New horizons vol 4 issue 16


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New horizons vol 4 issue 16

  1. 1. The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 4, Issue 16 20th-26th October 2011 Speaker Wednesday, 19th Interactor PE Kathleen Maiti Nepal Project October Microscopes for Subiaco Koro Scholarship Fund Film Meeting Wednesday, 26th Primary Night October Paint Your Pinkies for Polio Board for 2012-13 Cocktail Function Sunday 23rd Charitable Fund Friend of the Club Peter Symons October Microscope Project Annual RF Dr Ken Collins Congratulations to all members Feedback from Ardross Primary Address elected to positions at Neds. School Update on Members Council Weekly Roster Birthdays and AnniversariesSpeaker Wednesday, ‘Reach Within to19th October Embrace Humanity’The speaker last week As October iswas Peter Wright who Vocational Servicegave an interesting month, two Pride ofinsight to the Financial Workmanship AwardsPlanning will be presented onLandscape. He spoke the night. Andreabout the evolutionary Harris and his wifechanges in the industry Peta will be attendingwhich began with as Andre will beagents being tied to an recognised for his workinstitution such as through Honmaz andAMP. Speaker Peter Wright Kathy Lucas, PA to Meeting Wednesday, is doing and plans to Ralph Martins will alsoInitially all be recognised for her 26th October do in the 2011-12superannuation was dedication to helping Rotary year. AGtied to a fund manager Our meeting next week the community Angus Buchanan andbut gradually people is the annual ‘Official through the McCusker his wife Grace will alsobegan to take control of Visit’ of the District Alzheimer’s be in attendance withtheir own finances via Governor, Liz Association. DG Liz.self-managed Westoby.superannuation funds. At 6.00pm the Board All members of the will join the rest of theHe spoke of the rise Board are required to Cocktail Function members and guests toand fall of the stock meet with the DG for Sunday 23 rd October hear the Message of themarket and advised an hour prior to the Governor for this Between 4.30pm andthat we should set long meeting (5.00pm) for a year. She will also 6.30pm a socialterm goals. Club Assembly, where address the RI function will be held at Directors will report on President Kalyan the Collins’ home to what each Committee Banerjee’s Theme of enable members,Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. ‘friends’ of the Club Paint Your Pinkies forand potential members Polioto mix informallyoutside of the confines Monday 24th October isof the weekly meeting. World Polio Day.The address is 1 New PRID Ken has arrangedCourt Green, Mt with three localClaremont. Finger primary schools tofood will be provided, conduct Paint yourhowever, members are Pinkies for Polio. Ifasked to contribute by any members wouldbringing along a bottle like to attend any or all Deputy Mayor Ken Collins, Mayor Max Hipkins andof drink to the function. of these, please do Councillor Toni James so. The details re as follows: successful from a huge on Bagot Road (acrossCongratulations to all number of students the road from the Quintilian PS –members elected to nominated for the school) by 8.45am. Brockway Ave, Mtpositions at Neds. positions. Claremont 9.00am Their Assemblies areCouncil tight and this one in Swanbourne PS -Max Hipkins has been particular will be Narla Rd, Microscopes for extremely time poor asacknowledged as our Swanbourne. Painting Subiaco Primary Subiaco will benew Mayor, and last of Pinkies will takeTuesday evening Ken recognised as a place at recess – At 9.00am onCollins was voted in as Waterwise School by 10.30am. At 11.00am Thursday, 27th October,Deputy Mayor. Toni Watercorp, hence the Ken will present a 30 MagnifyingJames, as previously presentation will be powerpoint on Microscopes will beadvised, has regained a very brief. Principal immunisation to presented to Subiacoseat on the Nedlands Carolyn Press and years 4-7. Primary School by theCouncil so with the students will be RC of Freshwater Bay.ethics of Rotary and the available for Dalkeith PS – CirceFour Way Test If any members would photographs back at Circle,uppermost in the like to attend the the school after the Dalkeith. 