New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 6


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New Horizons is the official weekly bulletin for the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Perth.

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New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 6

  1. 1. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Last Week’s Ballajura Primary Young cooks Seniors and Rotary Annual Meeting and. Ian Westoby Microscopes, Rob Blankets, Club Foundation Dr Martha Forrest health update Pearce suggests, dues, Annual Ken Collins Interactor and Ryda Rotary Address Leesa Payne- Foundation Wednesday, 30th Chiropractor Page 2,3 Address November Page 1,2 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6Meeting impact on her life. She water, getting some minute daily exerciseWednesday, 3rd graphically painted a regular exercise and program to improve our picture of the weekend, having a reasonable spinal health and the wayAugust diet. our body functions. of the challenges andThe Club welcomed benefits and encouragedInteractor Martha Forrest the Club to stronglywho attended the recent support the camp in future years. Meeting 10thRotary Youth Program of Leesa informed members that the AugustEnrichment Camp(RYPEN) at Point Walter Chiropractic industry, Our members Cliffordand her mother Louise. along with other health Also addressing the and Gillian YudelmanMartha told us very professionals, is meeting was will tell us a little abouteloquently of how the regulated, so all Chiropractor Dr Leesa themselves and the MaitiRYPEN Camp, although Chiropractors are Payne. Leesa briefly Nepal organisation withapproached with qualified and imparted a few pointers which they areapprehension, turned out registered. She left us on how to stay healthy by associated. The Maitito be a very positive with a brochure with a 3 drinking plenty of Nepal rescues young girls who are trafficked across the border from Nepal into India and it has recently been listed as a Rotary Australia World Community Service Project (RAWCS) Dr Leesa Payne Martha Forrest addressing the ClubRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. Ian Westoby, spouse months have John Fleming, a teacherof DG Liz Westoby dramatically turned the from Victoria, who, school around with himself frustrated by the Principal David has found by going back toVery best wishes are sent basic education,to Ian Westoby who is in teaching literacyFremantle Hospital, phonically,having suffered a severe implementingstroke last discipline and theSaturday. Initially the wearing of a schoolprognosis was very grim, uniform, the resultshowever, when visited by have beenKen Collins on remarkable. OneWednesday, he was hundred percent ofdoing well, although students at Ballajura PSfrustrated at not being wear the uniform,able to speak and Teachers, Jane Schorer and Judy Hayden, Rtn. behaviour problemscommunicate. It is hoped Rhonda Roe and student Andrew have almost entirelythat Ian’s strong disappeared sodetermination will pull teachers are now ablehim though this already a 25% education standard improvement in results to spend the entire lessonextremely difficult throughout Australia, teaching, instead ofperiod. single handedly has gone wasting half the time about working withDG Liz is taking three disciplining disruptive Governments (Qld, NSWweeks out of her duties to Principal, David Wanstall students. and SA) to bring aboutbe with Ian, so Official experienced frustration at positive change in theVisits will be the results students were education system. Johnrescheduled. achieving so sought stated that our education All who attended the something better for his system has let our youth visit to Ballajura PS were school. What he came up down and that is the impressed with the with was a curriculumVisit to Ballajura major reason for the achievements, the put together by himself situation of drugs, crime teaching methods,Primary School the attitude of theAlong with Rtn Rhonda staff and overallRoe (RC Mandurah) and performance ofPP Karen Barry (RC everyone in theBallajura- Malaga), school.Hamish, Ken and Dispent a very worthwhilemorning on Tuesday, 2nd John Fleming willAugust at Ballajura be returning toPrimary School. Perth in December and Dir. Hamish will look at howAfter a meeting at best to use theParliament House some opportunity of hisweeks back, the Principal visit for discussionof Ballajura PS invited of how Rotary can Students at Ballajura Primary SchoolRotarians to visit his become involvedschool to see firsthand with movinghow he and his staff’s and staff, influenced by etc. experienced by our forward the overallwork over the past 18 the work and results of youth today. picture of education.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. recent weeks. Chief of Chief Scientist. This generation can assist Scientist Lyn Beazley project is doing more to with.Young Cooks continues to promote the lift Rotary’s profile in the project, the SGIO Science community than anyJenny Gill reports that Teachers in Schools other in a very long timedespite a very busy week, With the downturn in Project Officer Kirsten as well as bringing hugeeverything has now been retail sales in Department van Dorp has benefits to our primaryfinalised, printing is done stores, a second disseminated information school children.and Jenny and her suggestion put forward widely, culminating in adad (Mr Les Robinson by Rob was that it might request for units from aJP) will be filling be a forum to conduct school in NSW, theenvelopes this weekend. The next shipment of ‘melanoma checks’ in National IndustryThe web-site will be live microscopes is due in somewhere such as Relations Manager fornext week and then the around two weeks and David Jones. There are Engineers Australia, Alexenvelopes will be posted fortunately, the number an abundance of medicos Sparvell has requestedout to 320 schools. Jenny ordered is 5,000 so we in the Club who may be information which shewill be forwarding a will not have the problem interested in volunteering will send out in a month‘media brief’ to the Post experienced with the last an hour or two to carry or so with her nextnewspaper after the shipment, with not out these