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New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 5


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New Horizons is the official weekly bulletin for the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Perth

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New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 5

  1. 1. NEW HORIZONS The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 4, Issue 5 28th July – 3rd August 2011Weekly NewsletterLast Week’s Meeting Message from the RI Changemaker Enhancing Rotary’s Read how you canCSD Rex Evans Life RI President Award Vocational Service learn to Volunteerand Times Page 3 Page 4 Page 4 in ThailandPage 1 Page 5Meeting Wednesday, attended Stage 1 of the Rotary Induction of Jill27th July Leadership Institute, which he found Henderson extremely beneficial and told us a little about the six sessions covered.New member Rex Evans presented Jill Henderson was formally inducted Rex is booked for Stages 2 and 3his Life and Times. Rex told of how by PP Jim Gould last Wednesday. which are being held at the end ofhe ‘fell into’ becoming a ‘Postie’, how Welcome again Jill, we’re thrilled to August.he progressed to Post Master and his have you as a member and lookgradual evolution into the Financial forward to many years of Fellowship AG Angus Buchanan paid the Club aPlanning Industry. and Service with you. Jill’s partner visit. Nice to have you with us Angus. Eddy Pope came along to see JillRex was a Charter member of inducted into the RCFB. Good tothe RC of Kambalda in the meet you Eddy and we hope to see aearly 1990s. He served the lot more of you.Club as Charter Treasurerand Sergeant-at-Arms, Meeting Wednesday,leaving Rotary around three 3rd Augustyears later when he left theKambalda Post Office. Next week we’ll have a short talk from Martha Forrest, a member ofRex has taken on the position the Interact Club of Freshwater Bay,in the RCFB of Club Service who attended Rotary’s Program ofDirector, for which we thank Enrichment Camp (RYPEN) in June.him as the Club did not have Martha’s sister Hillary (also aanyone in this position last Interactor) and mum Louise (ayear. On 16th July he Induction of Jill HendersonRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  2. 2. NEW HORIZONS register you with PDG Geoff 10th September and on their return 8- Simpson. 10th October. Several members indicated an Mainly just a bed required and interest in doing the RLI. When perhaps an evening meal or two more dates are set, it will be along with breakfasts. The drivers announced both at meetings and in will look after the day’s activities the Bulletin. which will be arranged by the District GSE Committee. Visit to Ballajura Primary School Please put your hand up to become involved with some of the above. See Sec Di and she will let the Dir. Hamish Mackie, PRID Ken and appropriate people know of your Di Collins, Dir Rhonda Roe (RC participation. Mandurah) and Rtn. Karen Barry (RC Ballajura) will visit the BallajuraRex Evans Primary School on Tuesday morning Club Dues are Overdue 2ndAugust at 8.45 am. Principalformer Rotary Youth Exchange Only 20 members have paid their David Wanstall extended anStudent to the USA) will also attend Club Dues so Members who have not invitation to visit his school to seeour meeting to support Martha. yet paid are asked to please do so as a firsthand how the school has been turned around in a very short time matter of priority as the RI SemiDr. Leesa Payne, a local Chiropractor, Annual Dues and RI Dues need to be with the introduction of the old ‘backwill also be addressing us on general paid immediately. to basics phonics’ reading system.wellbeing and will run through somesimple exercises to assist in keeping As per your invoice, dues can be paid Any members interested in visitingour spine healthy. directly into the Clubs Westpac the school, please let Sec Di know so that the school can be advised of Operating Account. BSB 036034Rotary Leadership exactly how many to expect. A/c No. 304015Institute (RLI) Volunteers still sought Group Study ExchangeHamish Mackie is already booked for to Georgia, USAStage 1 on 21st August and Rex Evans Ambassador for Geraldtonis booked for Stage 2 on 27th August District Conference in Geraldton 20- An outstanding young man,and Stage 3 on 28th August. 22nd April RYDA - helpers required Pharmacist David Gulland, has for all or part of the day (even an indicated a willingness to apply forLocation is Mt Lawley Senior High. hour or two). Tuesday, 16th August, this Exchange.Timings 8.30 for 9.00am start. 9.00am to 4.00pm Lathlain ParkFinish by 3.00pm. Oval, Roberts Rd, Carlisle. End Polio BreakfastAny members wishing to be Host families for the inbound All members are encouraged toregistered for Stage 1 on 21st August, Group Study Exchange Team from attend, so please contact PRID Ken ifplease contact Sec. Di so that she can Fiji going up to Wiluna 6- you are able to attend. A table hasRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  3. 