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Herefordshire Business Board - Business Summit 28th Feb 2014 - Presentations


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Herefordshire Business Board hosted an event on Friday 28th February to consult and give businesses the opportunity to shape and influence the Strategic Economic Plan for Herefordshire and the wider Marches area.

Graham Wynn, the chair of the Marches LEP and Alistair Neill, the Chief Executive of Herefordshire Council addressed the event to give their unique view of the challenges we face.

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Herefordshire Business Board - Business Summit 28th Feb 2014 - Presentations

  1. 1. Herefordshire Business Summit Friday 28th February 2014
  2. 2. Welcome Peter Brown Herefordshire Business Board
  3. 3. The Marches Strategic Economic Plan: “Accelerating Growth though Opportunity” Graham Wynn OBE – Chair, Marches LEP
  4. 4. “A strong, diverse and enterprising business base, operating in an exceptional and connected environment, where the transfer of technology and skills foster innovation, investment and economic growth” The Vision for the Marches LEP
  5. 5. Our Business Community •28,000 businesses •£10 billion contribution •Large national & multi nationals •86% employ less than 10 •11.5% self employment
  6. 6. Core Strengths •Advanced Manufacturing •Agriculture / Agri-Tech / Food & Drink •Defence & Securities
  7. 7. Opportunities •Tourism & Leisure (including B/T) •Environmental Technologies •Social Enterprise
  8. 8. Our LEP Board Sub Groups •LEP Funding Forum Chair - Cllr Roger Phillips, Herefordshire Council •Marches Skills Board Chair- Prof. Ian Oakes , University of Wolverhampton •Marches Planning & Housing Partnership Chair- Peter Roach , Bournville Village Trust •Hereford Enterprise Zone Board Chair – Bill Jackson, Jackson Property •Marches Local Transport Body Chair- Cllr Bill McClements, Telford & Wrekin Council • Agri-Tech, Food & Drink Chair – Dr David Llewellyn, Harper Adams University Council Leaders Cllr Tony Johnson - Herefordshire Cllr Keith Barrow - Shropshire Cllr Kuldip Sahota - Telford Chair Graham Wynn OBE Co-opted Business Champions Dr David Llewellyn, Harper Adams University Peter Roach, Bournville Village Trust Higher Education Champion Professor Ian Oakes - University of Wolverhampton Hereford Enterprise Zone Bill Jackson, Chairman Business Board Chairs Peter Brown- Herefordshire Mandy Thorn - Shropshire tbc - Telford
  9. 9. Our Successes •£ 25 million new money •Growing Places Fund •Hereford Enterprise Zone •Marches Redundant Building Grant Scheme
  10. 10. So What’s Holding Herefordshire Up? •Transport Infrastructure •River Phosphates Challenge •Critical Mass •Young People ↓ Retired↑ •Low Average Wages •Educational Attainment
  11. 11. Our SEP Proposition •Build 72,000 more homes by 2031 •Business support to deliver 38,000 jobs •Upskill our Workforce •Reduce Youth Unemployment
  12. 12. What We Have Asked For •Marches Investment Fund •New partnership with Government to deliver more growth •A Community Budget to address Youth Unemployment
  13. 13. Community Budget •To address youth unemployment •16-24 yr olds – co-ordinated support •Support employers to create apprenticeships •Addressing barriers to employment
  14. 14. Final Comments Thank You for Your Attention
  15. 15. A Masterplan for Herefordshire Alistair Neill Chief Executive Herefordshire Council
  16. 16. Building our economic master- plan • Business Summit, 28th Feb 2014
  17. 17. Building our economic master-plan • Working through our LEP • Providing the LEP with the ammunition to do its work. • Giving us the tools to ‘sell’ the benefits of investing in Herefordshire.
  18. 18. Strong foundations • £252 mill capital investment scheduled • 8,775 new jobs planned • 114 hectares of employment land • 16,500 new homes
  19. 19. Looking ahead – let’s be ready • 2010 – public debt: £600 bill • 2015 – public debt: £1,300 bill • ……..Rising at £280 mill per day • ………..Costing £50 bill p.a. to service the interest. • Big changes inevitable – we need to stand out as a competitive county among competing regions. • Business needs to be in driving seat – supported by the public sector
  20. 20. council is dealing with huge funding cuts • Herefordshire Council fully engaged with need to radically change and reduce its costs. • On target to reduce expenditure by over £67 mill by 2016/17.
  21. 21. 3 goals for our master-plan 1. Agree our economic priorities and our focus 2. Plan how to deliver these 3. Present these coherently to Investors
  22. 22. What Priorities? •2 are showstoppers – if we really build our ambitions around them, they can become our rocket launchers:- • Educational Attainment • Skills
  23. 23. The New university of Herefordshire • Key to success • Can become one of the biggest cogs driving our economic machine. • Fundamental for the right skills. • Fundamental to have them in Herefordshire.
  24. 24. Our Masterplan will have worked if… •…..we succeed in closing the earnings gap with the West Midlands and UK:- • • £20,000 Herefordshire • £25,000 West Midlands • £27,000 UK
  25. 25. Our economic master-plan proposal • 15 years, split into 3 blocks of 5 years. • Incorporating our scheduled plans. • Building on our ambitions. • Showing how they connect. • Containing our stretch goals.
  26. 26. Private sector needs to own it, lead it. We’ll support getting there. • Now it’s your turn – • how can we drive economic development by building Herefordshire’s Economic Master-plan?
  27. 27. Breakout Session Themes: • Transport and Infrastructure • Broadband • Housing • Business Support • Construction • Environment • Education, Employability and Skills • Funding and Finance
  28. 28. Feedback & Q&As Chaired by: Peter Brown Graham Wynn, Marches LEP Alistair Neill, Chief Executive Herefordshire Council Cllr Tony Johnson, Leader of Herefordshire Council
  29. 29. What Next? Graham Wynn Marches LEP
  30. 30. Close Peter Brown Herefordshire Business Board