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One rto teaser


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ONE Global RTO Teaser
Real Time Offering Overview

Published in: Economy & Finance
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One rto teaser

  2. 2. I N T R O D U C T I O N 
 Every epoch in human history is marked by the appearance of a seemingly insurmountable collection of crisis, accompanied by a series of insights and ideas that question the foundation of our current reality by evidence to the contrary. In other words, when the nature of inquiry conflicts with the nature of reality, we collectively experience a paradigm shift. Suddenly, the earth is no longer flat, the Sun does not fall off the edge of the sky and fire is no longer a manifest of magic. We are living through ONE of those times. The insights, ideas and innovations on the following pages question some fundamental assumptions about our socioeconomic reality at their very roots. Questions like, can our economics and ecology integrate to co-exist in harmony? Can supply and demand maintain perpetual equilibrium in real time? Can individual impact be understood on a global scale? Is intelligence artificial or natural? Are debt and inflation necessary to create currency? Can we shift from personal acquisition to global contribution as the default mode of our civilization? Can we let go of what we think we know to adapt to the systemic challenges ahead? The answer to all of the above rests on a simple yet universal truth : 
 Alone, there will never be enough. 
 Together, we have more than we could ever need. There is always another world and it exists within this one, when we have the eyes to see it. Welcome to our next world. Welcome to ONE : Our Network Evolution.
  3. 3. Why RTO? 
 Right now, we have everything but time. Wise investors already know that our current economic and financial systems are ill equipped to respond to the impending financial and ecological collapse. The economic instruments we have grown up with are founded on assumptions that are no longer viable in the age of networks. Networks connect us to previously unknowable future outcomes with real time deep data now available for critical investments to preserve culture, maintain biodiversity, geotag natural capital resources as real assets, to manage just-in-time decision making. Printing more unsecured debt as (hyper) inflationary money, and then publicly misrepresenting it as “assets under management” to lend against, has too many blind spots and single points of failure we simply cannot afford to face our future with! RTOs or Real Time Offerings break this unsustainable economic cycle by closing the gap between guesswork and emerging network intelligence. Think of them as the best of ICO+STO+IPOs that must prove their network utility value before issuing secure future shares for investment. RTOs represent real world, dynamic data managed, science based, impact investments with a growing supply of diversified systemic solutions to have our multi-generational wealth preserved, our investment portfolios made safe, our resource based assets secured, and our societies resilient to the systemic challenges ahead. The ONE Global RTO is a diversified collective portfolio offering an unprecedented investment opportunity for traditional money to meet an expansive network index to secure your investments in the world’s first integrated, institutional grade, infrastructure asset backed network co- operative insurance and banking ecosystem connected to real world project based performance markers to manage our network collateralized risks and rewards in real time. Empowering everyone to make the most secure and sustainable co-investments and regenerative returns with real-time valuations for our prosperous and promising future. © ONE : Our Network Evolution, LLP ONE Global RTO Key FEATURES 
 • Non-inflationary super stable reserve index O meta-token shares. • Real energy-data-infrastructure resource asset backed platform DAO network. • Proof of Performance Stacks or POPs—A.I. based real time accounting of utility generation with 
 Proof of Cooperation and Engagement instead of the energy intensive arbitrary computational cycles 
 now wasted in Proof of Work and Proof of Stake—People and project based contextual consensus making “crypto-mining” completely unnecessary and irrelevant. • Institutional grade network collateralized equity public insurance reserves for everyone. • Instant network-wide liquidity & interoperability with network fiat & crypto reserves. • Real-time co-investment risk management at individual, project and network scales.
