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  • Who We Are, How We Plan to Work With You What We Will Achieve
  • ‘ It is the private sector that can best provide the most professional, customer focused help’ ‘ The government’s role is to facilitate that help and make the market work better for business
  • These Area Partnerships were selected as part of our bid: GATWICK DIAMOND – recognised as one of the South East’s key growth areas BRIGHTON & HOVE – significant local economy CROYDON – an important link to London COASTAL WEST SUSSEX – Huge potential for employment growth RURAL WEST SUSSEX – Thriving and diverse economy
  • Private Sector Led
  • 5 (equivalent) Staff from West Sussex County Council Financial Contributions from Brighton & Hove and Croydon LAs 14 Board Members DMH Stallard – managed independent board recruitment Secretariat from Thomas Eggar & PWC Communications & Marketing help from Marketing Leadership Capacity Grant of £45K for research (confirmation of targets) Bid for a Start-up Grant - £240K ( Matched & spent by 03/12) Discussions with many potential partners, banks etc Ron Crank - Director of Coast to Capital Gary Rustell - Communications and engagement
  • Our Role is to Make Things Happen Our Vision and Strategies
  • We Will Release the True Private Sector Potential of Our Area Our vision is straightforward and exciting
  • We will have developed an economy that is trade-led with a business community that is outward looking, investment led and driven by the need to be innovative We will have a more skilled workforce delivering high value and knowledge-driven products and services
  • Growth is Central to the Success of Our Local Economy
  • Creating the Right Conditions for Business to Flourish
  • Internationalisation is Closely Linked to Innovation
  • We expect 90% of the investment we require to deliver our growth to come from the private sector We will work with businesses to create the right investment decisions and help source funding for growth
  • Tackling areas and groups with low enterprise and entrepreneurship Enterprise & Entrepreneurship For Young People and Young Adults Business growth through entrepreneurship
  • Juliette Green Planned outputs: Increase the levels of business formation Minimise business failure Embed enterprise into local communities Increase the overall levels of enterprise
  • Russell Strutt
  • Iain Shepherd
  • The Challenges Faced by Communities Are Not the Same
  • Multiple Challenges Facing All Businesses
  • Streamlining Business
  • International Trade CDC presentation

    1. 1. A New Approach toLocal Economic Growth
    2. 2. A New Approach• ‘NOT Whitehall knows best’• ‘An end to top down initiatives’• ‘Shifting power to local communities and businesses through bodies that represent real economic geographies’ Local Growth White Paper, October 2010
    3. 3. Private Sector LedRealising Every Place’s Potential HM Government
    4. 4. Our Board of Directors• Chairman – John Peel OBE• Vice Chairman – Timothy Wates• 6 Representatives from Business• 5 Public Sector Council Leaders• 1 HE/FE Representative
    5. 5. InfrastructureProvided by:• Brighton & Hove City Council• London Borough of Croydon• Surrey County Council• West Sussex County Council
    6. 6. Transforming Business and Economic Performance
    7. 7. C2C Vision• Growth will be driven by a clear focus on the twin priorities of Enterprise and International Growth• In this way, we will transform business and economic performance
    8. 8. By 2035The Coast to Capital Area and its businesses will be able to compete in any International Marketplace
    9. 9. Our TargetsOver 5 Years• 4,500 new businesses• 4,000 more exporting businesses• 20,000 new jobsOver 25 Years• 100,000 new jobs
    10. 10. Enterprise• In short, entrepreneurship coupled with high rates of new businesses spurred on by dynamic trade-led growth, will in the long term provide the right competitive environment and source of future business success
    11. 11. International Trade• Businesses that trade internationally deliver 60% of UK productivity growth. They will act as the engine house for improved business growth and performance across all parts of our economy and ensure sustainable growth.
    12. 12. FinanceOur role is to create favourable conditions for Private Sector Investment
    13. 13. Learning to Date• We were only formed in January with a Board of Directors in April• The role of the LEPs has been well received by both the Private and Public sectors• Project funding has quickly become available from government• Business and the Area Partnerships are keen to work together• We are currently identifying key strategic partners from business
    14. 14. Business and Local Authority Partners
    15. 15. EnterpriseBoosting Entrepreneurship and Business Formation
    16. 16. Tackling Areas and Groups with LowEnterprise and Entrepreneurship To define tightly targeted areas, population groups and sector specific industries
    17. 17. Enterprise & EntrepreneurshipFor Young People and Young Adults Enterprise Education to be embeddedthroughout Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities
    18. 18. International TradeIncreasing Those Businesses Who Trade Internationally
    19. 19. FinanceFunding for Business and Projects
    20. 20. Your Vision is Our Vision The Area Partnerships
    21. 21. Responsive to Local Needs• Supporting Local Authorities• A strong focus on the needs of the local economy• Finding new ways of tackling challenges in the local economy• Providing the right competitive environment and sources of future business success
    22. 22. Wins to Date• £15m Growing places allocation• Capacity Grant of £45K for research• Start-up Grant - £240K
    23. 23. The Challenges You Face• Minimal growth in the economy• Inflation• Supplier costs increasing• Slow decision making on the behalf of buyers• Inability to raise finance• Difficulties in recruiting the right staff
    24. 24. Supporting Business• Driving national priorities such as broadband• Providing the right competitive environment• Promoting new business areas• Introducing enterprise into schools and colleges• Providing access to new markets
    25. 25. Planned Events• Coast to Capital Forum• Internationalisation Conference• BDUK deadlines• Growing Places• Research issued.
    26. 26. Businesses Say• The area now has a strong vision for economic development and a focus for strategic investments into the area. Thales UK• Partnership working is an important part of the way we operate to support the wider community. Dave Shemmans, CEO Ricardo plc• We especially support the emphasis on enterprise and entrepreneurship and the education and development of the individual. Clive Behagg, University of Chichester
    27. 27. Available Media