3. NEW HORIZONSbeen booked and paid for, so not have it to give. Wemembers who have not paid cannot look after theplease would you do so to whole world without firstKen. looking after those closest to us: our families, ourCost is $50 per person. A clubs and ourcost for a table of 8 will now full price of $400 fromend of July. See attached Mohandas K. Gandhi saidflyer for information. “You must be the change you wish to see in theMessage from our world.” In Rotary wenew RI President RIP Kalyan Banerjee in Perth with the Rotaract Club of South Perth in March 2005 – World Rotaract Week endeavour to live ethically and honestly, to share friendship andKalyan Banerjee our service begins here. And fellowship, to see equal worth in through the family we approach all every human being. We are notMy Dear Brothers and Sisters in of our community and indeed, all of interested in the lowest commonRotary, humanity, as an extended family, in denominator, for Rotary is anythingAll of us in Rotary are looking to which all members care for but common. Instead, we work tochange the world – why else would eachother. In times of joy and in elevate ourselves, elevate others, andwe be Rotarians? We believe our times of need, no one is ever alone. thereby elevate the can be happier, healthier andmore peaceful and that we can Our second emphasis will be Together, we will Reach Within tocreate that better world through our continuity – finding the things we do Embrace Humanity’ and inservice. well and taking them to the next peace, harmony and friendship, we level. We must build on our will bring change – and a moreIn 2011-12 I will ask Rotarians successes, expand on them, and joyful Reach Within to Embrace strive to do even more. Of course,Humanity. I will ask you to search our greatest obligation is to Kalyan Banerjeefirst within yourselves, to PolioPlus, where success is now so President, Rotary Internationalunderstand that all of us everywhere close.have the same dream, the same Above is the inaugural message fromhopes, the same aspirations and Our third emphasis will be change. our new President. Kalyan talkssimilar dilemmas. When we We mustunderstand, and truly feel that understandothers needs are the same as our that trueown, we begin to understand how change canimportant our work is, In the year only beginahead we have three emphases in with each ofour Rotary service. us, and start within us. WeOur first emphasis in this year will cannot sharebe the family. The family and the peace withhome are the core of our work- all others if we do RIP Kalyan and Binota Banerjee in Perth on Nov. 2001Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  4. 4. NEW HORIZONSabout family, our obligation to must be undertaken and completed International Service (Min. 3Service and to change. When between 1st July, 2011 and 1st March, required)Chartered 2 ½ years ago, these were .2012. Some examples include: · Participate in the Rotarythe very foundations the Club was Club Service (Min. 3 required) Foundation’s educational andstarted on. We strove to have a · `Induct one new member under humanitarian programsfamily oriented, child friendly Club, a the age of 40 for each 50 members · Register at least one Club memberClub which was active in community in Club to attend the RI Convention inand international projects and huge · Adopt a three year strategic plan Bangkokchanges were embraced. Members for the Club, identifying specific · Participate in a RF Matchingdecided that local trappings and annual and long-term goals Granttraditions, including a meal, would · Demonstrate a net gain inbe dispensed with, however, the core membership in 2009-10, 2010-11 New Generations Service (Min 2things which constitute a Rotary Club and 2011-12 required)were retained, as per our Charter, · Hold at least three service or · Sponsor a participant in a RotaryConstitution and Bylaws. Many a fellowship meetings in which non Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)conversation has passed between Rotarian family members (eg eventKalyan, Binota, Ken and Di over the spouses, children, parents, · Induct one or more formeryears as to the strengths and widows) participate. Rotaractors as Rotariansweaknesses of Rotary and the · Sponsor or host at least one Youthchanges required for the betterment Vocational Service (Min. 3 Exchange Student, Ambassadorialof the organisation. The RC of required) Scholar or Rotary Peace FellowFreshwater Bay was a prototype for · Conduct a program to recognisethis, not interested in the lowest high ethical standards and public Enhancing Rotary’scommon denominator, as RIP Kalyan values in the community Vocational Servicesays ‘Rotary is anything but · Promote the Four-Way Test to Newcommon”. Generations programs in at least What is National Skills three educational institutions Week.RI Changemaker · Organise at least one professional This year, National Skills Week 1-Award networking event in which Club 8th October, will also coincide with members can meet other local professionals and introduce them to Rotary Vocational Service Month, toRI Pres. Kalyan Banerjee will Rotary. promote the value of vocationalintroduce a new recognition, the service and activities which focus anChangemaker Award, to accompany Community Service (Min. 2 ethical consciousness andthe Presidential Citation. The required) community awareness. As a result,Changemaker Award will recognise · Organise a fundraising initiative in Rotary Down Under will beRotary Clubs that make an your community to support polio partnering with National Skills Weekextraordinary impact through their eradication as a major collaborator in promotionwork in the Avenues of Service. · Partner with an organisation in of vocational skills, activities and your community on at least one events nationwide.To qualify for a Changemaker Award, community service projectclubs will choose from a menu of · Involve non-Rotarian community According to the recentactivities and complete a minimum members in a joint project report Apprenticeships for the 21stnumber in each Avenue. All activities Century from January 2011;Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  5. 