #2: AvailabilityThe chances are your looking to buy the next-generation video game system. Do not becomefrustrated with "sold out" signs - this is typical for the holiday season in a year when newtechnology arrives for the holidays.Sony PlayStation 3 has arrived in very limited quantities while the Nintendo Wii has shipped manymore quantities. Both systems are extremely new and all the gamers want them. Regardless ofquantities, the chances are you will find many stores sold out this year. Be prepared to find analternative or a creative way of saying sorry.Online shopping may be the easiest solution to limited quantities. You can find the Nintendo Wiionline quicker than hitting every store in the city. The Sony PlayStation 3 may not be found at allbut there is a great chance the person requesting the product knows of its limited launch figures.Tip #3: Choosing The Best SystemSome gamers want "a new console" but are not so fussy about which console it should be. Ifyoure gaming friend is between five and fifteen they may fall in love with the Nintendo Wiibecause the games are more "child friendly" and the system caters to casual gamers and first timevideo gamers.If you are buying for a teenager or gamer over twenty years of age you may find they desire an
  3. 3. Xbox 360 or the PlayStation product line. These consoles offer a large variety of games withvarying maturity levels. A large number of popular Xbox 360 titles are targeted towards "matureaudiences" in a genre known as a first-person-shooter (FPS) which involves the gamer killing lotsof "enemies" with weapons.Your gamer enthusiast may be requesting a Sony PlayStation 3 because theyre already proudowners of a Sony PlayStation 2. If youre having difficulty finding the new console system you maywant to abort that mission and pickup some great PlayStation 2 games to satisfy their demands.The PlayStation 2 product line has the largest selection of games on the market which means youwill have a broad range of products for great gift ideas.Tip #4: Figuring Out What Theyve GotBefore you can shop for a new game, you must know what the gamer already has in theirpossession. This can be difficult to obtain but the fastest, most effective method, is to ask them towrite down the games they already own. You can ask them what they want, but what do you buythem if its sold out?You may decide to go the black ops route and sneak into their archives using a digital camera (ornotepad) and write down their current titles. This may work as well but requires a little more digitalsleuth abilities and their list of game titles may be extensive.Last resort? Ask them what "type" of games they like to play. Their answer may fit the followinggenres:FPS or "Shooters": Games where the player runs around with various weapons and pulls offmissions in world war scenarios or space alien battles.Simulations: Games that simulate real world scenarios or activities and are typically not too violent(unless its a war simulation of course).Family: Games you can play with the entire family, may include puzzle games.Racing: Competitive racing car games.Sports: College Football, College Basketball, Pro Football, Pro Basketball, Hockey, Golf, etc.Role Playing: Action/Adventure gaming which typically take place in a medieval setting withswords and dragons and such.
  4. 4. Action: Fast past almost "arcade" style games. Nothing too involved or serious but contains hoursof game play. Some games may be violent (i.e. Saints Row on the Xbox 360) while others are sillyand fun (i.e. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy on all consoles).A big gamer may be in love with many genres of gaming but will often select one or two when theyhave to give gift ideas. They know the broader the selection the more confusing it can be.Tip #5: Games Are Not Compatible Across BrandsDo not assume that a Nintendo game will work with an Xbox video game console. This is neverthe case because each brand is competing for your sale. There are some cases where the samebrand will work from generation to generation but there are exceptions.Many Microsoft Xbox games will work on the Microsoft Xbox 360, but not all of them. Microsoftpublishes and maintains their current compatibility list at: 2 games will work with the Sony PlayStation 3 so compatibility should not be aproblem if you manage to get your hands on a Sony PlayStation 3 in 2006. Some games arereported to have issues but Sony is working to resolve them. Any gamer that receives a SonyPlayStation 3 will surely not complain if a few of their older games are not working up to par.Nintendos older GameCube games will work on the next-generation Nintendo Wii, including theirolder game controllers. A gamer with the older version of Nintendos video game console will findmore value with the Wii because their old games will still work.Tip #6: The Picture (HDTV/SDTV)If you are choosing a new video game console this year please consider the quality of your currenttelevision set. You do not have to hit the stores in search for a new High Definition TV if this is notin your budget because all console systems will work on a standard definition TV (STDTV).If you want the best possible picture for this new system, please research your current televisionsinput possibilities. The Microsoft Xbox 360 comes with component cables that will work with astandard TV and most HDTVs. You may also purchase S-Video AV cables for older style TVs orVGA HD AV Cables for computer monitors or some HDTVs.You will find that Sonys PlayStation 3 also arrives with component cables capable of both HTDVand SDTV. You may opt to purchase an HDMI cable if you plan on watching BluRay movies, haveTV HDMI inputs and want to "future proof" your system (where the future is at least a year). AnHDMI cable has the added benefit of including both audio and video into one small cable and willreduce clutter along with other technical advantages which would fill an entire article itself.The Nintendo products all rely on standard television sets so no additional cable accessories willbe required.Tip #7: The Prices