checks. Rob is communication. AllBoard sign-off on it next enough units to meet the investigating the these contacts haveweek. As we have self- orders. possibility of this and brought in a flood offunded this project to get Director Wilma will enquiries, all of which are Suggestions fromit off the ground for 2011, incorporate the potential being married up withhowever, we are still Rotary Clubs in an effort Rob Pearce projects into herlooking for prizes from Committee’s Agenda. to find sponsors to meetany With many senior the requests. MP Dr citizens being technicallyorganisation/company Janet Woollard requestedthat would like to donate challenged, Rob made a information on the RYDAsame. Anything that suggestion that perhaps project along with a list the RCFB could facilitatewould suit either boys or of the schools who have Dir. Hamish Mackie hasgirls under 15 years of for ‘seniors’ to receive or are awaiting units. this all in hand forage. instructions on how to Tuesday, 16th August, at use computers from the Lathlain Oval, Roberts younger generation, Road, Lathlain from Lyn Beazley informed Di perhaps it is something 9.00am to 4.00pm. Any last week that the that the Interactors could members able to Microscope project is even assist with. Graeme volunteer to help out on the most significant Prior said that over 85’s the day, even for a couple thing she has been find it easier to learn to of hours, please contact involved with since use an I pad, which, once Hamish. Hamish has taking on the position again the younger made a special request for someone to come along and help with serving morning tea and lunch, so from 10.00am to around 1.30pm he is in particular need of extraMicroscopes in help. If you orSchools someone you know (even family) HamishSec Di has been in Hamish Mackie, Ken Collins and Jane Schorer,overdrive with the Ballajura PSMicroscope project inRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. would love to hear from another small project not will be in the form of a will be provided whenyou. requiring any funds from Vocational Visit to available. the Club but of benefit to EmbroidMe, Stirling the disadvantaged in a Hwy, neighbouring country. Claremont. 5.45pm.Hamish has put a More inspirationsizeable amount of time from our RIand effort into the Rotary President KalyanYouth Driver Awareness Interact Graeme Bain hasand members who attend generously offered to Banerjeewill be impressed by this The Interact Club of provide a towel as a raffle RI President Kalyanyouth project. Well done Freshwater Bay met prize and suggests that Banerjee says “Helpingand many thanks again on Thursday the raffle be drawn early the leadership is what IHamish. evening with 15 in in the evening so that he would consider my job as attendance including a can embroider the president. I think my real new member. Hamish winners name on the function is to inspire, was delighted. towel whenBlankets, knitted demonstrating this aspect motivate and help peopletoys and caps. Members, please feel free to do their work for of the business. to attend any meeting to Rotary. I have seen theSt Louis Estate have had meet and see these fine impact that our simplesttheir residents knitting young folk. Would members please projects can have. I haverugs and bears, which are indicate their attendance seen firsthand our workcurrently stored in the or otherwise, so that in literacy, in health, inCollins’ garage along there is an fairly accurate hunger, in providing safewith 200 caps which have A further Reminder idea of how many will water – and I have seenbeen donated by a for Club Dues attend. the difference it makes tocompany Ange Campbell each village, each familyis associated with. Ange Those members who are and each individualwas to have been a still to pay their Club human life.”Charter Member of the dues are asked please do The Annual RotaryRCFB however, so as soon as possible as Foundation Addresscircumstances prevented the Club has paid the RI Dues and Rotary Down The Annual Address on Updates onher from continuing withher interest in Under Subscriptions for the Rotary Foundation MembersRotary. When the caps the first half of the Rotary will take place on year. Wednesday, 30th There are still a largebecame available she November. RI President number of membershowever immediately Elect Sakuji Tanaka will travelling until the end ofthought of us being able be coming to Perth after the month so numbersto find a home for them. Vocational Visit the Rotary Institute in have been reduced at 17th August Brisbane to present meetings. Continue to the Annual Dr. Ken enjoy your travels andAwareness Cambodia Instead of our usual look forward to your safe Collins Address. Pleasewill hopefully be able to meeting at Bethesda return. put the date in youruse the blankets, bears Hospital, our meeting for diary. Further detailsand caps. Once again, Wednesday, 17th AugustRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of August 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 10th August Clifford & Paddy Ken Collins Margaret Stuart Jill Henderson Gillian Ramanathan Yudelman 17th August Voc Visit to - Toni James - Clifford Yudelman EmbroidMe 24th August Prof Ray Wills Donna Bicknell Jenny Gill Rob Pearce Graeme Prior CEO Sustainable Energy Association of Australia 31st August Max Hipkins Wilma McBain Rex Evans Mignon Shardlow Paddy RamanathanNB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting. Ken Collins – International Service Director MeetingsBoard Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Café, Bethesda HospitalRotary 2011-12 Hamish Mackie – New Generations Queenslea Drive Director Claremont, 6010 Stokes – President Jim Gould – Membership Director E-mail Collins – Secretary Jenny Gill – Fundraising Director 0419 919 572 jennypgill@gmail.comToni James – Treasurer Bulletin Bill Hassell – Vice President Clifford Yudelman/Di Collins Evans –Club Service Director Club Details The Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay,Wilma McBain - Community/ Inc. FacebookVocational Service Director PO Box 168, Nedlands, bayrotary Western Australia, 6909 Chartered 19 December 2008Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5
  6. 6. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 6