5. NEW HORIZONS“Australian Apprenticeships, Also, visit Doctor Services and volunteerespecially traditional trades are an to tourists who together took life-savingundervalued career choice and often register for updates and find out action to help award-winningdescribed in negative terms.” more information. landscape photographer (and well known 60s musician) NickOne of the main aims of National Burns Challenge Ball Melidonis when he had a serious fallSkills Week will be exactly that: to when photographing Knox Gorge,dispel the myth that a university The Burns Challenge Ball is being Karijini National Park in is the only path to success, held at the Perth Convention Centreand to raise the status of vocational See the to raise funds for the McCombeducation amongst parents, teachers, website Foundation. with the 2 minute video and registerstudents, careers counsellors and the your name.wider community in general. Many Details are:Rotarians have their own businesses Saturday, 10th September, 2011 Musicians:and are deeply involved in the Cost: $200 per person Nick Melidonis, Garrycommunity – encouraging skills and Dress: Black Tie and Sneakers Baverstock, Nigel Shaw, Keithtaking on apprentices are such McDonald, Anne Rowe,important factors in the continuing Bookings: Bo Da Costa, Sam Paolino, Majodevelopment of our nation. Merga, Steve Warner-Jones, Volunteering in Tim StrahanNational Skills Week will encouragethe participation of all Rotarians in Thailand Where: The Fly by Night Musiciansvarious activities and events around Club, Holdsworth St, Fremantle A free information evening is beingthe country with the aim of When: Sunday 6.30pm 14th August, held on Thursday, 4th August, 2011 atshowcasing skills and trades. For 2011 doors open 6.30pm. Show the Regal Theatre, Subiaco.example, Rotary Clubs could stage starts 7.00pmformal lunches for local businesses Matilda Bay Rotarian Fern Demeoand community members which is Bring: Tickets available from (M. 0413 334 533) and others will tellhosted and catered for by hospitality Cost $33.50 inc. about their experiences ofstudents and apprentices. Or Rotary booking fee advance purchase. volunteering in Chiang Mai. PhoneClubs could look at enlisting the help Children under 12 free of charge. Fern if interested in attending andof local horticulture and landscaping learning more about volunteering instudents to brighten up a local Thailand. District Newsletterlandmark or memorial. Suchfunctions will considerably enhance Sec Di sent out the DistrictRotary’s public image in Newsletter to all members. Pleasecommunities around Australia. Chords for Angels give Di feedback as to whether you were able to access it as it is a newContact Rachel Small Join this lively night of dance and undertaking and may not have been[] or listening to music: rock, jazz and folk done correctly. There is a log intelephone (02) 8080 0111 to find out favourites old and new. Its a public facility which you may require yourmore and to get those activities thank you to the State Emergency log in details to access. If so, pleasehappening. Services and St. John let Di know. Ambulance, The Royal FlyingRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  6. 6. NEW HORIZONSUpdates on Members Poverty Project) met with Kevin Ella - Sincere thanks Rudd’s Advisors in Canberra re fundsAG Simone Carot Collins has been in for Polio from the Government. The Again, many thanks to Ella James forSydney again assisting employees at meeting was positive, however, an the great job she has done withRotary Down Under (our regional official decision is awaited before the getting us set up with the newRotary Magazine) with their outcome is known. Bulletin. You have been ancomputer issues. enormous help Ella! Birthdays andGood to have Gillian and Clifford Anniversaries Now that Clifford is back he will gethome from their travels. Welcome together with Ella and take up theback! A very Happy Birthday to Clifford reins with putting the Bulletin in Yudelman for 4th August. place from August.Ken, along with Chris Maher (WHO)and Michael Sheldrich (GlobalRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  7. 7. NEW HORIZONSBoard Club DetailsRotary 2011-12 The Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, Inc.Bryant Stokes – President PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909Di Collins – Meetings Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pmToni James – Treasurer Café, Bethesda Hospital Queenslea Claremont, 6010Rex Evans – Club Service Director E-mail McBain - Community/ Vocational Service Director 0419 919 572Ken Collins – International Service Director Bulletin Ella JamesHamish Mackie – New Generations Director Gould – Membership Director Gill – Fundraising Charted 19 December 2008Bill Hassell – Vice for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of August, 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks3rd August Martha Forrest/ Paddy Jim Gould Gillian Yudelman Jenny Gill Dr. Leesa Payne Ramanathan10th August Clifford & Gillian Max Hipkins Toni James Margaret Stuart Jill Henderson Yudelman17th August Voc Visit to - Ken Collins - Clifford Yudelman EmbroidMe24th August TBA Donna Bicknell Jenny Gill Rob Pearce Graeme PriorNB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455