  4. 4. I N T E G R A T E D E V O L U T I O N 
 Our integrated digital economic ecosystem evolution from the ONE Alliance addresses the complexity of global economic transformation through the sophistication of simple design. O : Our Money
 Our Non-Inflationary Network Reserve+Index Metatoken Protocol ON : Our Networks
 Circular Economy & Smart City/Community/Bioregion Resource Backed Community Co-Production Protocol ONE : Our Network Exchange
 Networked Real Asset Reserves, Banking & Insurance Backed Token Exchange
  5. 5. Seeing
  6. 6. Civilization to date has been built on projecting and imposing our local, tribal sensibilities onto regions beyond the reach of our tribes. We locally organize as a family or tribe which is both democratic like what to have for dinner, and also autocratic as in the head(s) of the household deciding that children must go to school. 
 When we first transposed this sensibility onto managing regional resources, we got autocratic monarchies. As regional requirements became more complex than what our autocrats could handle effectively, we expanded both our tribal democratic and autocratic processes into representative forms of governments. So far, humanity has functioned somewhat predictably with the tools of war and trade to secure and manage all required resources within our regional boundaries, until that too has now reached its critical threshold. 
 Right now, we can all see that our socioeconomic reality is based on interdependent supply chains that transcend nations into networks. Yet, the governing models we use for networked services are still based on centrally managing nation state based economics and governance principles. This is why the local practice of scrips to ensure community/company level production and debt based accountability to the local oligarchs have now translated into closed platform currencies like Facebook’s Libra or the latest efforts of Apple to capture market share by offering sub-prime loans to iPhone users. However, history shows us that just as monarchies failed under the pressure of not being able to satisfy their people with dated principles and processes, these closed platform plays based on centralized governance are also doomed to fail, and this time with far more dire consequences with the current design of debt based inflationary money. We now need new frames and transition bridges from the old world of nations to next one of networks that is already here, though often hard to see from our old lenses. 
 This is the foundation of the O-ON-ONE integrated solution and this ONE Global RTO opportunity to secure our wealth for present and future generations. Welcome to your Real Time Offering. 
 Welcome to your new networked eyes. © ONE : Our Network Evolution, LLP Reframing 
 the Global RTO Transformation D D D A A D Autocratic Democratic TRIBAL MODEL Legislative (Autocratic and/or Democratic) L A D Autocratic Democratic STATE/NATIONAL MODEL L Legislative A D Autocratic Democratic NETWORK ECOSYSTEM MODEL L DAO(S) : 
 Autonomous Organization(s) Protocols based on contingency thresholds/non-human algorithmic rules) ORDER OF COMPLEXITYORDER OF ACCOUNTABILITY BOTH COMPLEX 
  7. 7. © ONE : Our Network Evolution, LLP O is our own money based on securing the accountability we already know and experience in real life when our futures are tied together in shared value relationships within our families, friends and community circles. We’ve simply integrated the next generation quantum blockchain 3.0 technologies and our unique architecture based on zero balance accounting principles to expand its inherent benefits on a global scale. The O is both a reserve and an index meta token protocol, and not yet another cryptocurrency that speculates on its future security without proving its current utility. The O backs any and all currencies at group and project levels, with individual network members empowered to issue personal tokens against it. The O also bridges the world of fiat