1.10pm Adecision making by our presentation please be Assembly. powerpoint onrepresentatives on at the Church of Christ immunisation will beCouncil, good things given by Ken to years 6are in store for the and 7 together with acommunity. ‘Paint Your Pinkie’Interactor PE Kathleen Charitable FundCongratulations to VP Bill has written toKathleen Elliott, PE of Anglicare and the MSthe Interact Club of Society asking if theyFreshwater Bay who is have any ‘necessitousone of 16 Prefects voted circumstance’ peoplein by students at MLC. who may be assisted via the RCFBCFI.Kathleen and the other Students at Ardross Primary School using Microscopes A request for assistance15 Prefects were for a young motherRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. with advanced sponsored to obtain the educational tools e.g. we usually give theAlzheimer’s has come dummy batteries for electronic means of ripe ones to our schoolthrough Jenny their units from the extending the project. canteen and studentsGill. More information STAWA. take the extras home.will be requested to see School based cookingif this situation fits in Enough units are in occurs in some stock for around 100 Feedback fromwith the guidelines of classrooms and we schools. Once these Ardross Primarythe Trust to assist. have not been involved have been used an in- School in cooking contests butPlease remember that depth assessment of will consider the Hello Di,contributions to the the project will take opportunity when weRCFBCFI are tax place. During their science are planning for nextdeductible so please lessons our students year. We reallyconsider supporting A questionnaire will be really enjoy using the appreciate yourour own Club sent to schools via microscopes that generosity in donatingFoundation even with STAWA. Carina and Freshwater Bay Rotary the microscopes to us.a small contribution, is John Clarke will Club provided Thank are able. develop the questions. for Ardross Primary. Cheers, Catherine BishopMicroscope Project Deputy PrincipalCarina and Di met withLyn Beazley, ChiefScientist, John Clarke(STAWA) and Weekly RosterCatherine Ferrari Would ALL members(Watercorp) last please read the weeklyMonday re the roster and take note ofdirection and future of when they have rolesthis project. Presentation of Microscopes to Eastwood Primary School to fill. If unavailableAll were pleased with (NSW) by the RC Eastwood for your rosteredthe progress to date. activity it is your The microscopes will The microscopes are responsibility to be worked into the easy to use and theCarina and Luke have arrange a replacement National Curriculum magnification providessourced ‘dummy’ or to ‘swap’ with and expanded to very interesting details.batteries, which will be another member. incorporate the use of Recently one of ourused in the units along seeds, slides, pollen, Year 2 classes tried Also, the word DUTYwith any other skin etc. them out during plant does not appear to bebattery. This will studies and the understood by many,eliminate the need for Gordon Hay has students were amazed although it is printedthe use of the red alerted us to funds at the textures of the under the weeklyEveready ones which available from the WA various leaves and roster in each Bulletin.will probably be Govt. Royalties for seeds, including somephased out in due regions funding. An harvested from our NB. Dutycourse. STAWA will application is likely to school kitchen gardens. responsibility is to setorder in 7,000 of these request an individual I have attached a up the venue and toat a cost of around to visit schools, couple of photos for pack everything away,$1.00 each. All Rotary procedures for auditing you. So far we have put the tables andClubs will be advised the project and been concentrating on chairs back in placeand requested to get extension into growing vegetables but etc. after the meeting.the schools they haveRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. one of the five Charter member and RI PE Sakuji Tanaka Directorships. now ‘Friend’ of the will present theMaiti Nepal Project RCFB Peter Symons Address, the Alumni Completed forms are to continues his support speaker is MP BenA Rotary Foundation be returned to the for PolioPlus by once Wyatt and the MC forMatching Grant Secretary at least one again making a the function is recentlyapplication is being week prior to the personal contribution retired Governor ofprepared by Clifford meeting. If insufficient to the program. Peter WA and PP of theand Gillian which will nominations are and Mandy also Rotary Club of Perth,provide equipment for received by 7th organised for $5.00 Ken Michael.Maiti Nepal’s facility in December, from tickets from theKathmandu. Koro nominations can be Please register on line WAAPA production ofScholarship Fund Film taken from the floor at https://district9455.wor Die Fladermaus lastNight the time of the meeting. Friday (21st) to also go encollins2011.htm CosA very successful t $55 per personfundraising project wascarried out by Mignon This event will replaceand Alistair last the regular meeting ofThursday, at which the Club.they raised in theregion of $4,500 fortheir Koro ScholarshipFund. Update on MembersWell done to you both Debbie Cash wasand a huge thank you welcomed back fromto all members who her trip to Nepal withsupported the Film and Br. James and theto Gillian and Gordon Pilgrimage of Hope. Students at Ardross Primary School using Microscopeswho promoted the The person who is James arrived homeevent to their extensive to Polio. There were 8 prepared to be today (Saturday) so wenetworks. tickets sold through President in 2012-13 is look forward to seeing Peter required to attend the you again soon