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241 oral presentation


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Published in: Education
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241 oral presentation

  1. 1. Tips for Researching and Designing a 5-minute Presentation [Librarians’ secrets to happiness]
  2. 2. Show us the BIG picture first Your first slide might explain the historical context. What were Hoovervilles? What was happening at the time that caused them to exist? What circumstances in history made Dixy Lee Ray special? “The New Forest.” Some rights reserved by @Doug88888
  3. 3. ZOOM IN to explain the specific event or person. Where were the Hoovervilles in Seattle located? How many people lived there? Can you find a specific story of one person or family that illustrates what it was like to live in the Seattle Hooverville? “Tree in the Fog (Explored) CC BY-NC-
  4. 4. Skip over the less-significant details Is it really important to tell us that Hoover’s dog’s name was Raymond? “Ladybug Ladybug III” Terry Bain CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
  5. 5. Include visuals (and remember to cite them) . . . and be sure to cite them. Homeless man sitting in front of Hooverville shack, October 27, 1931.
  6. 6. Use a variety of sources Books (print AND electronic) Encyclopedias (print AND electronic) The web (use librarian tips) Periodical databases (like ProQuest)