and crypto currency with our LITE Protocol, a Quantum blockchain version of Bancor’s LiquidToken Protocol that creates real-time contingencies between real resource based infrastructure assets and our contextual group and project level commitments to deliver against them. Simply put, the O is a super stable value basis that keeps our economy and ecology in perpetual balance. Economic equilibrium based on real-time supply and demand accountability. The O is the fundamental value basis of securing your RTO investment beyond anything else available in the world today. The O is simply YOU as money itself. ONE 
 Reserve ONE 
 Index O-backed
 dID Public Keys 
 & Personal Tokens
 Contextual User 
 Generated Currencies 
 convertible to fiat 
 or crypto from our 
 network reserves ON Group & Project Tokens
 Real-Time Utility backed Network Securities instantly convertible to fiat or crypto from our network reserves) ONE_Flo
 Widely Used Fiat and Crypto Liquid Reserves 
 for Instant Liquidity LITE 
 Liquid Index Token Equilibrium) 
 Smart Contract Contingency 
 ONE Platform DAO Stacks 
 (GEO-NEO-REO) Say Hello to the O Quantum Blockchain 3.0 Real-Time Multi-Post Single Entry Accounting Quantum Blockchain 3.0 Real-Time Multi-Post Single Entry Accounting
  8. 8. 1 2 © ONE : Our Network Evolution, LLP Works PROPOSE Project Based Performance PROSPER
 Returns on Reinvestments PRODUCE
 Performance Based Benefits Economic Model Security What insures the backing of the money Liquidity How easily & quickly can we access it Interoperability How easy is it to trade it for other currencies Accountability How strong is our trust in the system / players Government Backed Fiat National Currencies $,¥,¥ /元,€ Platform Currencies PayPal, ApplePay, etc. Cryptocurrency 1.0 BTC,ETH, Dash, Monero, etc. Platform Cryptos 2.0 FB Libra & other index coins Non-Inflationary Super Stable O Ecosystem Reserve+Index Issuer Who creates the monetary instrument Private Central Banks (The Fed/IMF, WB etc.) Private Banks Private Banks & Platform Owners PEOPLE & 
 Network Generates the Reserve Index O to back User Generated Currencies POOR | Unsecured Debt Issued as Cash POOR | Unsecured Debt Issued as Cash POOR | Volatile & Unstable Low Utility OK | Backed by Securities & Govt. Bonds VERY 
 STRONG Backed by Real Assets & Utilities 
 on Smart Contracts GOOD | Legal Tender within Nations OK | Subject to Platform Accessibility POOR | Limited Reach & Throughput Constraints OK | Platform Raised Reserves Underwrite VERY 
 GOOD LITE Protocol Provides Instant Liquidity through Peer to Peer Contract Conversion OK | Dependent on Forex/Transaction Fees OK | Dependent on Platform Fees OK | Good for Cryptos/Bad for Fiat OK | Dependent on platform paying debt SUPER
 EASY Instant Conversions with Fiat/Crypto Reserves w/o Fees EXCELLENT & 
 VERY SECURE Proof of Performance Built-in with Data Sovereign dID based Peer Production of Equity and Utility Exchanges POOR | Banks Write Laws in Their Favor OK | Accountability Risk on Data Security of Issuing Platform POOR | Anonymity Trade-Off POOR | Anonymity Trade-Off Individuals & Institutional Investors Secure Network Fiat & Crypto Reserves by Buying Os 
 —Our Reserve Index Token Co-invest Os & Contribute Work/Effort in Portfolio of Individual Projects Across ON (Our Networks) with Infrastructure Asset RTO Platform DAOs of GEO-NEO-REO customized for circular economy co- production communities 3 GEO-NEO-REO Resource Based Platform DAOs for Decentralized Circular Economy Communities to Co- Produce Value & Activate POPs : Proof of Performance Stacks (Proof of Cooperation & Engagement instead of wasting “mining” energy on Proof of Work or Proof of Stake) to Generate the Reserve Index O Add in fiat & crypto as confidence to network reserves Add Proof of Performance and Engagement (as Smart Contract Off-Takes) Guarantees to Network Index O Reserves Generate network reserve index Os Comparative Matrix of Benefits Onboard GEO-NEO-REO Infrastructure Asset Projects as RTO Token Sales to the network How the Non-Inflationary Ecosystem Reserve Index Os are Generated How Generating the O “Mining” Computers from Private Interests (Banks) Real Time DEMAND* Real Time SUPPLY** Our Reserve+Index Non- Inflationary Meta token—