  5. 5. The prices of the game console systems and games vary by brand but will be consistent in moststores and shopping areas. If you plan to buy the new Xbox 360 game Gears of War youll findyourself paying USD $59.99 in almost any store you find. If you find a game that is cheaper in onestore than another you should ask if its on sale or pre-owned.Some retailers will push "pre-owned" (used) games on you because they bring in a larger profit forthe company. These games, typically, are as good as new and most professional game retailerswill validate the game works or contains a scratch free surface for CD/DVD game media. Pleasebe aware that some retailers will try to sneak you a pre-owned copy of a game over the new copyif you simply request the title by name.Older generation consoles, Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, will havecheaper prices on the console system and the games. Many older games may vary in pricebecause retailers have a huge supply and must get rid of them.Just like old model cars, older games and game consoles will have lower prices and usually be abetter deal than a new model. You must understand, if buying the product as a gift, you will wantto make sure your gift receiver wants an older generation game or game console. Many avidgamers keep up on console technology aggressively and may be looking for the next greatestproduct, not the older models.Tip #8: Purchasing Used ProductsUsed products, known as "pre-owned" by many retailers (it sounds better), have cheaper pricesand are, usually, a better value. Most consoles utilize a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM media type so it isfairly easy to check the quality of the media by looking at the surface. This is not true, however, ofconsole systems.Purchasing a console as a pre-owned product can be dangerous if the retailer has not doneproper and extensive testing. Many retailers will power on the system and put a game in the drive,if it boots then its ready to sell. This does not uncover overheating problems or system freezingthat can occur over a long duration of play.If you are buying a console system as a gift you may want to choose to purchase a product newover pre-owned to avoid passing on the hassle to the receiver of your lovable gift. Used games aremuch less risk then a used console.Most retail outlets refuse to sell used PC video games because many games require license keysto play. Buying back a PC video game can lead to licensing issues and complications in the futureand its usually not a typical practice.Tip #9: Extended Service AgreementsThere are two service agreements you may run into while purchasing a console system: retailextended service agreement and manufacturer extended warranty. A retail outlet may offer anagreement they have supplied and when a product must be returned you bring it back to the storeor chain you purchased the agreement with. A manufacturer extended warranty is issued by thecompany which created the product (i.e. Microsoft). If the product breaks, you ship it back to the
  6. 6. manufacturer.Most people believe service agreements are "free money" to the retail outlet and manufacturer. Inmany cases this will be true, with a special exception: early adopters. If you want to cover yourproduct for an additional two years or more you may opt to purchase the agreement. If you arebuying a product that is new to the market, such as the Sony PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii, it maybe in your best interest to buy an extended agreement.Unfortunately, it is common for manufacturers to produce products that have flaws in their initialdesigns. Many of these flaws do not rear their ugly head until after the 90-day express warranty ormanufacturers limited 1-year warranty. While newer products have fixed many of the flaws thatare found by the early adopters, you might be the early adopter that was hit by the problem and itcan become costly.Tip #10: Understand Return PoliciesReturning policies for video game products vary from retailer to retailer. One important thing tokeep in mind: opening a video game seal limits your return choices. Most retail outlets will allowyou to return a product if it is defective and it may be returned for the same product.Most return policies do not tolerate the "I dont like it" reason for returning a product. Some retailoutlets which are not 100% focused on gaming may allow you to return products after the seal hasbeen opened but this isnt typical for a game store. Do not open a product if you are unsure youwant to keep it.Always keep your receipts handy, especially for gifts. Many online stores allow you to returngames without a physical receipt because the records of the order are on hand. A walk-in store willrequire you to have a receipt or gift receipt for exchanges for different products. You may be ableto return a product for the same product if you do not have a receipt but it is always advised tokeep those receipts for roughly 30 days.After 15 to 30 days, most companys in-store return policy will expire. You will be forced to talkwith the publisher of the game or manufacturer of the console system to get further assistance.Remember your implied limited warranty on products if you are living within the United States.Almost every state has a "limited" warranty on products that covers 1-year. This does not,however, cover acts of god or user error resulting in a broken product.Electronic devices are sensitive and should be handled with care. Always use a surge protector tofront-end any sensitive electronic equipment to avoid any "acts of god" from striking yourneighborhood and causing electric shocks.Hopefully these tips will make your holiday shopping a bit less stressful.Jennifer and Derrick Schommer are gaming enthusiasts that write many gaming articles. Theydecided to take their passion to the next level and started an online gaming ecommerce site at
  7. 7. http://www.techdiversions.comKeep up with their blog at []Article Source: ====Want to buy cut price playstation 3 accessories? ====