C2C Forum no2 Steve Allen final


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C2C Forum no2 Steve Allen final

  1. 1. Delivering Economic Growth Steve Allen Coast to Capital Board Member
  2. 2. Agenda• Your feedback from September Forum• Actions we have taken• Feedback• A personal perspective• Looking forward
  3. 3. Your Endorsement• Enterprise and International Trade endorsed as broad priorities• The quality of jobs is important• Engagement through Forum and the area partnerships to articulate role and deliver priorities• Broadband should be an additional short-term priority
  4. 4. Confidence to Drive Ahead• Broadband was immediately addressed – Upper Tier Authorities to make investments• Progress on Enterprise and International Trade
  5. 5. Your Ideas – Enterprise• Enterprise & Entrepreneurship in Education – Entrepreneurial skills will enhance employability – Enterprise education ‘wrapped around’ HE and FE and not restricted to business studies – ‘Chain of inspiration’ from HE to FE and schools
  6. 6. Enterprise Strategies Young people and enterpriseACTION:• We have developed plans for the teaching of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship“Embedding entrepreneurial ideas within education not only identifies the entrepreneurs, but also those with other specialist skills essential for business success. This work will support young people in creating their own futures.” Russell Strutt, Principal, Central Sussex College and Board Member
  7. 7. Your Ideas – Enterprise• Community intervention addressing areas of low enterprise performance – Target areas as well as target groups – Home-based businesses – Supporting existing businesses – Generations of worklessness
  8. 8. Enterprise StrategiesTackling areas and groups with low levels of enterpriseACTION :• Project Embed set up to equip volunteers working in the community with the skills to increase the opportunities for enterprise• Partners include: Chichester College; Women’s Wisdom; Worthing, Arun and Chichester CVS; Northbrook College and the University of Chichester“By working in this way, we can develop enterprise thinking and build confidence, knowledge and advocacy skills to support others to build new enterprises.” Juliette Green, Coast to Capital Board Member
  9. 9. Enterprise Strategies Business growth through entrepreneurshipACTION:• Consultation event planned for suppliers to high growth businesses – May 2012“Innovation drives high growth business success. We have all the elements in the Coast to Capital area to support business innovation including entrepreneurial expertise, great universities and high quality support organisations. We need to support the development of intelligent engagement between them and to position Coast to Capital as one of the best places in the UK to start or expand or bring high growth businesses.” Phil Jones, Coast to Capital Board Member
  10. 10. Your Ideas – Internationalisation • Not just exports of goods – inward investment • Raising awareness and aspirations • Adequate support services – capacity & capability • Understanding clusters and sectors • Focus on SMEs • Broadband
  11. 11. Internationalisation Strategies• We are targeting Foreign Direct Investment• An International Trade Conference will be held on 20th March 2012 for service providers to help SMEs plan for international trade• We aim to grow International Business Tourism – already worth £3.67bn
  12. 12. Internationalisation Strategies“Coast to Capital is not a delivery organisation, but we are working with other organisations on these three strategies to build support and inspiration for companies wishing to trade internationally. Co-ordinating FDI activities with our five area partnerships will help to convince overseas investors that Coast to Capital is the area for foreign investment, while developing opportunities for international business tourism by (for example) promoting conference venues within the lovely countryside close to Gatwick airport, will bring more jobs and opportunities to the Coast to Capital area.” Iain Shepherd, Coast to Capital Board Member
  13. 13. Growing Places Fund• Government to provide £500m to address infrastructure constraints, promote economic growth and delivery of jobs and houses• Our Growing Places Investment Committee is reviewing applications for £16m"The Growing Places fund is an exciting initiative that will unlock stalled projects. Enabling these projects to start will boost economic growth and add value to the economy. The fund is designed to revolve so it is expected that most or all of the money will be paid back, and we are aiming for a return on our investment." Tim Wates, Vice Chairman of Coast to Capital
  14. 14. How does it all fit?
  15. 15. Feedback as a Board Director • Open to ideas, not a talking shop • Agile, transparent, flexible, open-minded • Leading the way – best practice • Work of Director and officers, LA Economic Development teams and area partnerships • Scanning the horizon – intelligence • Functional economic area - infrastructure, jobs, housing, population, space
  16. 16. Challenges of Being an Area Champion • Uniting business, public and community interest • Gaining understanding of primary challenges our territory faces and knowledge of key spacial opportunities • Overall jobs growth – through strategic objectives of enterprise and international trade • Not taking over: influencing, lobbying, connecting, nudging, sharing, co-ordinating
  17. 17. Activities as a Board Member • Conferences and consultation events, MPs and Councillors • Ports - in context of LEP economy • City Employment & Skills Steering Group • Growing Places Investment & Finance Committees • Economic Development Commission • Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership and LDC • Support for Northbrook College
  18. 18. Communications and Engagement • Business – businesses and business leaders • Strategic – knowledge sharers, events partners, funders • Activities – ongoing events that impact knowledge, drive and activity • Area Partnerships – events and objectives • Other Stakeholders & Press ...
  19. 19. How You Can Support Coast to Capital • Provide expertise and resource • Share existing events or help us plan new events • Sponsor activities, provide event support • Attend events • Promote Coast to Capital to colleagues, partners, suppliers and local business • Go online to www.coast2capital.org.uk
  20. 20. QuestionsThe Coast to Capital Forum in September 2011 endorsed the overall priorities and focus on two strategic priorities.• Are we still on track and sufficiently focused on enterprise and internationalisation?• Has anything changed which would mean there are now further things on which Coast to Capital should be directing attention?• How can we make even better use of the Area Partnership structure and other existing partnerships and structures?