 the value basis to back 
 any kind of currency Project Utility Tokens earned— Personal/Group Security Tokens issued/sold— {Promise to Consume} {Promise to Produce}
  9. 9. NETWORK 
 & Hardware Networks Peer Validated Media & Education Infrastructure Services Democratized Co-Investments Regenerative Technologies Energy & Natural Capital Resources MADE REAL BY MADE REAL BY D E E P D R O P S Real-Time Risk Managed Regenerative, Real Resource Based Circular Economic OS Investors & Institutions
 Fiat & Crypto Capital Reserve Onboarding/ Network Fundraising Innovators & Individuals
 Project Based Proof of Performance Securing Network Utility Values Offer Personal & Group Securities Earn Performance Based Utilities SATISFY FU TU R E SU PPLY SATISFY FU TU R E D EM AN D SATISFY FU TU R E D EM AN D SATISFY FU TU R E SU PPLY Produce O Activated Utility Tokens Purchase O backed Security Tokens SATISFY FU TU R E D EM AN D SATISFY FU TU R E SU PPLY SATISFY FU TU R E D EM AN D SATISFY FU TU R E D EM AN D SATISFY FU TU R E SU PPLY SATISFY FU TU R E SU PPLY Individual & Infrastructure RTOsNetwork Resource RTOs Individual, Infrastructure & Resource RTOs
  10. 10. C O N F I D E N T I A L © ONE : Our Network Evolution, LLP 1.Clean, Regenerative tech Impact RTO Co-Investments
 2.Blockchain 3.0 Based Energy Exchange & Material Resource Management
 3.Network Wide Supply Chains for Soil, Water, Food System Security GLOBAL ENERGY OPTIMIZATION GEO is our native Material & Energy Resource Supply Chain Optimization Platform DAO. The GEO logic is designed to manage network collateralized investment risks with the O reserve index, and continuously optimize from collective network intelligence to revolutionize the way we harvest energy and generate and distribute its value based on real time optimization and consumption. GEO architecture rewards the next regenerative new ways of harvesting natural capital resources such as agriculture, responsible mining and mining remediation, soil restoration, food security, water purification and conservation security. GEO directly affects the way we generate electricity from these natural resources with bio regenerative renewable sources and optimized distribution through micro-grids to household and industrial consumers.
  11. 11. C O N F I D E N T I A L © ONE : Our Network Evolution, LLP 1.dID Data Sovereign Anonymous Accountability 
 & Data Commons
 2.Multi-Asset/Multi-Token Wallets & Engagement Game dApps & Individual & Project RTO Co- Investing Social Networks
 3.Decentralized Local Mesh Telco Services/PSDN Telco Crypto ATM Hardware Installations
 4.Engagement as a Service Integration Services and Platform DAOs
 5.Real Time Contextual Governance & Crowdsourced Open Risk Management NETWORK 
 ENGAGEMENT OPTIMIZATION MADE REAL BY MADE REAL BY D E E P D R O P S NEO is our native Network Engagement and Data Services Hardware and Software Optimization Platform DAO. The NEO logic is designed to manage network collateralized investment risks with the O reserve index, and continuously optimize from collective network intelligence to revolutionize the way we access data services through gamified dApp based engagement. NEO architecture rewards the next new ways of accessing the network through local mesh broadband services, and new innovations for games and learning. NEO aims to resolve issues in the way connectivity is distributed and the way content is generated and consumed. NEO aims to disrupt the centralized telecommunication distribution of voice, text and data through introduction of Distributed Open Hardware Ecosystem and also the way we generate & consume content and its value through a decentralized consensus based, peer validated and curated Knowledge base.
