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Diversity toolkit


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Tutorial at the RENDER Kick-off Meeting

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Diversity toolkit

  1. 1. WP4: Diversity toolkitWP introduction and planning
  2. 2. Project overviewWPs 6: Dissemination, exploitation, community WP5: Case studies WP7: Project management WP4: Diversity toolkit Media Wiki Yammer WordPress Google Wave WP3: Diversity representation &processing building Models and Search, selection Presentation Summarization metaphors and ranking and interfaces WP2: Diversity mining Opinion Multilinguality Bias in media Fact coverage Story links detection WP1: Data collection and management Annotation, integration, Blogs News Twitter Wikipedia LOD linking
  3. 3. WP Overviewo 2 Taskso T4.1: Extensions to Web 2.0 based collaboration platforms • One deliverable at end of each project yearo T4.2: Best practices (M18-M36) • One deliverable at end of second and third year each
  4. 4. T4.1: Extensions to existing toolso First set of extensions, including WordPress and MediaWikio Evaluation of candidates at M12 for further toolso Candidates: Google Wave and Microbloggingo Based on expected impact and case study needs (especially Telefónica) • Which ones would that be?
  5. 5. WordPresso Most popular CMS in use todayo Used by 12% of the top 100k Websiteso 25 Mio+ installationso Grew from a blogging systemso Full-fledged CMS by nowo Huge amounts of extensionso PHPo GPL
  6. 6. MediaWikio Most popular wiki on the Web todayo Developed for Wikipedia, but was generalizedo Still geared towards high performanceo More than 1000 extensions, like Semantic MediaWikio PHPo GPL
  7. 7. Scenario brainstorm ITarget: Bloggers as early adopterso Add links to related, but different opinions Requirements:• Topic discovery on the blog item• Opinion / Bias detection on the item• Finding items on the same topic with different opinions
  8. 8. Scenario brainstorm IITarget: Wiki-editingo Check referenced sources • For every source, check how it is biased • Find how many sources are biased in order to predict the bias of the overall article • Evaluate if the source bias translates to content biaso Discover editor bias • To what group of bias does an editor belong to • Does past behavior predict future behavior?
  9. 9. Scenario brainstorm IIITarget: Semantic MediaWiki and diversityo Shortipedia (demo)o Anyone can claim anything about anything, but sourceo Mark up source with the exact place in the text for the claim • Train learning • Discovering user bias and bias history of an article • evaluating if a claim still is sourcedo Representations for sourced claims • Reification, name graph?
  10. 10. Scenario brainstorm IVTarget: Accessing Forum informationo Access for Telefónicao Discover Hotspots in Forum discussionso Discover interestingness of singular postings in order to guide the user for reading