James. and Mandy. Many President Elect’s thanks to you both. For the first time in aBoard for 2012-13 Training Seminar (PETS), which is very long period, all A most enjoyableThe election of the usually held in March, members of the Club production, with RikBoard for 2012-13 will plus all of the incoming are in WA. Symons as Eisenstein,take place at the Club Board, including the PE one of the male leads. Sue Hassell ismeeting in the second are required to attendweek of December. recovering from her the District Assembly surgery and is now which is usually heldSec Di will send Annual RF Dr Ken home. in April or May. HenceNomination forms to Collins Address there are requirementsALL members in the and responsibilitiescoming week. If you A further reminder to associated with these Birthdays andare prepared to carry all members to positions. Anniversariesout any leadership role PLEASE register ASAPin the club next year of the Annual RF Belated good wishes toplease nominate for a address on Carina and Lukeposition of President, Friend of the Club Wednesday, 30th Marshall whoSecretary, Treasurer or Peter Symons November. celebrated theirRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Anniversary last to Jen and Hamish who Charter Member and October. Have a lovelyMonday, 17th October. celebrate their second now ‘Friend of the day Judith. Anniversary on 24th RCFB’, Judith DowsonA very Happy October. is wished a very HappyAnniversary is wished Birthday for 26th Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of Oct / Nov 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 23rd October Cocktail 1 New Court 4.30pm - 6.30pm Please bring a Function Green, Mt bottle of whatever Claremont you like to drink 26thOctober DG Liz Westoby Paddy Warren Milner Ken Collins Wilma McBain Ramanathan 2nd November TBA Wilma McBain Rex Evans Carina Marshall Graeme Prior 9th November AGMs-RCFBCFI Jill Henderson Jenny Gill N/A N/A & RCFBI16th November TBA Gordon Hay Mignon Margaret Stuart Rob Pearce Shardlow23rd November TBA Clifford Gillian Toni James Warren Milner Yudelman Yudelman30th November RIPE Sakuji Annual Dr Ken Laguna Veneto 7.00pm Book On line Tanaka Collins Address Club Mt LawleyNB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5
  6. 6. Board Rotary 2011-12 Ken Collins – International Club Details Bulletin Editor Service Director Clifford Yudelman/Di CollinsBryant Stokes – President The Rotary Club Freshwater Bay, Inc. Website Hamish Mackie – New PO Box 168,Di Collins – Secretary Generations Director Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 m.auToni James – Treasurer Meetings Jim Gould – Membership Director Wednesday 5:45pm to Evans –Club Service 6:45pm shwaterbayrotaryDirector, President Elect Café, Bethesda Jenny Gill – Fundraising Queenslea Drive Director Claremont, 6010Wilma McBain - Community/ jennypgill@gmail.comVocational Service Director President-Bryant Bill Hassell – Vice President E-mail Chartered 19 December 2008 Mobile 0419 919 572Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 6
  7. 7. Y The Rotary Foundation 2011 Dr. Ken Collins Address” la sh R Y Past RI President Bill Boyd F to also address Rotarians e ws Supported by Districts 9455 and 9465 A RN The Rotary Foundation Trustee Chairman, and Past RI President William B Boyd T A Y of the Rotary Club of Pakuranga, NEW ZEALAND will bring a special message to Rotarians at this O T R Y Premier TRF Event on November 30, 2011 in Perth. Do not miss this opportunity to update on The Rotary Foundation !R O A R Register early to secure your seat ………….. more news to follow ! Your opportunity to meet and hear RI President Elect Sakuji R T A Tanaka deliver his message on The Rotary Foundation. Yes it’s the 14th year of the Dr. Ken Collins Address. This annual event has always attracted a keynote speaker from Rotary International of exceptional high standing and office. What an O T Y opportunity for West Australian Rotarians right here at a Perth venue ? No need to check your passport or buy an airline ticket to the other side of the world, we bring a speaker right here to you in Perth ! R O R Y Stay tuned to hear more updates on the MC for the evening, and also a local past Ambassadorial Scholar, who thanks Rotary for being an important influence in his life. R A R This event is the most important Foundation evening for all West Australian Rotarians. Register Early and pay online no later than T A 18th November 2011 Corporate Business sponsorships available for $250.00. you will receive your ticket reciept by confirmation email. Includes 2 registration tickets. Contact details ..... Advertise your Business and services on the evening. District 9455 District 9465 Display your company with Promotional Pull up banner O T DGN Hank deSmit DGN Erwin Biemel advertising (not supplied) and help support 0419 926 425 0418 950 017 The Rotary Foundation. Further details on the online booking form. TRF-DKCA Chair. PDG Paul Gianatti. R O