  12. 12. C O N F I D E N T I A L © ONE : Our Network Evolution, LLP REAL ESTATE OPTIMIZATION1.Geospatial and IOE Data Integration & Community Designed Data Visualization
 2.Real-Time Integrated Value Maps Redefining Real Estate 
 Valuation in Real Time
 3.Smart Asset Based Fractional Shares Co-Investments Tokenomics De-Risking Asset Portfolios for REITS & Syndicates with Community Token RTOs
 4.Global Access Peer to Peer Services Like Uber & ArirBnb as Network Wide Co-Investments REO is our native Real Estate Optimization Platform DAO. With the pace of technological change accelerating and demand for real estate at an all time high, the stage is set for a massive industry transformation. By tokenizing assets based on its security and utility values and introducing fractional ownership, the broader investor population will have access to a variety of real estate products as well as the potential to reap higher returns on rental operating income out of their investments. REO Represents the Built- Environment Smart City/Community/Bioregion Infrastructure & Real Estate Asset Management Platform DAOs Creating Next Generation Access & Occupancy Services with Active NEO Engagements & Connectivity & Optimizing the Real-Time Resource Supply Chain Platform DAOs of GEO
 Futures, Derivatives, Forex, 
 Fiat & Crypto Traders VALUE CREATORS
 Science, Arts, Technology Innovators/Problem Solvers PAIN POINTS 
 Institutional Lenders (Banks, Insurance, Financial Services) & Private Investors INFLUENCERS
 Community, Digital Network or Elected Institutional Leaders INDIVIDUALS
 Earners, Savers & Contributors Everywhere •Promoting requires no production accountability •Lack of accountability reduces credibility and trust •Followers are fragmented and fickle, not co-invested •Premature scaling to serve debt retards real innovation •More spent on promotion over production risks IP •Silo’ed solutions create redundancies and risks •Commissions and returns unstable & set by banks •Overall lack of confidence creates unpredictable ROI •Volatile insider relationships and regulations minefields •ROI dependent on unicorn IPO/IEOs, not real revenues •Lack of secured credit & loans collateralizing loans •Consolidating risks with incubators still loses bets •The value and circulation of money is not in our control •Money creators are not accountable to secure us •We pay taxes to pay off debts, not own assets •Leaders can now offer tangible credible solutions •Increased trust needs less selling & more servicing •Followers are co-invested in our shared success •RTO contingencies keep premature scaling in check •Open IP increases O index backed creator share value •Open sharing increases O value, and breaks old silos •Super stable ROI based on the O index backed RTOs •Real asset+commitment accountability=confidence! •Perpetually secure futures from our own exchange •ROI secured with RTOs + payouts on real revenues •Resource reserves & smart contracts secures equity •Consolidates all risks at a network level efficiency •The value and circulation of money is in our control •Network RTOs secure our collective future by design •We co-invest in fractional assets and earn returns C O N F I D E N T I A L © ONE : Our Network Evolution, LLP Opportunities 
 for Engaging 
 Everyone Old habits die hard, though we can do much better than wishful thinking, spending our limited resources on complaining about how to police the bad actors or record the damage on blockchains. Rather, we can reframe and reinvent the economic game at play by shifting the playing field itself. ONE is designed to be an all-inclusive framework to usher in the era of regenerative RTOs and reframe the upsides for every one of us disaffected from this economic paradigm. Systemic crisis is also a surplus of opportunity to flip the future in our favor now.
