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Digital writer's workshop (1)

  1. 1. Julie Reuter 5/6 Grade Teacher Merton Intermediate School Follow me on Twitter: @jgbluedevil Companion Website: Digital Writer's Workshop
  2. 2. What is Writer's Workshop? Writing Workshop creates an environment where students can acquire skills, along with fluency, confidence, and desire to see themselves as writers. Writer's Workshop Overview
  3. 3. Writer's Workshop Check-in What is your favorite thing about Writer's Workshop? Explain. What would you change about Writer's Workshop? Explain.
  4. 4. Writer's Workshop Components and Digital Possibilities ● Launching Units ● Mini Lessons/Author's Craft ● Conferring ● Revising and Sharing ● Publishing ● Sharing
  5. 5. Technology Integration An Introduction to Technology Integration Video Best Practices: Why Technology Integration Page Why Integrate?
  6. 6. 20/20 Matrix: 21st Century Learners
  7. 7. Wisconsin
  8. 8. How Do We Decide What is Best Practice and When to Integrate? Standards-based Assessments Common Core Standards Lessons/Activities Which Are: ● curriculum based ● based on student need and ability ● consider the 4C's ● differentiated and personalized ● integrated technology when appropriate ● building relationships ● encouraging student choice Best Practices For Technology Integration Page Best Practices Worksheet
  9. 9. PLN's (Personal Learning Networks) ● Who is in your PLN? ● Who is in your students' PLN? ● Why are PLN's important for a digital writer's workshop? ● What are the possibilities? Creating Your Personal Learning Networks: Will Richardson
  10. 10. Poetry Advice Padlet
  11. 11. PLN's for Every Learner Grandparents Parents Ethan Michelle Buddies
  12. 12. PLN Examples Mrs. Reuter's Class PLN PLN's at Different Grade Levels
  13. 13. PLN Examples What is a PLN? 5th Grade & 1st Grade Buddies Buddy Presentations 5th & 1st Grade
  14. 14. Organizing a Digital Writer's Workshop ● What would my classroom look like? ● What do I need to prepare ahead of time? ● What would I be doing? ● What would my students be doing? ● What would class work look like? What does homework look like?
  15. 15. Classroom Climate Risk takers encouraged Freedom and choice Students taking charge of own learning Passions shared and encouraged The 4C's Relationships Hard workers building stamina Clear directions, expectations and assessments Teacher interaction, sharing and conferring
  16. 16. Tools for Digital Writer's Workshop Writer's Notebooks Binders Chart paper Sticky notes Netbooks/Chromebooks Smart board Hover cam iTouch Library and Online Resources Google Apps
  17. 17. Digital Writer's Workshop: A Snapshot Quotes from Authors About Writing
  18. 18. Student Access to Resources
  19. 19. Author's Craft and Mini Lessons Possibilities... Share... Everyday Edit Teacher's College Videos Common Core Smart Exchange Educreations
  20. 20. Conferring: Focusing on the Writer What is conferring? " Young writer's want to be listened to. They also want honest, adult responses. They need teachers who will guide them to the meanings they don't know yet by showing them how to build on what they do know and can do. Student writer's need response while the words are churning out, in the midst of the messy, tentative act of drafting meaning. And they need to be able to anticipate and predict how their teacher will approach them." ~Nancy Atwell, 1998 "I've seen good teachers give up on the notion of conferring individually with their students- and this is understandable, but not acceptable. In the teaching of writing, there could be no compromise that costs so much." ~Lucy Calkins, 1994 What can it be?
  21. 21. Conferring: Conversations "We enter into many conversations in part because we are interested in the subject, but mainly because we care about the person with whom we are talking. I fear that with all the pressure we feel today as teachers to raise test scores and to get our students to meet standards, it's all too easy to forget we must communicate to them in conferences how much we care about them." ~Carl Anderson, 2000 Face to Face Blogging Sharing: Conferring Ideas Email PLN's: Share the Wealth Buddies & Writing Mentors Sticky Notes Moodle Forums
  22. 22. Sharing: During Writing Process
  23. 23. Sharing Face to Face Blogging Sharing: Conferring Ideas Email PLN's: Share the Wealth Buddies & Writing Mentors Sticky Notes Moodle Forums Parents Web 2.0 Tools
  24. 24. Collaboration 3rd Grade Buddies: Book Blurb Share Get started! Have a conversation, locally or globally.
  25. 25. Strategy Groups Non-Fiction Book Example Notetaking Example Strategy Group Handout
  26. 26. Publish, Celebrate, Share
  27. 27. Sharing Published Pieces
  28. 28. Book Tour Video
  29. 29. Reflect...
  30. 30. ● Units of Study ● Mini Lessons ● Conferring ● Drafting ● Revising ● Sharing ● Editing ● Publishing ● Writer's Log ● Blogging ● Blog Comments ● Padlet Comments ● Mini Lesson Practice ● Boom Writer ● Video Creations ● Units of Study Extensions
  31. 31. Google Docs
  32. 32. Google Presentations
  33. 33. Photos ● Pic Collage ● Free Copyright Friendly Images for Education
  34. 34. Google Drawing Can be saved as pdfs and pngs to be inserted into other presentations and web sites.
  35. 35. Google Sites Weebly Sites
  36. 36. Google Forms
  37. 37. Boom Writer Motivate your students to write their best with Boom Writer
  38. 38. Blogging: Kidblog Mrs. Reuter's Class Blog
  39. 39. Blogging: At All Grade Levels ● Collaborative Comments (4K-1st Grade) ● Collaborative Blogs (2nd-3rd Grade) ● Host Individual Blogs posted in Kidblog, Moodle or other blog hosting site (4th-12th Grade)
  40. 40. Padlet
  41. 41. Moodle
  42. 42. Flip Snack
  43. 43. Smore Book Blurb Examples
  44. 44. The Power of Video in Writer's Workshop
  45. 45. Writer's Workshop Video Ideas Reflection ● You Tube ● CNN Student News Student Creation ● Christopher Columbus Job Application Video ● Smore w/Video
  46. 46. How Do You Do It All? Start
  47. 47. Resources Anderson, Carl. How's it Going?: A Practical Guide to Conferring with Student Writers. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2000. Brookhart, Susan M. How to Create and Use Rubrics for Formative Assessment and Grading. Alexandria: ASCD, 2013. "Heinemann: Pathways to the Common Core." Heinemann: Pathways to the Common Core. 11 Apr. 2013 <>. Hicks, Troy. The Digital Writing Workshop. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2009.