  14. 14. P O R T F O L I O TOTAL VALUE $6895.00 6 COINS Augur | $1,172.15 Dash | $1,034.25 IOTA | $551.60 Bitcoin | $1,447.95 Litecoin | $1,379.00 Ether | $1,310.05 17% 8% 20% 21%15% 19% MY WALLETS PROFILE PEOPLEPOSTS 42 1126 P O R T F O L I O M Y D E A L S M Y I C O S S H O P O N S E T T I N G S Sarah James @serendipita $6895.00 167 7 11 8 ADD FUNDS TRANSFER SEND/RECEIVE EXCHANGE PROFILE PEOPLEPOSTS 42 1126 Arriving Ahead. Our old paper maps limited our views to locations only. Now mapping apps give us the vision to manage our multidimensional mobility in real time. RTOs represent the Economic Operating System equivalent of real time maps for a real time resource based 360˚ economy that is no longer about visioning some distant, utopian future. RTOs are essential right now to adapt to the systemic crisis that lay ahead. ONE—Our Network Evolution is the first-of-a-kind integrated global RTO investment offering as described through the conceptual frames and complex mapping views into real time flows on the previous pages. However, the path ahead does not have to be any more complicated than the real time apps like maps and messaging we use everyday. Complexity mapping and systemic thinking is necessary to arrive at simplicity—the ultimate sophistication. This prior overview of describing and organizing complexity, is only to establish the basis for outlining the next strategic steps toward our systemic transformation. The ONE Global RTO and our integrated investment and execution roadmap on the following pages offer clear steps and advantages beyond financial tools we have outgrown as a civilization. Real time is our time now to remake the world to work for everyone by everyone else. Ready for real-time turn-by-turn economic transformation? Let’s GO. C O N F I D E N T I A L © ONE : Our Network Evolution, LLP
  15. 15. • Public expression of media campaign assets
 (ONE Website, Live Paper, Videos, Events) • Initiate Open Innovation Community & Exchanges (Launch ONE Services Portal) • Design & Develop Global Media Events
 (Collaborative education community building campaigns with entertainers and filmmakers) • Platform Offering Web Presence
 (ONE Public Sale campaign and platform) • Super dApp Launch (Community WeChat) • Set up service entities with local and international design and tech partners (Engagement as a Service) to onboard RTOs • Launch Public Portals for GEO-NEO-REO Platforms along with Media Campaigns with Global Influencers (Video content, Interviews, Media PR Placements, Conferences, Ads) • Launch Public Infrastructure Open Innovation Portals with Featured Hardware Applications (ATMs/Local Mesh, IOE Devices, etc.) •Global Launch Media Series & Films
 (Our Own Decentralized Media Portals) •Global Launch Mainstream Media/Events
 (Burning Man, SXSW, Davos, etc.) •Operational Portals & dApps with Open Hardware, Software and Learning Games INITIATION EXPRESSION INTEGRATION EVOLUTION PHASE I 2019-2020 PHASE II 2020 PHASE III 2020-2021 PHASE V 2024… •Hardware/Device Integrated Solutions 
 (Mesh Networks, Tokenized Telco, Mobile Banking and Entrepreneurship) •Launch Global RTO Public Platform •Integrated Infrastructure Projects
 (Regenerative Real Estate & Impact Focused Infrastructure Innovations) TRANSFORMATION PHASE IV 2022-2024 90-120-DAYS 120-180 DAYS 180-240 DAYS 120-180 DAYS 180-360 DAYS PROJECTED OUTCOMES
 • Media and Tech Asset Creation
 • Initiate Global Engagement Campaigns • Generate Private SAFTE Sales of the O PROJECTED OUTCOMES
 • Initiate Digital ID Program through Portal 
 • Deliver Baseline Super dApp for Distribution • Engage Regenerative Infrastructure RTOs 
 through existing and new Engagement as a 
 Service Entities (Digital Design Agencies) PROJECTED OUTCOMES
 • Public Products and Co-Investment Services
 • Microgrids, Manufacturing, Transportation 
 and other Infrastructure Open Innovation 
 Network Ecosystem Integrations
 • New Products, Services and Exportable 
 Innovation Startup Ecosystem Launches PROJECTED OUTCOMES
 • Integrated Hardware Asset Ecosystem • Infrastructure Project Initiatives Launches &
 Global Tech Networks & Brand Partnerships
 • Global DAO Ecosystem for Open Innovation RTOs for Operating System Exchanges PROJECTED OUTCOMES
 • Syndicated Self-Generating RTO Options 
 for Economic Revival Instead of Loans
 • Recurring Portal SAAS & Licensing Revenues Redistributed with Circular Impact Membership Models (Network SAAS) OPERATIONAL COSTS RESERVES ONE Exchange 
 & Network Services Setup Media Exposure & Key Events/ Stories, Games 
 & dApps from Hackathons ONE Network
 Operational Platform Exchange DAOs ONE Open Hardware Ecosystem Launch ATMs/Mesh Networks, etc. GEO-NEO-REO
 Platforms Launch with Project ON-boarding RTOs ONE Dynamic Reserve Ratio starting at 30% at seed round Global RTO ONE Operational Platform with 50% Reserves from RTOs ONE Fully Integrated Platform with 80% Reserves from Self- Generating RTO Ecosystems Solution Round 
 of Public Sales of Os Begin on the ONE Exchange at 
 30% Discount Option GEO-NEO-REO
 Resource Asset Integration RTOs Solution Round
 Public Sales of Os Transition into Self-Propelling RTOs 
 w/o Discount Options Systems Round 
 of Ongoing Conversion of Fiat to Os Begin with Self-Propelled RTOs Seed Round
 Private Sales of Os Start with 20% for Reserves & 80% for Operations with Preferential Pricing for Early Bird Investors Self Generating GEO-NEO-REO Infrastructure Resource Asset RTO ON-boarding Decentralized Platform Global Ecosystem Real-Time Reserve Ratio Global RTO Roadmap C O N F I D E N T I A L © ONE : Our Network Evolution, LLP ONERESERVERATIO + Net Positive Network = Network Economy Equilibrium
  16. 16. A L L I A N C E
 OUR COLLABORATIVE ADVANTAGE What happens when we align on our deepest values to serve society and then open up the floodgates for one powerful network 
 ecosystem platform partner to integrate with another, and then keep integrating with other platforms? Exponential synergy effects 
 & hyper-efficiencies are only the beginning. The ONE Alliance is just the start of this growing network, offering unprecedented opportunities to share the surplus as shared equities, and leverage our collective relationships and resources to co-create the 
 most secure systemic solutions to preserve, share and grow our global wealth at exponential network scale.
  17. 17. MADE REAL BY MADE REAL BY D E E P D R O P S PROFILE PEOPLEPOSTS 42 1126 NEW STORIES Anna Blum Yesterday The ICO from Qwids is a game changer. They’re partnered with... Imane is offering a task on this 3 Saves 1 Comment 1 Task/Deal Created SAVE COMMENT APPLY Joanna Singhal Awesomeness! I’m in. P O S T S T O R I E S Contacts Naima Imrani Send Message Share Contact Start Secret Chat Joined Nov 2017 Coins 7 Gains 420% ICOs 12 Success 68% FRIENDS @Naimamama last seen 3 mins ago Add to Group Shared Media Notifications (Enabled) Block User Friends 224 (common) 6 Followers 67 Posts 72 CALL VIDEO CHAT TRANSFER PROFILE PEOPLEPOSTS 42 1126 P O R T F O L I O TOTAL VALUE $6895.00 6 COINS Augur | $1,172.15 Dash | $1,034.25 IOTA | $551.60 Bitcoin | $1,447.95 Litecoin | $1,379.00 Ether | $1,310.05 17% 8% 20% 21%15% 19% MY WALLETS PROFILE PEOPLEPOSTS 42 1126 P O R T F O L I O M Y D E A L S M Y I C O S S H O P O N S E T T I N G S Sarah James @serendipita $6895.00 167 7 11 8 ADD FUNDS TRANSFER SEND/RECEIVE EXCHANGE PROFILE PEOPLEPOSTS 42 1126 TAO of RTO* Learn more about the ONE TAO : Technical Architecture Overview, our RTO ON-Boarding Process Services and the Collaborative Advantage of 
 Our Networks of Networks. ON & ON* Learn more about ON : Our Networks of Super dApp Toolkits, Co-Production Protocol OS & the next RTOs from the Integrated GEO-NEO-REO Platform DAO Projects in Process. Our Money* Learn more about the Possibilities of the O : The Tokenomics of Transformation for the Internet of Everything Empowered by the Reserve Index O Metatoken and the Metaverse Real Time Currencies. *Deeper dives into systemic solutions and more available to qualified co-investors and ecosystem partners.C O N F I D E N T I A L © ONE : Our Network Evolution, LLP